What Do You See?

by Noureen K. Ajmal aged 6

What’s that?
Don’t worry,
It’s just a fair.

What’s that?
Don’t worry,
It’s just a hare.

What’s that?
Don’t worry,
It’s just a bear.

A bear!
Run for your lives!


by Lottie James aged 6

Starry night
Starry night
Up high
I can see a light.

When it’s morning,
Everyone’s yawning.
It’s too bright
for the stars to shine.

Except one star.
The biggest of all.
Burning, flaming, scorching hot

Sunny day
Starry night
Sunny day
Starry night.

Never Give Up

by Abigail aged 6

Never give up,

never give up,

never give up.

Keep on trying

and don’t give up.


by sophie aged 9

Tiger, oh tiger,
Roar with pride on a hilltop
Let thy stripes hide the darkness you hold
And let thee be free!

My Mum

by Gemma aged 10

My mum
She is fun
She shines just like a sun
She is the best mum ever
I couldn’t have had one better
She cannot be replaced by
Someone from this race
I love my mum

Random Things

by Brooke aged 8

may the six weeks off
when we chill for 6 weeks
make the days run by fast
more wildlife comes to life
as people enjoy their days
like me going to Menorca
make the days make freedom
make the birds sing and tweet
then the sun sets
over the wavy sea


Diplodocus Dale

by Yew Tree Class aged 4-5

My dinosaur called Diplodocus Dale
Had a long, spikey, strong tail
He has a teeny weeny brain
And really likes to play in the rain
Dale’s favourite thing is to stomp
And he loves to swim in the swamp

I Can’t Believe This is True

by Angel Corallini aged 11

Today I found out you were coming
I can’t believe it’s true!
Now I can’t wait to find out
If you’re pink or blue!
A little baby boy or girl
The excitement I just can’t hold!
I’ve told everyone about you
And made them feel so old!
I can’t wait to hold your tiny body
To count your fingers and toes…
Waiting to sing you lullabies
And to watch you while you doze.
Now I must sit and wait
For the day you will arrive.
And I know that with our love
Your little spirit will thrive.

The First Time We Met

by Angela aged 5

The first time I laid eyes on you
I couldn’t help but stare…

Rain Go Away

by Sam aged 5

Rain, rain, go away rain
Come back sun
Never come rain
Always sun