Cloud Me

by Jaedon Medley aged 12

everyone has a cloud me,
you know, that person above the trees!

he sits there and makes you,
(when you feel blue)

feel better as a person
so there’s no need to be cursin’

so when you get to your gcse,
walk out successfully.

get a job that you like,
facetime your friends on skype,

when you go home you will see,
that you had a little help from cloud me. 😉

My Love Will Still Be Yours

by Toprak aged Özerden

No matter how far or how long,
My love will still be yours.
I will always love you.
For you – I am here,
Whether in spirit, mind, body.
Shall you ever shed a tear,
Your angel will always be near.


by Jaime-leigh aged 11

the one I love,
he makes me laugh.
Charlie the one I love,
and I want him till I die.
the one I love


by Kelsey Wellard aged 12

I am here today
I will never go away
stay with me
and if you do
I will too
True love
that’s all I need
my friend is pretty
she has got all the boys on her tail
all I want is one
a one to love
maybe I don’t have one
because I am ugly
maybe they don’t like me
His name I don’t know
as I have only just met him
but all I know is that I love him
and he doesn’t love me back
Please help
give me advice
what should I do?
what should I say?
all I want to know is
will you give me advice?????

Me and You

by Kelsey Wellard aged 12

Me and you
That’s all I want
Just me and you

My Sister

by Devan Nelson aged 16

I am so proud of you, sister.
You mean so much to me.
I really wish you could look inside
my heart and really, truly, see.
The love that lies within,
The thoughts that made me grin.
The times we have shared.
The times you’ve been there, just to care.
Those times of long ago,
that only you and I could know.
Those times of heartache and pain,
those times of hurt and gain.
Those times of triumph and loss,
on seas of trouble tossed.
You helped me face my fears.
You’ve been there through the tears.
You’ve been my strength in tough times.
You’ve helped me to climb and reach for the skies.
Climb higher in this life,
than I have ever cared to go,
because only you believed in me and helped me to grow.
You wouldn’t let me sit,
you wouldn’t let me rest.
You told me to climb higher
and do my very best.
Thank you, my sister, for caring about me so,
right now, in this poem, I want you to know.
I don’t show it enough.
How much I love you.
Thank you my sister, for being so very true.

My Dad

by Kiera Garrett aged 10

My dad is the best
he plays football with me
He goofs around with me
and most importantly
he loves me

What’s the Sigh of Love?

by Kiera Garrett aged 10

When doves fly
when the birds sing
when your heart is open
when you feel warm in your heart
then you know it’s the time for love

True Love

by Zoe Smith aged 10

Sunshine beams out of my face whenever I see you,
You always brighten up my day, you make me chuckle too.
I want to tell you that you’re ace and that I love you so,
You make me smile inside my heart and I want you to know

You Are My True Love

by David Kelly aged 9

You’re more fun than an app on my phone
You make my sweet eyes shine
Your laughter is the best ring tone
Please be my Valentine!