Centipede at the Marathon

by Ruhee Parelkar aged 11

Animal Competition Winner

A centipede in the children’s park
One winter morning made a remark,
“Let me practice in the garden lawn
And take part in the marathon.”

“The task isn’t easy, it sounds uphill
But I’ll find out a way, since I have the will.
I’ll work out a healthy appetite
And practice rigorously from morn to night.”

As the days went by, his hopes went high
“I can’t afford to lose,” he said with a sigh.
Said his friends “If you call yourself a true athlete
You need to wear shoes and not run bare feet!”

“That’s a good idea” thought the rising star
And jogged his way to the nearest bazaar.
“One pair of shoes won’t be enough for me
Why don’t you pack up at least fifty?”

On the marathon day, he was late for the start
And so had to return with a heavy heart.
All that he could do was just weep and sob.
Tying one hundred shoestrings was no easy job

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