by Tilly aged 6

Unicorns are pretty,
Unicorns like skipping,
Unicorns are pink,
Unicorns twinkle,
Unicorns horns are shiny,
Unicorns hooves are big,
Unicorns eyes sparkle.

Christmas Poem

by David aged 6

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
Christmas, cool Christmas
is always the best day ever
because they give kids presents!


by Anika Rose Whiteley-Roberts aged 5

Eyes brown
Ears triangular
Fur thick
Nose black

A Monster

by Inuli Herath aged 6

This monster is hairy
with his smile so scary.
He lives in the woods
with his terrible goods.
Teeth sharp as a crocodile,
claws sharp as a lion.
He has fur thick as a fluffy feather
which protects him in a stormy weather.
When people see him, he gives them a fright.
I think that’s because his eyes are so bright.
He lives in a cave that’s dark and spooky.
His name is Atoo-rasa-ringo-uck-fly-crocodile!!!

Happy New Year

by Inuli Herath aged 6

Happy New Year!
I so much love it.
With lots of new
stuff to do.
The new year is fun and bright,
I love new year.
We could have a festival
with family and friends.
the new year can be so much fun!

Cat in the Hat

by Carly Kaylor aged 6

Who dances around
Makes a lot of sound?
Has two fuzzy friends?
Who does gymnastics
because he likes to bend?
He has a top stripy hat
He is also a cat
Can you guess?
It’s Cat in the Hat
that makes a mess


by Ewan aged 9

On the train,
The smoke gets in your face,
You hear a whistle,
Your ears ring like mad,
The train echoes in the tunnel and it goes really dark,
You come to a halt,
Everyone’s off.
On the train.

Mrs Norman

by Jessica Lauren Ditch aged 7

Marvelous teacher
Remarkable at teaching
Splendid teacher

Never go away
Or we will miss you
Really good teaching
Mrs Norman
An outstanding singer
Never leave us

Teachers in the Staffroom

by Kiera Garrett aged 10

Do teachers turn into Aliens after three o’clock
or turn into the most ugliest one-eyed teachers of all time?
Do they turn into unicorns who poops out rainbows?
But I know one thing
They do lots and lots of eating
That’s why they are so plump


by Isla aged 9

Grandad is funny
Grandad is kind
Grandad is handsome
Grandad is silly
Grandad is the best