Truth or Dare

by Elsie aged 12

Do you like anyone? My friend said,
Me: Maybe.. ,
but yes was in my head.
Friend: Who, who, who do you like!?
Crush: I’m not saying.
Me: Me too I said.
It all started with truth or dare.
Friend: Okay I’ll make it fair,
Both tell me who you like,
Then I will say,
Fine, yes, we said with nerves.
Friend: Okay here we go,
You like each other!
Me & crush: Wait, what? Woah!



by Lily aged 11

dates are nerve-racking
you mess up quite a lot now
date is fun today


by Alisha aged 10

Friends smile at you
They like your face
They want to be with you
Any old place

Friends have fun with you
Friends share
They’re glad when you’re happy
When you’re sad they care

If you’re a friend then you care too
That’s why your friends are glad you are you!!!!

It’s nice to have a friend like you!
I’ll tell you what I’m going to do!
Because you make me so fine!
I’m going to make you my valentine!!


by Emily Mart aged 13

I like dove
The End
BTW love is FAKER then FAKE

What is Love?

by Nieve Baker aged 11

What is love,
I hear people ask.
What does it mean to be in love,
Or what happens when you love other people?
Can you love anyone or anything?

These are questions that have not been answered,
These are the questions that people keep asking,
And will keep asking until there is an answer.

Love is tomorrow,
Love is today,
Love is the future,
And love is the past.
Love can be anything and anywhere.

Love cannot die.

True Love?

by Elsie aged 12

We would stand there for hours,
Talking – laughing,
We stand there edging closer,
Staring into each other’s minds,
We’d smile and gaze at each other,
Silence and quietness,
We’d stay as if what felt like a second,
But was actually much, much longer…
We’d chat about random stuff to keep the conversation going,
But that we liked each other – that was worth knowing,
We’d wonder each day, if the other felt the same way,
Till one of us thought – I must ask…
Does she like me?

The Little Sister

by Bharvi Patil aged 11

You are such a sweet sister
hope you do not get a blister

Always cute and loving
just glowing forever

A mad little clever sister
you are my best sister

Hope you’ll always be my sister
we are always sisters


by Kiera Garrett aged 12

love is like chocolate, so fine and elegant
love is about making memories
love is happiness
but I think love is like me
I am always happy and hungry

Friendship Never Ends…

by Elsie aged 12

From the day we layed eyes on each other,
When we were looking over our note-pads,
Not knowing how each other felt,
Not knowing if it was love,
Soon we became best friends,
He’d teach me how to draw,
Amazing at drawing he was,
I loved how he drew,
He’d teach me how to do scooter tricks – the tail flick was his best,
I’d teach him how to build dens and write poetry,
Through the months we grew closer,
But there is something there,
Is it really just friendship or is it love?

Me, Myself and I

by Sulaf aged 10

Because it’s me myself and I,
Why don’t you go till I die?
It’s me myself and I,
Why don’t you go and touch the sky?
Me myself and I
Why don’t you fly in random skies?