Little Creatures

by Kaia aged 6

Creatures are little, like a beetle
Some lose their tales and grow them back by magic
some are black and some are pink
some have the colours of the rainbow
some are slow and some are fast
some are scary, some are cute
millipedes and centipedes galore
creatures are little, like beetles.

Wriggle and Crawl

by Kaia aged 6

Insects are small
don’t be scared of them at all
they will be scared of you even more
because you are big and tall

Some are skinny
some are small
some are creepy scary balls
some are fat and funny
Little insects are really small
like jelly beans

The Falling Car

by Sherdil Asif aged 4 and a half

There was a car,
It wasn’t going in the drain,
It was falling down,
It disappeared,
The gardener then recovered the car,
It was then going on the road,
Then in the house,
Then the petrol pump,
Then to the shopping mall,
It went far, far away from me,
Into the sky,
Then it fell down again,
One lamb was coming,
The car fell on the lamb,
The lamb was on fire,
The lamb cried,
The car was surprised!
The car could not find its home,
The car turned and turned,
And the car was happily lost!


by Kaia aged 6

Lollipop, Lollipop where are you?
Are you here or are you there?
Where is that Lollipop?
I think he is over there

Lollipop, Lollipop are you in here
or are you in there?
Where is he then? I will call the mayor
Here I am! Here I am! Right over here.


by Kaia aged 6

Animals are fantastic and quiet, but some are not
When I went to the zoo I met a talking lion
He said, Do you want to have fun together
But I said no, and he let me go.
Then I ran away and told mum and dad
and we were all frightened
Oh, what a day.

My Name is Anna

by Anna Rachi aged 6

Hello, my name is Anna
I get caught in my face
All day long
Next to a funny painting
Next to a funny song
“Cea cea cea.”
Do it again!
We continued down this road
I told you my name is Anna
We continue with the foreign languages
Say, don’t you know?
muchas gracias
mon amour
caro bambina
Say it again, Mom
And then let’s go play

The Seasons in the Woods

by Kit aged 6

On the way through the woods
I love smelling the bluebells.

On the way through the woods
I love listening to the birdsong.

On the way through the woods
I love picking up pine cones.

On the way through the woods
I love seeing animal tracks in the snow.

At home I like eating the nuts.


by Ziko aged 6

My school is the best
it is DBGS
some classes are boring
but others are uproaring

I like math
and spelling too
my best is break
when I get to play with you

School is great
without a doubt
even when I’m late I’m never getting out


by Donia aged 9

a paw licker
a day dreamer
a milk drinker
a ball chaser
a dog hater
a mouse chaser
a stroke lover

Jonny, Jonny

by Julia aged 6

Jonny, Jonny
yes, mama eating chicken
no mama telling lies
no mama open your mouth
ah ah ah!