This is LOVE

by Elsie aged 12

Love comes in any way
Open up, feel free to say
Very deeply love can go
Everyone is individual

Happy Mothers’ Day!!!

by Harini Elavarasan aged 10

M is for my one and only
O is for organizing my life
T is for creating a tower in my heart
H is for your heart as pure as gold
E is for your endless love for me
R is for your radiance, as pure as ghee

A Type of Love No One Will Forget

by Samuel aged 11


Part One

I saw,
I saw the,
I saw the look,
I saw the look in,
I saw the look in her,
I saw the look in her eyes,
I saw the look in her eyes when,
I saw the look in her eyes when I,
I saw the look in her eyes when I gave,
I saw the look in her eyes when I gave her,
I saw the look in her eyes when I gave her a,
I saw the look in her eyes when I gave her a Valentine’s
I saw the look in her eyes when I gave her a Valentine’s gift.

Head in the Clouds

by Elsie aged 12

I saw him look me in the eye
The look he gave me was a surprise
It was the look that made me think
Does he love me?
And then he winked
His eyes they twinkled
When he stared
I looked back and thought were we a pair?
We stared for ages and then he said
I love you
I love you a lot
I said I loved him
We were a pair!

True Love

by Elsie aged 12

His smile is beautiful and is widening all of the time,
His eyes are like diamonds shining so bright,
His hair is like silk, it is soft as you touch,
His lips touch yours and it’s like you’re the only ones,
You’re the only ones in this tiny world,
It is true love,
True love!

Look at Him

by Elsie aged 12

Look at him, with his beautiful smile
Look at him, with his stylish style
Look at him, with those twinkling eyes
Look at him, his eyes as deep as the deepest pool
Look at him, he looks at you
Look at him, you’re the perfect two

Who Am I, and Who is My True Love?

by Samuel aged 10

Who am I?
I am a person with smooth hair,
Blue eyes,
And a smile that never shows its teeth.
I am a person that can run as far as we humans can see,
I am that person who will stop at nothing just to get my knowledge to grow,
The person who will climb Everest to be able to see far into space,
I am that person who everyone calls skinny,
I am the person who will get into college,
The type of someone who will get far in life,
A person who is sensitive,
A human who loves nature,
Someone who doesn’t eat much but will care for others,
The type of person that will need help with some lessons,
A person who will learn from their mistakes,
And someone who will try to be their best,
So if I’m him,
Who is my true love?

I Love My Life

by Riddhi Kanwar aged 10

When I needed sunshine instead I got rain
You always used to guide me through my unwanted pain
Maybye I was true, maybe I was not
All I  want to tell you is that I love you a lot.

The Words

by Elsie aged 12

We stood on the balcony of his house,
When those very words came out of his mouth
He hugged me tight and then he said…
I love you darling more than anyone else.
He looked at me,
I smiled a lot,
You are like my flower,
You’re the sun in the sky,
You’re the one that makes my life,
You are beautiful,
You are brave,
I love you dear,
I’m not afraid!

Just to Say I Love You

by Elsie aged 12

I will travel across the ocean for you
I will fly to the moon and back
I will find the rarest flower for you
There is no doubt about that
I will risk my life for you
Just to know you’re safe
Because I love you
I hope you love me back