by Joseph aged 6

Life can be dark,
life can be light,
all can be calm,
all can be bright.
though it’s the end of the day,
I must go,

What Am I Doing at School?

by Ella aged 6

T is for talent
E is for elephant
M is for mountain
P is pig
U is for umbrella
T is for take
U is for under
R is for ride
E is for…… Ella


by Saba Salman aged 7

This is a beautiful place
We live together
We have fun together
I’m happy to call this Home

Christmas is Great

by Ella aged 6

I love Christmas
it’s my favourite day all year
it really just makes me want to
give a big cheer!
It makes me think of Jesus
Christmas is great
Oh please, everybody
give a big hip hip hooray
for Christmas!

It Was My Birthday

by Ella aged 6

One day I woke up and looked at my calendar
and remembered that it was my birthday.
I quickly ran downstairs
and guess what my Mum had waiting for me…?
Pancakes for the rest of the day
I had lots of fun it was the best day ever!

What I Am Learning About

by Jia aged 6

S is for sam
H is for horse
A is for apple
P is for pirate
E is for egg
So I am learning about shapes

Look After People

by Jia aged 6

If you want to be a baby sitter
That’s fine
But you have to trust your mom and dad
To be good
So I am off
To go on to my next poem


by Jia aged 6

Poems can be anything
You can make poems up too
So why don’t you
Try writing
Your own poem?

All About Myself

by Bria aged 6

Sometimes I am cheeky,
Sometimes I am good,
Sometimes I am naughty,
Sometimes I am brilliant.
I like to do writing,
I like to do drawing,
I don’t like to cry
and I love animals.

When I Grow Up

by Jia aged 6

When I grow up I want to be a teacher
a teacher who eats all day long
and always forgets to teach
I am so late because I am so tired
so when I am there it is the end of the day