by Ananya Wadhwa aged 14

Moonlit illusions,
I felt the moon beams cascade
And envelope me,
Delicious, creamy, exhilarating
And yet, somehow they devastated me.
I watched the silky clouds
Cover the polished moon,
Like a gentle wedding veil
As you lingered around me.
I pushed,
And fell,
Blood trickled down my lips,
Dangled from my eyelashes,
Yet, you pinned me down,
And, shook me, rasping,
I felt your hot, stinky breath.

And so therefore, I must now I muster up the courage
To ask you,
Why, oh why do you yearn for a goblet of me
On your table
When you have four wives who’ve given you
Flushed, beautiful children?
Why do you yearn for a goblet of me
To froth beside your bread?

A Day Nearer

by Naomi Adeoti aged 11

I would rather be somewhere alone with you
Instead of praying you’re feeling like I do…

Explicit Love

by Olutona Emmanuel aged 18

Whenever I turn on my radio
Around Feb`ry, all I hear is love
Even when I open up my window
I see two birds showing love
I can’t really comprehend
What most of my friends
Would do in this climate that’ll soon end
‘Cos girls in their wiles
Love parading up and down
Some miles
Moving all round the town
With their impeccable gown
Displaying the bevy of their beauties

Boys also in their wiles
Pretend to be wise
They fail to realize
That emotions
Aren’t chronic, they give reasons
They claim to be Heaven N’ Earth
They claim to be girls breath
They claim to always be there
They claim to always fly by air
They claim to always mind
They claim to always be kind
Always to girls they claim, when
Captured by Lust And give excuses, when
The feelings is completely lost

I wish I could find a love that is real
Like sunshine, so bright to heal
Me from love malady
One who won’t only be my lady
But who will at peak be my wife
One who will precious my life
Irrespective of some stupid things I did in my tantrums
But unite with me to do good things
One who’ll give me love that don’t last a day
But give me that which doesn’t fade away.


My Love

by Laoise Lowry aged 10

Look at him
His hair blows in the wind and its all gelled up
His smile reminds me of rainbows
His eyes shimmer like the sun
His body has a 6 pack
He’s perfect and sweet
He’s my only love

My Love For You

by Laoise aged 10

I look at him
His hair is gelled up
His smile OMG
His eyes shimmer
His body perfect
There’s no turning back
When I say I love you


by Connor aged 16

I love her
to the moon and back.
As clich├ęd as it sounds, I do.
My heart is filled with pure love.
From her, only her.
Words cannot express my love for her
it’s unbreakable, like a frozen steel bar.
Love has taken place of my heart,
it is the new organ that keeps me alive:
because of her.
She is always on my mind,
running in circles around it.
I cannot focus on anything else but her.

From chocolate to cute puppies,
nothing will steal my heart,
except her.
Only she will own my heart,
because she is the only one
who deserves it the most.

A Waterfall Haiku

by Sam Smith aged 10

Hypnotic calming
Refreshing falling water
Soothing waterfall

Running and fresh
Mesmerised hidden lagoon
In the rainforest

Gary Barlow

by Chloe Fenn aged 10

Gary Barlow, Mrs Stone loves ya,
Her favourite song is Forever Love,
We all love you,
I made up a newspaper report
with me collecting over 1000 posters.

Don’t Love

by Finn aged 10

Don’t love anybody
Get intelligent
Don’t get distracted by her
Don’t love
Bad choice


by Euodea Lee aged 11

Long lasted
Over filled
V (W)ith feelings