Beliefs of All Types

by Jielan Akkia Mahary aged 10

I have my belief and so do you,
I think it’s good, I wonder if you do…
Nobody should think bad of their belief
Because it won’t give them any grief.

Beliefs are special, don’t you think?
They aren’t something like a simple wink.
If you feel ashamed of your belief because of others,
Just tell someone how you feel, like your mother.

I’m a person who’s sometimes sensitive,
That’s why I’m not always active.
If I fail other people might emotionally blow off
So when I am playing I don’t show off,

Everyone should be fine with a religion,
Nobody should make a rude exclamation.
If someone is another religion, you could try to be their friend,
If you’re in a tight position, they could defend.

This is a message for everyone,
Once you get the meaning you’re done.
I hope you learn I’m yearning,
I myself am always learning…

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