The Cursed Chair

by Pragun aged 12

There is this chair
In our village.
That is said to be cursed.
We call it the cursed chair.
It became cursed because
Of a criminal,
Who lived in our village.
Once, he was caught
For committing some crime.
He was to be hanged.
Before being hanged,
He said
‘Whoever sits on this chair,
Will die under mysterious conditions.’
And so
Whoever sat on it,
Died under mysterious conditions.
We believe it is a cursed chair.
But there was an old man who said,
All that is not true.’
We didn’t agree.
‘Fine,’ said he. ‘I will sit on the chair
And show you that it isn’t cursed.’
We tried to stop him.
‘Don’t take the risk,
You will die.’
‘Well never mind,’
he replied, ‘I’m old.
It’s okay if I die.’
All our efforts were in vain.
He sat on the chair.
Nothing happened.
After one day, he’s fine.
After two days, he’s fine.
But after three days,
News spread everywhere,
Like fire spreads in a house.
The old man died
Under mysterious conditions.

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