by Dihansa Ranasinghe aged 6

Mine is a comet
whistling through space
towards a distant planet
But the planet has a woolly hat
on its head
and my snowball missed it!

My Dad

by Ricco aged 7

My dad is funny
He makes my day sunny
He plays games with me
And takes me swimming in the sea
I love my daddy more than he knows
And I really hope that it shows

Sizzling Lava

by Luka aged 8

Hot lava
As hot as an oven
Hotter than hot

My Mummy

by Isobel McCarthy aged 9

My Mummy is so beautiful,

so lovely, so kind,

the one and only who is divine.

I love her with all my heart and kisses,

and if I could I would give her a million hugs and kisses.

I love you, Mummy.


by Isobel McCarthy aged 9

What’s that blur of brown flying through the trees?
It’s swinging, no skimming branches, flinging itself through the canopy!
Not scared, no knobbly knees!
It’s a troop of monkeys!


by Isobel McCarthy aged 9

Guess what!?
Today I saw a hare, that was the size of a bear!
Today (nothing new) I saw an ant as big as a shoe,
Today, a tarantula escaped from Whipsnade Zoo,
Today, I must confess, I saw a fly as big as a party dress!
Dear child are you sure that’s true?
Of course Mummy! You were there TOO!


by Lilly aged 7

Shivery, shakey, snowy too
I just want to be in bed with you
Cuddle up in in front of the fire watching the snowflakes on the window
Seeing the snowman smile
I love cold air blowing in my face

Tooth Fairies

by Emsie aged 6

Tooth Fairies, Tooth Fairies

You catch me by a knuckle

You catch my teeth

And exchange for money

Oh Tooth Fairy

Oh Tooth Fairy

I love you

The Winter

by Aarnav aged 5

The winter is cold and
Lots of winter coats gets sold
Snow is falling down and
The cold wind is blowing around
The days are getting dark
We can’t go to the park
Christmas comes in winter
And we celebrate all together

Magic and Nature

by Varunikka aged 6

I saw a wizard that had a magical lizard.
There was an owner with a funky hat and a monkey.
There was a beautiful butterfly high in the sky.
And a bee was flying around a tree.

I love nature.
Enjoy nature!