Book One

by Alex Modlin aged 13

Grandalf the wizard, he tarreyed and towed
Grandalf the grey, on his way he did go
He made haste to the Shire, to meet with his old friend
To meet with Bilbo Baggins, in his home at Bag End

Frodo Baggins, the ring he does bear
Sam Gamgee, forever faithful and fair
Merry and Pippin, unforgettable friends
On the journey they set, to the end they all went.

When he met with the Hobbit, he asked of me the Ring
Bilbo denounced all its evil and let it fling
He left from the Shire, whistling he went
And Grandalf did leave, for he was all spent

Aragon the Heir, he fought like a king
Boromir the Captain, he let his horn ring
Legolas and Gimli, Dwarf and Elf friend
On the journey they set, to the end they on went

To Breed they did go, escape from their foe
They left Bree with Strider, Black riders in tow
They stayed upon weathertop, by fire light
It served as a beacon, so very bright

Sauron the dark,in his tower of power
Saraman of many colours, whose mood has grown dour
Theoden King,deceived he believed
On the way they did go, friend and/ or foe

Frodo was struck, by Morgul blade
And they went, they all saw him fade
By Rivendell at the ford, the enemy held back in their horde
In quick accord, the battle was won and to Rivendell they did run

Elrond of Rivendell, he helped at the ford
Durin the Deathless, old Moria’s Lord
Galadriel her movements slight, gifted upon them was her light
They stayed in place, of Elder Days and still yet, they did not decay

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