Me, Myself and I

by Sulaf aged 10

Because it’s me myself and I,
Why don’t you go till I die?
It’s me myself and I,
Why don’t you go and touch the sky?
Me myself and I
Why don’t you fly in random skies?

Started with a Smile

by Katie aged 12

It all started with a note
To meet under the tree
Where we used to share our memories
Of songs and silence
Of friendships and fights
That all led up to this moment
She gave a warm smile
Then a nod
Then a hug
Then a hand held
A kiss blowed
A kiss shared
Then with a sentence
Then a poem
Then a page
Then a phrase
A word
A symbol
A thousand hearts later
Look where this took us
Back under the tree
Where our hearts cry
Where we say goodbye

The Lovers of the Loch

by Zealous CHIP aged 11

The lovers of the Loch,
loved pure, loved true.
Their love ’twas forbidden,
though their choices they don’t rue.
An elvish bloke, a human babe
who’d have ever thought,
but their flawless love was immaculate
and it could not be bought.
With every embrace,
both their world’s grew bitter;
their hate and their despise,
for these two grew fitter.
They sent an assassin,
a silent predator.
The reason he applied,
was to pay of his creditor.
A blood truce of
ancestral proportions,
settled with a life
twisted with contortions .
when the lovebirds hugged
he nocked his arrow,
a single kiss
it went whizzing like a sparrow…
Evanesce, evanesce, evanesce
the shadow faded away,
it would take a stone heart to confess
what happened on that day…

My Older Brother

by Ella Thomas aged 9

My older brother is someone I adore,
Someone who I can look up to,
I show off to my friends and say he has a six pack,
But I love him so much, he is my best friend and world’s best brother.
He comforts me when I am sad, and I love him for that.

Blind Love

by Maheen Amjad aged 17

People say that love is blind;
But they don’t know the story behind.
They don’t know ’bout those sleepless nights;
Those silly laughs and countless fights.
They don’t know that when love is found;
Your heart just plays a melodious sound.
They don’t know that when we are together;
It seems as if we’ll be there forever.
They don’t know how beautiful it can be;
Young love, sweet talks and such a jocund company.
They don’t know what beauty love can hold;
It can never be altered, never be sold


by Emma aged 9

Love is special,
Love is like a sign of friendship
That comforts me when I am in pain
And need somebody to help me when I have to figure something out

How True Love Always Wins

by Wang Ruoxi aged 10

Remember the day we first met?
I feel we are together forever in the future.
Your words are like rays of sunlight to me
and they tell me you care for me.
But this love thing seemed to come to an end
When I saw you with another girl.
I was so jealous, I wanted to beat her up.
But I thought you might then forget me forever.
Then this day come, I had already fully recovered.
During my graduation ceremony, you came out of nowhere with a banquet of flowers.
I was crying there, in front of everyone.
Cause I finally learnt what is true love.

Let Love Lead the Way

by Elsie aged 12

Let your heart lead the way,
Along the bumpy road,
Happy and sad moments,
In a relationship of love.

True Love

by Magdalena Graham aged 12

The soft, tender touch of the child.
Loving fingers clutching yours,
Stroking your cheeks softly.
This is true love.

Babbling nonsense words.
Can you make something out?
This is true love.

Wobbling down the hall.
First steps: One, two, three.
Frenzied excitment, endless joy.
This is true love.

First friend, sleepover on the couch!
Whispering secrets all night.
Tears when morning comes.
This is true love.

Love You

by Jeff aged 11


I lo

I lov

I love

I love y

I love yo

I love you