by Hannah aged 9

Who is that
Wearing a hat?
Look at his lips
I love his pips

He wants a kiss
But he gives me a hiss
I say yes
He wants to be blessed

What should I do
If he sees me with you?
Should I cry
Or bake a pie?

One day
He says hey
He had his first kiss
Without a hiss…

Looking for a Boyfriend

by Stephanie Adaeze Chukwuka aged 8

Oh my
Look at him
He looks cute.
I think I will be his girlfriend.


by Sulaf aged 10

I love my mummy,
I came out of her tummy,
I love her food it is so yummy,
She is so scrummy,
I love my mummy.


by Cerys aged 10

Together we can achieve lots,
Alone we can achieve dirty pots,
If we work as a team we can make a house,
Alone we can scare a mouse,
Together we can achieve lots,
Alone we can achieve dirty pots,
Together we can make mince pies,
Alone we can kill flies.
Together we can achieve lots,
Alone we can achieve dirty pots,

This Wide Wide Sea

by Eva May aged 9

All alone on this wide wide sea,
Wondering if he still loves me.

Gazing out at the ocean waves
Wanting to hide in an octopus cave.

Looking at the waters move
I see a jellyfish having a groove.

Seeing his aim made me fury and flame
Made me realise I am the one to blame.


by Skye Garrett aged 9

Love is magical
So are you
I won’t say who
You brought me a bracelet
I gave you a torch
But I had to go to the airport
But love is magical
That is my poem

Hope you like it


by Charlotte aged 10

Love is strong,
Love is deep,
Love each other,
Even if they eat.
Never give it up,
It’s a wild reality,
It’s for everyone,
So let it free…


by Charlotte aged 10

Love is strong
Love is deep, don’t waste it
Spend it on someone who needs it
Your loved ones, and as much as possible
Maybe on people you don’t know,
But it’s still sweet to love…

Teenage Love

by Aaliyah and Uma aged 9

Once upon a time
there was Maya and Josh
They were completely lost
in love.
But they had a problem.
Maya’s mum didn’t agree.
She wouldn’t let them
See each other.
She said they weren’t old enough
To be free

They kept sending love letters
Until they ran out of paper
But when Maya went to get more
Her Mum asked her where all the paper was.
Maya said it was all gone
And out she went to get more.



by Aaliyah and Uma aged 9

Look over here
It’s true love
Explore the world
And you’ll find a ton
It’s normal to care
Because you need to share
Don’t wait
Just start to run
To find your true love
Follow the sun