by Baraka Adaodat Juliette

To all those asking for violence, you will have to look elsewhere,
Because we youths of today have decided to make a change,
We need no money to cause violence, burn houses, kill people,
If that money will make me lose my brother, I say NO.

I need not think about violence, racism, rich or poor,
God made you and I out of peace, why should you cause violence?
I don’t care if you are black, white or yellow,
We will still be together, NO – I won’t accept violence.

But as long as we wear white to weddings and black to funerals,
As long as we believe that white is holy and black is sin,
As long as we believe that no black shall lead a white…
If you don’t love peace, definitely you will love a piece of violence.


A Life Lesson

by Harit Gangwani

Going towards the future, withering away from the past
Oh, there is so much of a contrast.
Those memories linger around
The first seashell I found.

It is so complex,
The maths of our life.
The moment we let go of joy,
And find it tough to strive.

The people whom we once met,
The people who mattered
Leaving them to go out there and earn
Not letting our dreams be shattered.

But why live so far
From people close to you?
Just to fill up your pockets
Instead of soothing your tired heart too

I Eat My Feelings

by Isobel Heppelthwaite

I eat my feelings.
They come with a pinch, or several pinches of salt,
sometimes sugar,
insisting that it can cure the thudding tears,
a donut,
though I am not hungry,

I actually just ate from the silent boredom
which told me to do so before,
but this time I will be fixed, if I devour its sweetness,
my heart break cured.

But when I look at what is meant to be my reflection,
A girl two sizes too big for her size ten skinnies,
Wondering why,
the tears come flooding back.

They say,
Time for another donut


by Ellie Machen

Tiger, you symmetrical beast,
flying through the walls of fire.
The fire creeps closer,
enclosing you,
trapping you.
On your final breath,
you sprint to your cubs.
To say one last goodbye,
To give them food.
To say one last thing.
Be kind,
Be brave,
Save many.

Changed Relations

by Ikhlas

People say I was a only sister
Of my many brothers
They thought I was being loved
And yes that was true
Until they changed

Festivals come and go and I waited for their call
Fed up of waiting I tried on my own
Some answered the call
But I waited for all
To make them realise how happy we were when we were small

They think that I might ask for something
But they don’t know I live for nothing
All I want from my life is now
To wait for the day when my brothers
Will come and say
Sorry our lovely sister

We were being very mischievious
And as the tears roll down my eyes
They will wipe it with their handkerchief
This is what I am thinking of
And will ever be waiting for!


by Logan Capriano

You left me scared and vulnerable
and all the while I crumbled
upon what you had left.
Yet you keep me weeping as I hold on to you
by only the slightest thread
on which you have left me to starve upon.
I’m starving and where am, and I don’t like it.
The more and more I add
the more empty I feel.
You are a cruel and graceful kind
but, you know your place.
Take it as any human would
and only a kind human emerges.
And so I say this my scar


by Moonlight

I feel so sad
the world is mad
I wonder what it has become
I look outside and see it pass and feel rather glum
What’s the point of living when I’m so dead?
I can hardly make myself get out of my head
I don’t want to die
but life makes wanna’ cry

Make Me a Cup of Tea

by Victoria Stasiv

Make me a cup of tea
Near the beach, near the sea.
The wind will blow, the sun will shine
And everything’ll be good and fine.

The Teacher

by Victoria Stasiv

Listen to the teacher
When you are at school;
And of course remember
Every written rule.


by Victoria Stasiv

Stars shine brightly in the sky,
I would like to fly so high.
“Little bird, teach me to fly.
I would like to touch the sky.”