A Place to Go

by Hidayah

Sometimes when you feel alone
and need a place to go
you think of your home
But where is your home?
Where’s the place you need to go sometimes?
I think about the people who have no home or place to go
so I feel hurt and alone

International Forever

by Yigit

I just want to plant the tree today,
Crying, laughing, amazing, shouting,
Not like the others,
I am not a nationalist!

On the other planets,
There would be no hearing,
My voice struggled at the galaxy,
But no one heard me.

Very long shoes,
With a short hoe,
Digging the world to bring peace,
Sadly, no one listened to me again.

What else could I do for this world?
To stop over nationalism,
I am not done yet.
We won’t let it happen again.


My Pride

by Aditi Vishwanath

The Patriotic Indian Soldier

They work day and night for the country
and protect the nation bravely
Their aim is to keep people safe,
these recruits should really be praised.
They feel proud to be an Indian Soldier,
to protect the nation
They are too clever,
they can live in the cold but not shiver
because they are born to guard others forever.
They can die for the country but would not fear,
they can fight for the country but would not give up
and work for the country and labour,
because they are born to be valour.
We Indians rely on them,
they are worth a precious gem,
These reputable soldiers let us thrive,
they fight for the country to keep us alive.
These soldiers are worthy of respect
as they are our life’s aspect
They are like our brothers who are trustworthy,
they are really praiseworthy.

Waiting for Rain

by Aditi Vishwanath

Seeing black clouds appear, makes me feel happier,
I start waiting for rain, forgetting all my pain.
When a drop of water falls on me, I feel joyous and very free,
I run away for getting wet, along with my cute little pet.
But, Alas! Clouds disappear, and the sizzling sun reappears,
Me and my pet feel disappointed, desperate and disheartened.
We dreamt to dance in the rain,
we dreamt to jiggle in the rain, we dreamt to sing in the rain,
but it didn’t rain; all in vain.
We waited for rain, again and again,
I say, “Almighty! Please shower us with rain”, and again dream of jiggling, dancing, singing, yet it isn’t raining.

A Feather Moved Down

by Pragun Pudukoli

A feather moved down
like a Sherpa going down
the tall Mount Everest.

A feather moved down
from the top of the building
to the bottom.

A feather glided down
with a lot of care
as slowly as a snail

A feather moved down
and finding it could land,
landed on the rock runway
like an aeroplane.

Lonely Girl

by Becky

lonely girl walks alone,
lonely girl stumbles and falls,
lonely girl does not have a name,
but what lonely girl does not know is…

she is not alone.


by Aditi Vishwanath

The tune of melody
penetrates to the depth of each and every soul,
giving a touch of enlightenment.

The tune of ecstasy frees boredom
from every jaded being
and makes them elated.

The tune of harmony
gives an essential lesson
to the masses in society
to live and love peacefully.

The tune of amusement
brightens the mood
of every dejected individual,
cheering them up.

The tune of all worlds
with melody, ecstasy and joy
brings out the best,
hidden in every deep soul.

Climbing the Steps of Life

by Aditi Vishwanath

Increasing level of difficulty, in each step of this life, compel me to look back, the easy steps just been passed.

The easy steps are gone, leaving us the difficult steps, which is a must to climb, to reach the next step.

Life is about climbing the steps, from the easier to difficult ones, a slight flaw in one single step,
can send you back to previous ones.

With caution and vigilance, calm, peace and patience, each step must be climbed, avoiding all the flaws.

A Dark Glare

by Ilhan Rahman

A black view,
everything new.
A shooting star,
across our car.
Four eyes;
Wandering the skies.
Two heads,
out of beds.
Waiting to receive,
something massive.
A scatterring glare,
of a known hair.
Blocking the way,
of the moon’s ray
Scattering the sky,
in my eye.
A silky feeling,
around my face.
Moving my,
body’s haze.
A sudden,
breeze moved her hair.
Letting the moon again glare.
two shots.
Across our hearts,
flooding the road of our bloods.
We fell over our ends,
in the same trend.
That’s how our lives end.

The Game of Fate

by Aditi Vishwanath

Blaming yourself, for the mishap occurred,
convicting yourself, for ruining the peace.
Most of us do the same, to blame ourselves or others,
and just thinking the impact, of the befallen mishap.

Appreciating yourself, for the fortuity arisen,
complimenting yourself, for bringing the change.
The majority do the same, praising yourself or others,
joyously celebrating, the arrival of fortuity.

But, few and far between this world,
realize that it’s the game of fate,
and an incident had befallen,
because it had to befall.