Imaginary Valerie

by Doris aged 11

Valerie, oh Valerie,
Massive thoughts appear
Valerie, yes Valerie
The time has come
For all your years to fly
And all your tears to shed goodbye
Valerie, no Valerie
You do not have patience
For the world to have you there
Valerie, may Valerie
Valerie, try Valerie
If you shall not be you
Then all shall become you
And if you be the Valerie
The whole world knows
All shall be well
Now Valerie, Valerie, Valerie
May we have a talk
For me as a friend of yours
Just a short walk
You know that you are special
No need to hide
Valerie, Valerie
My imaginary one
Come out of your ghostliness
Leave all the pale behind
Come into reality
Come into my gaze
My friend of thought from long ago
I feel kind of dumped without her
Valerie come on here
May we see you for a while
I know it may be tricky
But I shall make you smile
Come out with no confidence
That’s OK I will help you shine
You know I am not too old to believe in magic
Oh SO divine

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