Hot Days

by Sofia Rose Chapman and Erin Jones aged 7

I lick my ice cream
People dancing in the sun
Having lots of fun
No daisy picking for me!
But what do you see
In the coconut tree?
You see ME!

Daylight v Night Time

by Ciennah aged 9

Night time has stars
and daylight as clouds
At night time you look up at the sky
In daylight you can
enjoy the hot
But God created it
for everyone
to sleep
to play
to try and survive
but I guess that both of them
so now we can go enjoy
the sun and the night

They Go???

by Lakeisha Collier aged 7

The cow went mooooo
The cat went meowwwwwww
The horse went neighhhhhhhh
The dog went wooffffffffff
I go to the kitchen to liisto

So much noisssssse!

Bendy and the Ink Machine

by Mario (brother of Mark) aged 5

Bendy was a little devil
Think whose brought to on,
The solar screen em, make chuckle em screen it’s
Bendy in the devil swing

Me and Granny

by Timoti Peni aged 7

Me and my granny play frisbee.
Me and my granny cook steamed pudding just like me.
Me and my granny do art just like me.

Chicken Chicken Zone

by Jia aged 6

A chicken zone is a person who writes about chicken
but sometimes doesn’t listen to the instructions
but they still like chicken.
Do you like chicken?

The Cow and the Meow

by Kimberly aged 10

The cow says moooooo
The cat says meowwwwww
The cat and the cow make a lot of noise
The cat is sad, the cow says are you okay and the cat says yes
The cat says thanks for making me better

My Garden

by Bethany Nicholson aged 6

My garden has lots of trees
I went down to the bottom
And there I did see
A little door
Under the tree
Out came a fairy
Glistening as can be.

I Tried to Play a Tape

by Sophia aged 6

I tried to play a tape
in the video today.
I pressed it to play
but instead of pictures on the screen
all that I got were fuzzy lines
as twisted tape got tangled in the slot!

The Day I Became a Nerd

by Jia aged 6

The day I became a nerd I did not like chicken nuggets
All I would eat was candy
People were coming up to me and saying
How can I be a nerd?
So if you want to be a nerd
Come to me