My Fish

by Diya aged 6

I wish
My fish
Could fly
Up high
In the sky.

I wish
My fish
Could have a white house
And chase a mouse.

I wish
My fish
Could drive a car
Very far.

I wish
My fish.
Could play
All day

I wish
My fish
Could be bright
In the night.

My Golden Cat

by Diya aged 6

My golden cat
Sleeps on the mat.

My golden cat
Plays with the woollen ball.

My golden cat
Climbs up the wall.

My golden cat
Gets very fat.

My golden cat
Runs after other cats
And chases silly rats.


by Diya aged 6

I fell from a fluffy cloud.
You will be scared as I can be loud
When I come with lightning, my big sister
And when I come with thunder, my big brother.
When I go with my best friend the glittery sunshine
I wear sparkly rainbow
And this is the best show.
I am not spicy or salt, sweet or sour
But on you I can shower
Tell me who am I?
I am a raindrop

Main Roadways

by Is’Haq aged 7

It has five wheels and one inside.
It can have 2 or 4 doors.
It can be big or small.
It must have a name.
Some of them can have a roof.
Some of them haven’t got a roof.
It has colour on it.


by Scarlett aged 6

I come when it’s Christmas.
I Live in the sky.
I am cold.
People make me.
I have a hat and a scarf
and I have a stick
And I’ve got a teacher.
What am I?
I am a snowman.

My Brilliant Spell!

by Aryan aged 6

A dead rat under the floor.
A poisonous mosquito that lived in the war.

A slimy potion from a haunted scientist’s house.
A bird’s feather from a mouth of a mouse.

A scaly frog’s skin that shines in the dark.
An old smelly sock found alone in the park.

Half a dead snake’s head from the cold river.
A dirty doll’s hand from the sewer.

Stir the mixture with part of a feather.
It will make you quack quickly forever.


by Varunikka aged 6

The shard is tall ,
London Eye is small,
Tower Bridge is wide,
In London there are tour guides.
Buckingham Palace is royal,
Parks have so much soil,

It’s amazing to see London
on a bright sunny day


by Ayesha Usman aged 10

I am a snowman
I am a snowman
I am very soft
I am very happy
I am a snowman
I am a snowman :)


by Ryan aged 6

Boats sail on the river,
Boats sail on the canal.
There are big boats and small boats.
Some boats have sails, engines, oars.
Canal boats are long,
Canoes are short.
Some boats are made of wood,
Most boats are made of metal.
All boats have a destination.

The Coolest Kid in School

by Logan aged 6

The coolest kid in school
was really good at maths
He could do lots of backflips
over an over again on the trampoline!
He lived in a mansion
He was cool.