by Charlotte aged 10

Love is strong
Love is deep, don’t waste it
Spend it on someone who needs it
Your loved ones, and as much as possible
Maybe on people you don’t know,
But it’s still sweet to love…

Teenage Love

by Aaliyah and Uma aged 9

Once upon a time
there was Maya and Josh
They were completely lost
in love.
But they had a problem.
Maya’s mum didn’t agree.
She wouldn’t let them
See each other.
She said they weren’t old enough
To be free

They kept sending love letters
Until they ran out of paper
But when Maya went to get more
Her Mum asked her where all the paper was.
Maya said it was all gone
And out she went to get more.



by Aaliyah and Uma aged 9

Look over here
It’s true love
Explore the world
And you’ll find a ton
It’s normal to care
Because you need to share
Don’t wait
Just start to run
To find your true love
Follow the sun

Love at First Sight

by Samantha aged 11

When I first saw you
across that crowded room
I knew we would be together forever,
Like Linda and Heather!

A Boy I Know

by Kelsey Wellard aged 13

I met a boy
who is really cute
but when I found out
he was going out with my best friend
I was upset
She tried to pretend she wasn’t
even though he told me he was
but then the other day he…
asked me out
of course I said

I was so happy
but now we have broken up
I still have a crush on him
but then
so does my best friend


by Christina aged 10

Love smells like sweet perfume
Love looks like a cake full of joy
Love feels like a true loves kiss
Love tastes like a sparkling bottle of champagne

When a Girl Likes a Boy

by Mary aged 9

When a girl likes a boy
she would stare into his eyes
so she has to tell a lie
a big fat porky pie
All her friends laugh at her
but all she says is murr
she can’t get the words out
guess why…
because she saw her crush
Her brain was now a mushy slush.


by Caitlyn aged 9

A fire was seen across the land

My friend said she would hold my hand

We got on a boat to a new land

So I could have another hand


by Yasmine aged 11

There was a young lady named May,
Who read a love story each day.
“It’s funny!” she said,
when at last she was wed;
“I didn’t think life was this way!”

Love? I Hate YOU!

by Yasmine aged 11

My love was very sweet
She always gave me a greet
When I came indoors
She gave me lots of chores
But now she is just a bad cheat.