Cost of Greed

by Vishnu Tirtha aged 11

A slave and beggar I may be,

But don’t judge me on what you see.

I have betrayed the country, family and friends,

Hiding in holes, drains and bends.

The king and his armies are hot on my trail,

The navy has already set sail.

So listen up ye people, I don’t have time,

Because of my grave greedy crime.

I was a poor old slave back then

Working from 6 am to 10 pm.

Alas, greedily I found that treasure,

Which could produce gold beyond measure.

I was serving dinner that night,

When I spotted the gem to my right,

The gem gleamed under the light,

For a slave like me it was a tempting sight.

I grabbed the gem and tried to run away,

But the king drew his sword and the guards called, “Hey!

The pursued me till we reached huge boulders,

Where they stopped and called for more soldiers.

As now I stumble around the bush, my feet very sore,

I realize at that moment that gold can do no more.

I should have not done this misdeed,

I should have listened to my mind

Which told me to stop straight away

And be happy with what I find.

The Moral of the poem

“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”

Meaning of the Moral

If the slave had listened to his mind and been witty,
further consequences wouldn’t have happened

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