What Makes You Happy?

by Ben Courfield

What makes you happy?
You, no one else but you
What makes you happy?
Is it a sunny day with pollen in the air?
Is it a happy little pond in a big open field?
or is it the feeling of being so close to your family
that you know you can’t get any closer?

I Love My Brother

by Jasmine

My brother is sometimes serious
My brother is mysterious

Over all the bickering
His eyes are usually flickering

With his blue bell eyes
I wonder who he really is
beneath that sweet disguise


by Ben Courfield

Why, both question and answer
Why, a mystery but yet a clue
Why, past and present
Why, to be known but to be alone

Colours in Life

by Aditi Vishwanath

That petty fight with my friend,
and the bickering with my family,
that annoyance which lasts for a while,
when recalled in isolation,
gives birth to my lost smile.

On the arrival of festivities,
the exuberance to celebrate,
the high festive spirit of parties,
when recalled in isolation,
gives birth to my vanished liveliness.

A thumping heart and a mike in one hand,
a sweaty hand and the audience,
the confidence in the delivered speech,
when recalled in isolation,
gives birth to my lost confidence.

A week or so free from all stress,
by a holiday at the beach, hilltop or desert,
with a soothing environment,
relieves all my pains and worries,
and I discover the bliss of life.

Recalling all the colours,
from my beginning to the present,
what I realize is that life’s colourful,
it doesn’t matter if the existing colour
is light, or dark.

The Ray of Hope

by Aditi Vishwanath

Within a room of darkness, and no path to escape,
a ray of hope penetrates in, carrying the message of optimism.

Ahead of every step stone of failure hides the golden key of success,
valiantly must she cross each stone,
and acquire the fruit of her valor.

On the advent of her failure,
she won’t give herself up,
she would strive very hard
and conquer the peak of her ambition.

With an endless positivity,
she became the ruler of her life,
she will have no bounds
for the ends of her successes.

Pandora (haiku)

by Annabelle Mackay

Lazy, dozy cat
Sleeping in the sunshine
Soft, warm, silky fur

O’ Storehouse of Knowledge

by Fathima

O’ my dear teacher,
To me you are a preacher,
You are so special,
You are an encyclopedia to me.
O’ storehouse of knowledge!

You are like a mirror,
Who reflects everyone,
You are like a flower,
Who blooms every morning
O’ storehouse of knowledge!

Were you ever a child?
And did you ever weep?
For a petty matter,
Or did you ever peep,
If you didn’t know what to write,
O’ storehouse of knowledge!

For me you are a mixture,
Of jokes, wisdom and happiness,
For me you are not a human,
But an angel from heaven,
O’ storehouse of knowledge!

You are as bright as a sun,
You are as wise as an owl,
You are as gentle as a lamb,
You are as funny as a clown,
Your voice is as sweet as honey,
O’ storehouse of knowledge!

When I ask you a word’s meaning,
You are a dictionary to me.
When I want to know about the world,
You are a Wikipedia to me.
When you crack jokes,
You are a clown to me.
O’ storehouse of knowledge!

O’ my dear teacher,
Do tell me,
About everything you do,
And your teaching methods,
And oh! Do tell me all of your jokes,
So that when I grow up I can be just like you,
O’ storehouse of knowledge!

But let me tell you one last thing,
You are not only a storehouse of knowledge,
But also a storehouse of jokes, fun and joy,
You are the most special person,
O’ storehouse of everything!
O’ my dear teacher,
Do reply soon…


by Eloise May Burton

Jackson the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog,
Appetite is immense,
Connected straight away,
Kind and playful
Silky fur like a baby’s blanket,
Oh Jackson you naughty little pup!”
Nose with a black spot sniffing for toast!

If the Earth were a Football

by Madeleine Langdon-Morris

My boy was given a football yesterday
It was bright and clean and new
I entrusted it to his mischievous hands
in the hope of tragedies few

He kept it sparkling clean for a while
but as his attention drew
the poor thing fell to disrepair
as beauties often do

I planned to patch it up tomorrow
but as tomorrow dawned, the thing
was mangled beyond repair
and my boy righteously fawned

What a disregarded concept
is the importance of today
the seconds ticking
by, wasted
so foolishly thrown away

So now I ask you humanity
if you were I and I you
as the seconds now are running few
what is it that you will do?

Teenage Tantrum

by Hollie

My mum told me to get off my phones,
She said I needed to get out and stretch my bones.
‘What do you mean mum, I’ve only just gone on it?!’
First of all the candle needs to be lit!

I started to sigh and turned on my back,
I wish I could give her a big, loud whack!
I jumped up and started to scream and shout,
So she just looked at me and I knew I should have doubts.

“Get off your phone, lazy bum!”
No please, please, please can I have it back mum?
My mum took the phone out of my hands,
And threw it on the floor, I hope it lands!