Yield, Her Inner Child

by Harshita das

Her goals, once as attainable as clouds; she can reach with planes
The fields are like specks from the mountains she scales
Buildings are tall as the clouds; heights of which she had dreamt
Only distractions will now allow her to fail

She wears all black; a funeral for fierce fears
Suitcase in hand; she hopes she will come back to the green fields
And finally, she understands adults; understands grim smiles and strained talks
She knows distrust and betrayal; her inner child will yield

But I am sure, it will never go away


by Emma

TwinZZies, twinZZies you and me,
Together may we always be
Ee eat ice-cream together
We both have a puppy!
We go to the cinema to watch movies
We look the same… because we are

Failed Attempts

by Harshita Das

The arrows lay skewered across the floor
I picked them up, one by one
They all represented the endless tries
The attempts, which had failed

The target stood, firm and proud
It leveled its gaze, on to mine
And I stared at it with similar defiance
I would never give up

And so I attempted yet again
And again and again and again
Until my stance improved, my vision was set
And I became better, try by try

Until the arrows sliced each other
And perfection was gained

Clear Water

by Harshita Das

When the water formed streams; transparent and clear
And we splashed and laughed, without any fear
The Earth was not enveloped in a fog of doubt and war
And we had time to count each and every star

We played on the river bank or near the shore
The crown of compassion we all proudly wore
Until we started to hide behind walls and glass
And forgot that outside there was sky and grass

When we had no purpose; a goal to strive for
We only wished to survive and smile before
And look how our goals have changed and improved
And although I believe we have reached far and wide
Sometimes, I wish our goals weren’t set so high


by Harshita Das

Centuries wears away at stone
It changed our very flesh and bone
Our minds evolved; our brains aligned
We formed societies, built technology

We built cultures and religions
We crawled our way to the top
But sometimes, I think
It is alright to let your inner beast show


by Mike

Every day
My mamma bakes me a cake
She stirs six times
She even decorates
She loves to add some cream on top of the cake
She loves to share the cake with my family

The Sound of Freedom

by Kerry-Lee Huskisson

I have a love for the sound of freedom
As it whispers in my ears
I must choose the path to remember
For I love the sound of freedom.
The path I choose needs to be the right one
I can taste it as it nears
I have a love for the sound of freedom
As it whispers in my ears.

Haunted House

by Elsie

To the sound of silence,
the sound of quiet-fear,
Tense-on edge,
Not knowing what will happen next,
Not knowing what is lying ahead,
Not knowing,
Not hearing,
Not seeing in the darkness,
The pitch black darkness,
Not knowing-not seeing-not hearing,
In the haunted house.

What Am I?

by Elsie

A silver platter,
A 10p coin,
Glittery, slimy, slug slime,
A giant shiny cat’s eye,
A big, bright headlight,
I provide you with a warm glow at night,
If clouds cover me I’ll go out of sight,
See me rise when the sun goes down,
See me glimmer like a crown,
What do you think I am?

Crazy in the Head

by Harshita Das

The drinks are cool, the Sun is high
I lie peacefully on a bench nearby
Then a voice whispers, “Hello uh… hey;
Would you mind if I stay?”

I stare and stare; it’s a big, fat toad
Blushing on the sidewalk beside the road
And he sighs and sits
“It’s so hot; the work on my schedule doesn’t fit.”

Then he lied down on the bench,
As I got up, he let out a belch
“Don’t overwork yourself”, he said
I think I am crazy in the head