by Jaedon Medley

My English teacher is making us write a poem,
a poem where everything has to rhyme,
I made a poem today. I think I will show him,
but be warned, I don’t have much time.

To make a Shakespeare poem the1st sentence and the 3rd have to have rhyme,
then the second sentence and the fourth must rhyme like the other two,
then finally have two sentences at last that rhyme. Quickly now! it’s lunchtime!
We’re almost finished. A Shakespeare poem! I know i don’t have a clue.

We’re on the last two sentences, we’ve almost finished a Shakespeare poem!
Now, where’s my English teacher? i think i might go and show him…

Never Give Up

by Hefy

I am scared
Scared of what is to come
What I am supposed to be?
Who I am supposed to be?
Who will be my friends
And who will be there for me?
Every moment
I am worried
But I won’t let that bring me down!!!
This is a poem about why it is so important
To never give up
Just dream about the positive
And let the days come
And let the nights come
Let the world be your playground
Never give up

Kelp Lake

by Hefy

All dressed in black
I hide at the back
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

Everyone weeps
All of his peeps
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

The village cries for help
It was the kelp
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

Lies at the bottom of the lake
The world has to take
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

Stuck in a panic
Roads are manic
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

My Life

by Emma C

My life sucked, my life is amazing,
many people hurt me, I was always sad
people making me feel depressed inside
There was this girl
that girl changed my life, my world
I couldn’t ask for more
because now my life is amazing
and I’m forever thankful for everyone in my life.
Maybe you should be too

It’s a Love Hate Relationship

by Elise

people say things they don’t mean,
some people mean everything,
others can’t make their minds up,
others can,
I think I can,
I have my life mapped out,
I want to move far, far away,
I want to be a language teacher,
and live a normal life,
no fancy house,
no bank full of money,
I want to live a life,
I want a husband and a family,
with kids and dogs,
I want to start again,
where I don’t feel like,
I’m a failure and the people around me,
don’t think it either,
where I can be free as a bird,
enjoy everyday and not take life for granted.

13th Birthday

by Aradhna

Children are uncertain
when they are between
but Namel that excludes you
now that you are a teen
13 might be unlucky
but for you that’s a hoot
we no longer dare to say we are cute
Have a great day
this is all yours
just for today
you are excused
all of your chores


by Elise

Everything I write here is real,
things should be real,
because otherwise people wish their lives away.
I have been betrayed and heartbroken
and have been a heart breaker.
I’m not an over achiever,
I’m an underachiever,
nobody believes in me and I don’t believe in myself.

Thank You

by Sam Rozenberg

Thank you can be interpreted in many ways,
Like thank you for doing this.
Or thank you for destroying my life.
Here are my thanks.

Thanks mom and dad for making my life the best it can be.
You always put me first and always.
You care for me and love me.
This is my thanks to you.

Thank you to my Teachers.
For always educating me.
You make me excited to learn new lessons.
I’m glad I can open to you all too.
So thank you teachers.

Thank you friends for all you do.
You help me through all my drama.
You always made me happy when I’m sad.
Thank you.

Thank you to my siblings.
You were there for me and made me happy.
We played games and had fun.
We have many jokes.
Can’t forget about Jake’s unibrow.
Thanks Liv for always making me stronger.
You have helped me through a lot.
Thank you guys.

Thank you both of my step-parents.
You guys are truly amazing and the best things that popped into my life.
I enjoy my times with all of you.
Thank you.

Thank you Meghan for being there.
You have supported me non-stop.
You helped me so much.
We have the best jokes ever.
You are the best thing that came into my life.
Matching One Direction bags.
I love you Meggy.
Thanks for being there.

Thank you Charlie for being in my life.
You have made so many puppy friends.
You make me smile and giggle.
I can just look at you and smile.
I love when you cuddle with me too.
I love you Charlie.
Thank you.

Those are all my thanks for right now.
You have all made my life the best.
You all put the best for me.
I love you all.
Thank you all.

The I Wish

by Sam Rozenberg

I wish all the negativities would go away.
I wish gay hatred would go away.
I wish being differerent was okay.
I wish everyone could acept themself.
I wish people could stop dying.
I wish kids had soap.
I wish that our world could freeze and rewind
I wish our world could be a better place.
I wish that my problems would go away,
When I throw my penny into the fountain.
But unfortunately, they don’t.
So here I lay thinking about all my wishes,
That will maybe, just maybe go away.

The Trust I Had in You

by Sam Rozenberg

I put my trust in you.
I told you my secrets.
I depended on you to keep quiet.
I told you my life,
Every detail.
And what did you do?
You shared them.

I had faith in you.
I thought we could be the best of friends.
I thought you could keep quiet.
I thought I could trust you.
But it turns out I’m wrong.
I am now an embarrassment,
Thanks to you, my “friend.”