School Life

by Risha Aleem

I go to school every day,
Every moment seems so grey,
And then when the bell rings,
I say let’s go and play!
Later on in the day,
We have art and shout hooray!!
Then comes the end of the day
I meet my dog Sharpay!


My Brother (Kenning)

by Parnoor





All Make Up
One Special Person
My Brother

Take One Step In

by Hakeem

Take one step in if you ever felt alone
Take one step in if you thought you was on your own
Take one step in if you lost someone lost to you
Take one step in

How I See

by Cisi

I hate to write
how I hate it with all my might
sometimes my teacher says
that words are like a maze
but really all I think
is that writing stinks

But one day I changed my mind
because with words I could find
the depths of everything
the wonders to draw, write and sing
so this is it
a poem to show you
that I have no clue
what to do
I am lost
and I wish I could cost
more to people around me


by Ella

if only I could show you
the beautiful flowers
I wish you could see
how you kill me
wonderful bees
I can’t wait to see
your funeral upon me


by Lily

Dear internet

I want to tell you
I hate you
you made me self conscious
you made me cry
every day since I was 5
you made me bully those around me
you made me something I’m not
so I hope you’re happy!

Dear internet, please
you were the one that made me suicidal
so before go I wanted to tell you
I hate you
I hate you

True Love

by Olivia Garcia

You brought me sunshine
When I only saw rain
You brought me laughter
When I only felt pain

You are my true love


by Mason Jacques

The teachers at my school are nice,
None of them like to argue,
Most of them just teach and teach,
They don’t do anything else for the whole day.

I kind of feel bad for the teachers at my school,
Especially the new ones that get the bad kids,
Also they only get a little bit of a break,
They need more time away.

Most of the time they have meetings,
So they never have time to be free,
Teachers need more break time,
When they go home they do school work too.

Teachers work at school by teaching kids,
Then they do after school work and then,
They go home and do more school work,
Even on the weekends they do school work.

Even after church on Sunday they do school work,
They need a break and they need one now,
Teachers need to take some fake sick days for breaks,
Because they really need them.

All I am trying to say is that teachers need a break,
Teachers are always forced to work and teach kids,
So teachers I have one thing to tell you,
Go take a break

All of My Song

by Brooke

All I can see
Is only the thing
That speaks to me.
It sings
With the loudest of voices
Showing me
The things I could never imagine.

War Horse

by Melissa

There was a little horse, a clever chap was he,

he looked back in time and its history

Days about the war, when horses they were used

among the bombs and bullets, by which they were abused

They just carried on with their bravery

all the fear inside they just didn’t see

Courage of lion, as brave as they could be

fighting for their country, help to set it free

How they had to gallop with bodies all around

they just kept on going through the muddy ground

then when the war was over they took a rest and then

ready for their fight if they were called again.

The horse he learnt a lot from back in history

signed up for the forces, a war horse now was he

Just like all the horses that showed their bravery

that showed all their courage to set the country free