The Legend of Evergreen

by Harshita Das aged 11

On a dark, cold winter night
A bird breaks its wing
And down she goes, yelping in pain
Unable to fly
With her friends
To the warmer place
She asks the nearby birch
“Help me, I have broken my wing.”
The birch, beautiful and proud
Says haughtily
“I know my priorities
I take care of the bird of the forest.”
She asks the big, strong oak
To which the oak answers
“I cannot,
I am worried because you will eat my acorns.”
Even the
Otherwise kind and gentle willow
Refuses to talk to strangers
She asks the spruce
To which the tree answers
“I would be honoured,”
As it spreads out its branches.
By this kind act
The pine proposes to protect both
From the bitter wind
The juniper
Offers its fruits to the bird
The Frost king
Closely watches all this
And instructs the North wind
Not to touch a single leaf
Of the spruce, pine or the juniper
It could play with the other trees
All it wanted
And each winter
The north wind strips bare
All the leaves of the others
And it is for this kindness
That the pine, spruce and juniper
Keep their greenery
Or so the legend says

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