Impalpable Dreams.

by Fathima Muneer aged 14

My dream awakes a thousand memories
A vast land of fiction it is,
A flowing land of melodies
An endless land of wonder.

My dreams drift to a million doubts,
A million unanswered quests,
Floating me to horizons above,
Horizons left for me to conquer.

My dreams tell me stories,
Stories I forget over time.
But the morals I learn,
Are burnt inside.

My mind wanders like a lost soul,
Drifting in dreams,
Dissolving in fictions,
Afraid to face reality.

The reality gets harsher each day,
But dreams are like liquor,
They keep making me drunk,
Excluding me from the realities.

The truth washes my dreams,
Perishing my fantasies,
Lighting melted candles,
Placing me in this puzzling reality.

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