Rain Go Away

by Sam aged 5

Rain, rain, go away rain
Come back sun
Never come rain
Always sun


by Angela aged 5

A leprechaun is small and green
He hides where he cannot
be seen
But if you catch him on this day
He must give his gold away

Jelly Beans

by Angela aged 5

Jelly, jelly, jelly beans
belly, belly, belly beans
orange, white, black, green
red blue and yelly beans
Many, many can be seen
all the colors in between
From to one to lots, so many beans
Guess how many jelly beans?


by Angela aged 5

goldfish, goldfish,
swimming all around
goldfish, goldfish
never makes a sound
pretty little goldfish
never talks
all it does is wiggle
when it tries to walk

My New Boat

by Zara aged 11

Time after time,
reeling in my line.
Yeah, I don’t mean to gloat,
But I got a new boat.

I’m gonna get my rod,
Hopefully gonna get some cod.
My new boats as precious as can be,
so I’m not gonna drive near overhanging trees.

Cause that could leave scratches
and I don’t want odd patches.
On my new boat
Oops! I’m starting to gloat.

Lane the Runner Man

by Jeffin aged 10

Lane the runner man
went running for his life
He came across a pan
Sooner or later
It was his wife

My Daddy

by Tamilore Habib aged 4

I love my daddy
My daddy is the best daddy in the world
My daddy buys the best ice cream in the world
My daddy gets the best surprises in the world
He is my daddy
I love my daddy


by Kaylani aged 10

Lives in a Flock, Filled, Forest
It eats Flowers, Ful, Flug, Fly
It loves fruit loops, fruit punch, Frets
It Frees itself Flying Freaking out Fearless
The Foxatarian Fur was Free Forever Friendly


by Alexis aged 4

I have a friend called Lilly
She is very kind
She is a good friend

I have a friend called Lilly
She plays with me when I’m lonely
She makes me smile

I have a friend called mummy
She helps me type
She cooks the dinner

Water Dragon

by Callum Blake aged 6

Sharp teeth
Slapping tail
Round spines
Burning fire
Scraping claws
Bony wings