Express My Love For You

by Chad aged 10

How do I express
my love for you?
it is as obvious as saying
that the colour of water is blue
it is also as complex as counting
the number of stars in the galaxy
is more than one trillion
I love expressing my love for you
and it’s very easy
It’s as simple as saying
it is pure and true…

Beliefs of All Types

by Jielan Akkia Mahary aged 10

I have my belief and so do you,
I think it’s good, I wonder if you do…
Nobody should think bad of their belief
Because it won’t give them any grief.

Beliefs are special, don’t you think?
They aren’t something like a simple wink.
If you feel ashamed of your belief because of others,
Just tell someone how you feel, like your mother.

I’m a person who’s sometimes sensitive,
That’s why I’m not always active.
If I fail other people might emotionally blow off
So when I am playing I don’t show off,

Everyone should be fine with a religion,
Nobody should make a rude exclamation.
If someone is another religion, you could try to be their friend,
If you’re in a tight position, they could defend.

This is a message for everyone,
Once you get the meaning you’re done.
I hope you learn I’m yearning,
I myself am always learning…

The Flowers of Life

by Hailey Watkins aged 11

Red, white, pink.
No matter what color, they cannot match my love.

Purple, blue, indigo.
No matter how deep, they cannot match my sorrow.

Then those flowers wilt,
leaving me free and careless.


by Aimee aged 9

There’s a bird in the sky
flying up high
wearing a bowtie
someone poked him in the eye
and now it’s hard to fly
so he’s saying goodbye
and he’s about to DIE!

There’s a bird in a flock
he’s about to drop
to the ground with a frown
while he is in town
He’s gonna get trod on
so he betta switch his head on
or he’ll be drop dead Fred
who is a dead head

My Dear Friend

by Ella C aged 13

He’s funny.
He’s smart.
He’s short.
He loves art.
He’s faithful.
He’s truthful.
He’s very dear to my heart.
His music is soothing.
His gentle touch as soft as a feather.
He is willing to talk about anything, whenever.
His unending smile makes me blush.
He’s a loyal friend, who has gone through a lot.
He’s got a big heart.
He has some friends.
He has me, and I have him.
He is my friend, no matter what.

Love is Stronger

by Scarlett Mason-Purdy aged 11

Love is stronger
Stronger then happiness
Stronger than fear
Stronger than any feeling you may ever fear
Stronger than it has been ever before
Once you have felt this feeling then there is no going back

Hearts of Love

by Rhianna aged 9

Love is your favourite thing
That everybody loves
Some people don’t have love
They just love themselves instead
You might get love


by Rhianna aged 9

Love is in your heart
But you can’t feel it
So you have to wait for the
Right person to take you
It might be along time but you have to wait
As you find love you will be happy again.

Love From Your Heart

by Iman aged 10

True love comes from your heart
You just have to wait for the right person
The heart just starts as normal as bread
It’s around a big circle
You just have to wait for your true love person
Who will jump into your life
As a confident soldier

Ode To Once Upon A Time…

by Maryam aged 10

Once upon a time to Cinderella,
She was beautiful and kind.
Once upon a time to Snow White,
Seven little dwarfs she did find.

Once upon a time to Sleeping Beauty,
The Beauty that ever-lastingly sleeps,
Once upon a time to Rapunzel,
who took life with a leap.

Once upon a time to Belle,
She took a chance with a beast.
Once upon a time to Aerial,
Her and Prince Eric’s love increased.

Once upon a time to Tiana,
Brave enough to kiss a frog.
Once upon a time to Jasmine,
In love with an underdog.

Once upon a time Princesses,
Have your happy ending…