by May Wooltorton

Never talk to them never go near them just ignore them.
They bully you because they are jealous of you.
They want to make you sad ,very sad.
It can happen online or in person, mostly in person.
In 2016 over 500 children and teenagers
got bullied in person.
It has happened to me over 5 times in 2017
but as I’m writing it is June in 2017.
I have a story to tell you
There is this girl called Izzy
and she keeps shouting at me
most of the time at school
and i get so upset and sad.
I hope you enjoyed my story .

A Message to Parents

by Aradhna

If you respect me
I will hear you
If you listen to me
I feel understood
If you understand me
I feel appreciated
If you appreciate me
I know I have your support
If you support me
to try new things
I feel responsible
When I am responsible
I will grow to be independent
In my independence
I will respect you and care for you
all my life
Thank you,
Your teenager

We Are Teenage Girls

by Aradhna

When we go home
our straight hair goes up in messy buns
our make-up has faded, we can take it off
the fake smile vanishes into how we really feel
our brand new shirt changes into favorite old sweaters
our skinny jeans are traded for sweat pants or pajamas
our uggs are taken off to reveal our fuzzy socks
when we come home…
you couldn’t recognize us

Nana’s House

by Kate Burton

You could go to Disneyland to meet Mickey Mouse,
Or you could go to Clayton to an average little house,
But it is not the bricks and the mortar that matter,
It’s the energy inside bubbling with laughter and chatter,
Now, you can go to Disneyland to ride on the funfair,
But there you will never meet someone who deeply cares,
Who wants to know the dreams of everyone,
Someone who at eighty five still dances and makes everything fun.
Now, you could go to Disneyland and find a top chef,
But only in this little house will you ever find the best,
And this place is called Nana’s house,
Yes, that`s right Nana’s house,
It’s a place where you will never go hungry or cold,
And a place where relationships beam between the young and the old,
Now, you could to Disneyland to meat Mickey Mouse,
Or you could go to Clayton to an average little house,
The choice is really up to you but I am no buffoon,
Me? I choose Nana’s house and I hope to see you to there soon.

Never Give Up

by Hefy

Never give up
It is you
That keeps you going
You are the one
You are the only one
That can control your feelings
Never give up
Keep going
Keep trying
And keep believing


by Bradley Broughton

Hunters hunt for wild animals,
hunters can be like cannibals,
for they are always sprinting
sometimes you see them squinting
Hunters are brave
there’s no one they won’t save
Hunters are our heroes
we should put them at number one!


by Jaedon Medley

My English teacher is making us write a poem,
a poem where everything has to rhyme,
I made a poem today. I think I will show him,
but be warned, I don’t have much time.

To make a Shakespeare poem the1st sentence and the 3rd have to have rhyme,
then the second sentence and the fourth must rhyme like the other two,
then finally have two sentences at last that rhyme. Quickly now! it’s lunchtime!
We’re almost finished. A Shakespeare poem! I know i don’t have a clue.

We’re on the last two sentences, we’ve almost finished a Shakespeare poem!
Now, where’s my English teacher? i think i might go and show him…

Never Give Up

by Hefy

I am scared
Scared of what is to come
What I am supposed to be?
Who I am supposed to be?
Who will be my friends
And who will be there for me?
Every moment
I am worried
But I won’t let that bring me down!!!
This is a poem about why it is so important
To never give up
Just dream about the positive
And let the days come
And let the nights come
Let the world be your playground
Never give up

Kelp Lake

by Hefy

All dressed in black
I hide at the back
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

Everyone weeps
All of his peeps
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

The village cries for help
It was the kelp
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

Lies at the bottom of the lake
The world has to take
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

Stuck in a panic
Roads are manic
No one is happy
It is the death of a young laddie

My Life

by Emma C

My life sucked, my life is amazing,
many people hurt me, I was always sad
people making me feel depressed inside
There was this girl
that girl changed my life, my world
I couldn’t ask for more
because now my life is amazing
and I’m forever thankful for everyone in my life.
Maybe you should be too