Living in Candy Land for 9 Million Days

by Emily aged 6

9 million days in Candy Land
so you can enjoy life
so no worries
you can dance, sing
have whatever you want
so no worries
never struggle
because you want to have fun
and you have enough food
so you can enjoy it
have whatever you want
have whatever you want

Emily has food for you
*repeat 3 times*

I Love My Mom

by Gabriella Sinisi aged 10

I love my mom because she brightens me up.
She cares for me lovingly like a cake
She is the best
Mom in the world
That you could ever ask for
She treats you good if you’re not bad.
She is loving to have
So I think you will adore her.


The Brave Baby Bear

by Hope .T aged 5

There was a baby bear who was very brave
He lived in a forest in a little cave
He loved bear school and making friends
And was very, very fierce to the end

Wet Grass

by Chris aged 12

The grass is wet now
I wonder how it got wet
I am making it dry now

I knew it
It was the hose
But who could have done it?

I think I know
Maybe it was my parents
But how will I ever know?

The Cat Sat

by Sockie aged 4 and a half

The cat sat on the mat

She saw a bat

She ran off the mat and chased the bat

She saw a big hat

And caught the bat

Under the hat

Just like that


by Myrah aged 4

White is the best colour I have seen
It shows peace
I love the colour white

Muffin Time

by Tasnim aged 6

I love muffins
but I do not have time to eat them
Why, why, why?

Fantastic Family

by Ryan Ramesh aged 5

Four in our family.
I have a mummy.
I have a daddy.

There is a baby,
Who is my sister.

There is me.
I am fantastic
And majestic.

I Want To Be a Lawyer

by Adam Ladgham aged 6

Working hard at school,
Makes you really cool,
When you grow up,
Things start to get tough,

Follow your dreams,
It’s easier than it seems,
I’m going to study crime,
To follow mine,
I want to be a Lawyer!

My Sister was Frightened

by Sherdil Asif aged 6

Lying on my pillow
Suddenly my sister woke me
And I was frightened
Then I went to my parents’ room
To tell them that my sister is waking me up
Again and again
And I can’t sleep,
I was very sleepy
I went to grandma
And told her that my sister is teasing me
So much again and again
I hit my sister, because she was afraid
She was afraid as she had seen a horror movie,
Then I told her, there is nothing real in a horror movie
She slept
It was Anabell the horror doll.