Love? I Hate YOU!

by Yasmine aged 11

My love was very sweet
She always gave me a greet
When I came indoors
She gave me lots of chores
But now she is just a bad cheat.


by Aradhna aged 11

love is a word we no longer hide
love is a word we do not despise
love is a word we need to hide the pain
love is a word that makes life okay

Lost Love

by Aradhna aged 11

I met an angel
The day I met her
her beauty was enchanting, refined, eloquent and divine
her face so sweet
her eyes so hypnotizing
the sweet smell of her perfume
still lingers in my mind.

Deep fiery auburn hair, like the fires of the sun
her skin so white, delicate, and smooth
We spoke
we laughed
a mind so profound
an articulation of speech so rare
friend of joy
comforting when sad
time too short, an eternity of desire
The sorrow that I feel
a broken heart
Where are you lost love?
the story is once told
the time has passed
remember me lost love
smile when you think of me

Love is Strange

by Emma aged 12

Love is strange, love is weird
It sometimes sucks and just appears
You never know who you’ll love
but when you do you’ll just give up
One day my heart sank
into a sea of dreadful thoughts
or if he loved me
or if he did not
but love is strange
So give it a try
show everyone your love
and you’ll see what happens,
maybe the greatest thing of your life.

Love Poem

by Skye Garrett aged 9

Flowers are nice, so are you
This is a poem just for you
Star shine in the night
Love is in sight
You are my one and only
Nobody could be lonely

Brianna Lubby

by Love aged 14

Love isn’t a joke
I’ve been betrayed, used and rejected
I almost killed myself for those things
But guess what
That doesn’t matter
Because you need to find the perfect person
Who is right for you.

Don’t Mess With True Love

by Pink aged 10

don’t mess with love,
it ain’t no joke,
listen to me,
or you’ll end up in smoke,
Ha Ha Ha

What True Love Is

by Myaliz Acevedo aged 10

true love is when somebody
you love so much
always has your
back and never
breaks your heart
and my true love
is my aunt and my
grandma and my
grandpa and my
little baby cousins
and my parents.


by Tootsy aged 8

Mermaids are blue
They follow me everywhere
They’re so cute
I take pictures of them
Laughter and friendship
That’s what’s it’s all about.

My Boyfriend

by Kelsey Wellard aged 12

He is special
all I want to say is…
I love you