by Lauren Rogers aged 17

Your face was my embrace,
I loved you with all my heart and grace,
your soul lives on but I will never move on!

Thank you for all you did for me
and being my best friend in need!
I loved you with all my heart
and you will never grow old until the day we depart.

I loved you with all my heart
and now you have gone you have ripped me apart.
The day you left me, I went on my knees
and said ‘GOD’ help me please,
but he didn’t reply,
he just gave a ‘SIGH’,
that’s  the reason why
I know you’re safe up there
within the clouds above!

And now you are no longer in despair,
you will always be my Grandma,
the precious one to me
and I will always be your loved one
that you always had love for me.

I know you are  looking down!
And I hope you are now.
I loved your hugs and I always will!
But I knew one day
I had to let you free!
Like a little BEE!!
I know you’re safe up in the sky above.
Just tell me you are being loved??

did you have to leave?

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