Pebbles on the Beach

by Sharlah aged 6

Pebbles shimmer, pebbles gleam
they sparkle in the moon light stream,
every morning I see you
pebbles through my window.
I see you pebbles
all shapes & sizes
as the sun rises.

That’s why I like pebbles.


by Ben aged 5

Magic, magic, do your magic
Wave your wand
Wizard magic
is the best power you can have!

My Family

by Bhavya Das aged 6

My family is the best
I get everything I need
I have a sweet mother
Of course my father who is very hard working
My sister who helps me download games
And don’t forget me because I made this poem

Amazing Dads

by Zain aged 6

For an amazing dad
kind & loyal always fair,
if there’s a problem
you’ll be there
with words of comfort
jokes on cue,
the best daddy trophy
goes to you

Beautiful Seasons

by Lydia aged 6

Seasons change
There are so many of changes around Earth.
Flowers grow, bees buzz, new eggs.
Snow crunches, so do leaves when autumn comes.
Families by the fire in winter.
Then spring comes again.
Daffodils growing.
New tadpoles.
Baby chicks hatch.
April showers of rain.
There’s loads of seasons to enjoy.


by Poppy Class aged Year 1

Magnificent golden fountains
Explode with a loud
Amazing bang
Twirling curling and whirling in the smoky skies
Pop, shoot and blast
Rockets whizz
Spinning Catherine wheels
Twirling, curling and whirling in the smoky skies
Twinkling bright
A rhythm in the night

I Love Pizzas

by Bhavya Das aged 6

Pizza day
We had pizzas like crazy
Because it was a pizza day
I love pizzas
They are awesome
Because they have tons of stuff on
And I always love triangles
They are of course epic
I had a dream that someday I would get a pizza
And it came true
I just love pizza


by Tiarna-marice aged 7

love yourself and others around
obey your gods
vets are here to help ya
elephants are stinky

My Daddy

by Talia Sandford aged 6

My Daddy is happy
As happy as a bird
He does lots of things for me
And that is all I have heard.

My Daddy is funny
As funny as a bee
When he gets home from work
He always says, “I’m hungry.”

I love my Daddy
He always stands up for me
I will look after my Daddy
When he’s old and wrinkly!

Halloween Night

by Andrew aged 8

Halloween is the scariest night
by ghostly ghouls or a horrible fright.
With killer clowns or horrible night.
It might not be scary but if you want
It will give you a fright.
With a loud scream or a big thud
No matter what it will give you a haunt.
if you’re not scared come in, but if you dare
stay in…
In the meadows where the werewolves live
Say hello but with a grin.