Happy Life

by Fathima aged 13

Wake up with a smile
And fill your soul
With positivity and good thoughts.
Raise your self-esteem,
Let good thoughts spread within you,
Let your heart free
And give yourself a spree.

Make yourself happy throughout,
Brighten your face with a smile,
Whether you are dull or sad,
Give out a smile,
And it will brighten you.

Happiness and positivity
Is indeed magic
That comes from your heart
And from your mind.

Never let yourself down,
Give yourself a pat,
And though if you fail,
Or are being mocked,
Just say these verses,
And you will feel a spirit,
Supporting you.

Good Friends,
Happiness and Positivity,
Good Thoughts and Meditation,
A Smile and a Wink.
Good Books and Relaxation,
Strong Mind,
Are the ingredients,
For a Happy Life.

Read good books,
Sleep with a smile,
Then you’ll dream good things
And wake up with a smile.

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