All About Myself

by Bria aged 6

Sometimes I am cheeky,
Sometimes I am good,
Sometimes I am naughty,
Sometimes I am brilliant.
I like to do writing,
I like to do drawing,
I don’t like to cry
and I love animals.

When I Grow Up

by Jia aged 6

When I grow up I want to be a teacher
a teacher who eats all day long
and always forgets to teach
I am so late because I am so tired
so when I am there it is the end of the day

We Can Do What We Want

by Jia aged 6

We can do what we want all day long
We can jump in puddles whenever we want
So don’t be sad be happy
It’s the next day
and you decide to do whatever you want

The Little Butterfly

by Lily aged 6

In a green green land
on the grass of the hills
lived a green butterfly
with not a single friend
All things are green
according to the butterfly called Nils
She was a lonely thing with lonely wings

Poem Poem

by Charlie aged 5

I wish I was a singer,
I wish I could see the moon,
I wish I could dance,
It is a secret but I like my bed,
I remember when I was a cute baby,
On Monday I see the sun,
Tomorrow i promise to do some topic.

The Strange Day

by Jia aged 6

So first, you know how some people
have strange days?
Well I did
If your in Anaya’s class you might know this poem
One day Anaya my couson
was saying a spell like she wanted to be a mermaid
I asked her, Why are you saying a weird spell?
She said, I want to be a magition.


by Saba Salman aged 7

Butterfly butterfly on the flower
Plays every time in every hour


by Sam aged 7

Hard working
Our parent
Bag packer

A Gorilla Goes Swimming…

by Evie Sweet aged 6

A huge gorilla decided to go swimming…
So he tried on his trunks and packed his towel
He swung through the trees, and found a pool
He dived straight in and the splash was huge
The little monkeys flew high in the air
And his swimming experience ended there

The Bear Who Ran on a Chair

by John Wahbi aged 7

That bear just ran on a chair
he just does not care
The silly old bear
found a pear lying on his hair
Maybe he sat on that pear
because he just does not care
What is going on here and there?
I wonder why that bear is there?