Harsh Winter

by Harshita Das aged 12

She walks elegantly and gracefully
Her head held high, like a queen’s
Her royal demeanor is desired and loved
Albeit she gives them grief

Snow clips my frozen heart
Fire does not see light within me
I bite at your bare skin
You burn when I touch you with my breeze

She is strict and hard
Her mouth is set in a frown
She is either calm or violent
No one can tell if she is happy or down

I am cruel and merciless
I destroy your food, your soil, your crops
People shiver on streets and roads
I kill without second thought

They hate her, but they do not see
Her duty, given by God
She reminds them of a very important thing
Albeit she gives them sorrow for the cause

Although I am unfeeling, I have a duty, a role
I am to make you face reality
I am to remind you, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows
I have known no warmth, I am cold

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