The Future

by Jane Edwards

Humans? What ho!
They expired long ago
It’s robots now
and don’t-you-know
we need no car if we want to go
to the beach?
What’s that you preach?
They are a figment of the past
like trees and oxygen
never to last.
Now, now, don’t look so very glum!
Our amusements are heaps more fun!
By techslide, portal, even screen
you can visit any scene
hover-park, museum , friends on Mars
or perhaps you like more exotic stars?
So roll up, roll up!
ditch that out-dated past
because the future, man,
it’s really a blast!

Suffolk Mole

by Jane Edwards

the most pleasant stroll I ever took
was down a wriggly country nook
ending at a cul-de-sac
a lovely place for a tea-and-chat
But beware, you who travel this lane
(for many have encountered a similar pain)
of an tete-a-tete with the Suffolk Mole
for, if surfaced from unassuming hole
will munch your toes through to your nose
and I’m not sure how far the brain really goes
all for his Sunday brunch
and maybe he’ll save your clothes for lunch
So when you fancy a pleasant walk
remember a knife! (and even a fork)

21st Century Opinion

by Jane Edwards

Political point
Paper clip thin, molten lead malleble
Rubber band bendy
Political justice
Dagger red strong
Spider’s whisp risky

Impalpable Dreams.

by Fathima Muneer

My dream awakes a thousand memories
A vast land of fiction it is,
A flowing land of melodies
An endless land of wonder.

My dreams drift to a million doubts,
A million unanswered quests,
Floating me to horizons above,
Horizons left for me to conquer.

My dreams tell me stories,
Stories I forget over time.
But the morals I learn,
Are burnt inside.

My mind wanders like a lost soul,
Drifting in dreams,
Dissolving in fictions,
Afraid to face reality.

The reality gets harsher each day,
But dreams are like liquor,
They keep making me drunk,
Excluding me from the realities.

The truth washes my dreams,
Perishing my fantasies,
Lighting melted candles,
Placing me in this puzzling reality.


by Caitlyn

Prove yourself and rise
Because legends always rise
Fly phoenix fly
Out of the ashes you rise
Because legends always rise

Welcome to the world, no heroes and villains
Welcome to the war we’ve only begun
And now you’re playing with matches
Rise from the ashes
Can you hear them screaming out your name?
So, are you gonna die today or make it out alive?
Legends always rise,

Make them remember you and take to the skies
You have a giant team
Show them how you rise
Because legends always rise.

Grandad’s Chair

by Jane Edwards

his sour pinch mouth and coat hanger curl nose
even that white wire hair
are only whips of imagination
a ghost woven from their strands
many a beer laughter evening
would he spend on the worn leather chair
which, now, is all that is left
of that kindly crinkle face
but I know
that his smile lines its creases
and his life fray’s its edges
unravelled like time’s curfew


by Jane Edwards

hands worn and engraved by work’s hard stain
eyes that twinkle in you’s sunlight
arms that bulge with strength of mind
to enfold sufferers there in mighty kindness
plucked from the ground and shown to the light
feet which have trod life’s rough and gritted path, through rain and snow
but still, his face has a glow glow
for he, and now all the globe know
you don’t need a cape to be
a superhero

Snakes at School

by Livdrew

Maybe, just maybe
snakes are all around
Maybe, just maybe
they are lurking around
Maybe, just maybe
they need to sit down


by Jane Edwards

gush smile issued
with accompanying whining burst
itching niggling annoyance
I’m calling mr. hurst!
for this pest is a case of extermination
the ol’ 1103
ignored in irritation
the guilty innocence plea

Gangsta Man

by Jane Edwards

quirk smile
drang rings
spang shoes
glitz kings
bing bling
gimme a ring

dart glance
block stance
ice grab
sharp snap
sting scar
salt tear