by Saffa Aziz

It’s not easy to smile
When you know that
Everything’s not okay

But you smile anyway
So other’s think you’re okay

But if someone asks if you’re okay
And you say everything’s okay
In the end,
Who is suppose to be okay?
You, the someone, or everything?

The Star Among Stars

by Pragun

He stood there between the stars.
He is pretty cunning, as he takes
credit for the poor sun’s effort.

He may not be a star. But in
The stars twinkling in the sky,
The moon sure is the star – the star
Among all the stars twinkling
In the dark, night sky.

Heart Full of Pain

by Lyric Akanni

we started with a friendship
now i’m feeling more
you captured me with your eyes
and a smile i really adore
i wake up in the mornings
eager to see you
even though you
don’t know the way
i feel for you
you make me blush
for when i’m scared
to confront you vulnerable
to what you’ll say
when i’m ready to tell you
butterflies in my stomach
when i told you
my feelings are now
more than friendship we endure
i was not expecting the
answer you gave
for it broke my heart
in so many ways
never felt so alone
never felt so afraid
i didn’t know
you just wanted
a friendship
and to keep
it that way
now i feel empty
with a heart full of pain
because the only one
who can cheer me up
is the one who brought
this pain.

Alliterating Twisters

by Aditi Vishwanath

The lovely little lily has less lethargy, feels less lonely and, is filled with loads and loads of laughter.

Also, the nervous new Nick is neither nerd nor normal,
instead is a nonchalant nuisance.

On the other hand, the gang of genius girls is grinning with a giggle on their grumpy, girly faces.

But, the astounding aquarium accelerates the amplifying aspiration of an anguished yet active anonymous.

Floral Carpet

by Aditi Vishwanath

A small bud,
growing from a plant in mud
blooms into a pretty flower
by the water’s shower.

With colourful petals
a green sepal
and a happy face,
full of peace.

Butterflies fly and swing happily by
and sing merrily,
seeing the flowers blooming cheerfully,
gracefully and prettily.

Colourful flowers blooming everywhere,
the people who hate them are very rare,
but when floral carpets bloom,
everyone’s cheerful. Gone is the gloom.

The Great Flood II

by Pragun Pudukoli

The dams were filled with water
like a bucket. The water pushed
the walls of the dam with as much
force as any wrestler.

The dams gave up, they opened.
The village down below
became a lake. And since then,
Nothing really has changed.


by Lauren Rogers

Your face was my embrace,
I loved you with all my heart and grace,
your soul lives on but I will never move on!

Thank you for all you did for me
and being my best friend in need!
I loved you with all my heart
and you will never grow old until the day we depart.

I loved you with all my heart
and now you have gone you have ripped me apart.
The day you left me, I went on my knees
and said ‘GOD’ help me please,
but he didn’t reply,
he just gave a ‘SIGH’,
that’s  the reason why
I know you’re safe up there
within the clouds above!

And now you are no longer in despair,
you will always be my Grandma,
the precious one to me
and I will always be your loved one
that you always had love for me.

I know you are  looking down!
And I hope you are now.
I loved your hugs and I always will!
But I knew one day
I had to let you free!
Like a little BEE!!
I know you’re safe up in the sky above.
Just tell me you are being loved??

did you have to leave?

The Day She Touched My Heart

by David P Carroll

You made me feel true love
Never knowing true love
The day you touched me
I fell in love
I couldn’t believe

I’m truly in love
The pleasures of romance
Drives me crazy but full of love
Oh sweetheart let’s dance

As you touch me with
Your tender touch, oh sweetheart
As your whisper softly
No other women could
Ever truly take your place
As I’ve found love

Only you could touch my heart
I don’t know what to say
I’d be still searching for love
Lovely today, but the day you
Came into my life was the Day

You touched my heart…..

Save Fuel

by Aditi Vishwanath

Imagine a life without fuel, where man would slowly yet perish, for the present, it is a nightmare, but soon would be our future.

With the exhausting sources of fuel, we are near to our own end, and one day would lie a barren earth, in place of the lush green cover.

But still lies an untouched chance, the key to reshape the future, the opportunity to restore energy, through a simple step of saving fuel.

A small step of taking car pools, and using the least possible electricity, a step of using the maximum of sun, would pave a path for a bright future.

To see vehicles moving on roads, being moved by petrol or diesel, we must be careful to not exhaust the treasured sources of fuel.

To see a future bounty of successes, we must take a step ahead of all, to prevent that dreadful future, where renewal of fuel’s most awaited.

A Magician

by Pragun Pudukoli

A clown wearing a black suit
made arrangements for his show
with the venue as the pavement.
He waited for the spectators to come
and began his show. He removed
strips of coloured paper from his mouth,
a rabbit from his hat and a gold coin
from everyone’s hair. He ended the
show by bowing, asking for money
for he was as poor as a beggar.
Then, he made that disappear too.