Love is…

by Sophie and Harry Ennor aged 9 and 7

Love is…
So important
A rainbow

Love is cute
Love smells like perfume
Love is a sweetie
Love can’t go away

Love is…
A unicorn

Love is respect
Love is sweet
Love is kind
Love is you
Love is lol


by Sophie aged 9

I will buy you the world.
l will die for you.
I will give you my heart
Love, love, love

My Gran Made Up This Poem

by Jemima:) aged 10

My true love in life
I have to say
Is a dozen roses every day
But there again, here’s the thing
I’m very fond of tulips in the Spring
But all in all
I must confess
Freesias are the very best

A masterpiece by the lady who loves flowers

My gran really loves flowers :-)

The Love of My Life

by Georgi Emanuilov aged 17

Send me to the prison
located in your heart,
let me unlock it with my pure love
and allow me to throw the key from it,
far away from the access to everyone.
I want to be the only one permitted to enter.

Love me,
I want to feel loved again,
make me a hostage of your heart,
a constant inhabitant of it.
Don’t refuse
Just open it for me, let our love to overbear.

Summon the darkest part of you,
let it talk now,
give it the opportunity to be heard,
because silence is not an option.

Valentine Schmalentine

by Youngsung aged 12

Now I know that our parents
tell us to love each other
Well I believe we kids have made declarants
that we have annoying sisters and brothers

When I say, love
It could mean many things
The floating cupid up above
with the bells ringing

Or maybe proposals in the park
to acquire a new husband/wife
or cutting up paper hearts
to make cards for memories for life

So buy a flower bonnet
Before I finish this sonnet

Love is…

by Sophie S aged 10

Love is
A rainbow of bliss after a hurricane,
The power of magic and peace,
Unity and diversity as one.

Love is
As beautiful as a flower,
Like a special unique rose
In amongst the thorns.


by Erin Marie Waters aged 10

Sisters are annoying
Sisters are painful
Sisters can be kind of helpful
Sisters are annoying but deep down we love them

Siblings, we love them really


by Zachary aged 10

I love you more than an eagle loves to fly,
I love you more than a liar loves to lie.
I love you more than a whale loves to eat,
I love you more than a tiger loves meat.
I love you more than a cat loves milk,
I love you more than an emperor loves silk.
I love you more than a bride loves her gown,
I love you more than a king loves his crown.
I love you more than a man loves wine,
Would you, could you be my Valentine?

The Beauty-seeing Impaired

by Pragun aged 12

There’s a handsome man out there.
Who thinks that he’s ugly.
Well, teasing has made him blind.
So he can’t see his beauty.
But a cure is waiting for him,
Behind his head.
If he just turns,
He will see it now.
And then he will know,
that he is beautiful and awesome,
that he is beautiful and awesome,
that he is beautiful and awesome.