Balloons Sassoons

by Oscar Kaye aged 5

I have a big balloon
It rhymes with the word sassoon
A sassoon is a popped balloon
Oh no! It popped.
Now it’s a sassoon.


by Avanthika aged 5

I took my bubbles
and went outside
I blew it wide
and it flew up the sky


by Ivy aged 6

Family and friends watch together
I love fireworks, they are pretty
Run about on the decking
Every child gets a sparkler
Wrap up warm
On the bonfire, we toast marshmallows
Really bright colours in the sky
Keep warm by the fire


by Ivy Du-feu aged 6

I can see leaves falling off the trees
I can hear the wind blowing
I can feel the puddles splashing beneath my feet
I can smell the fresh air
I can taste chilli-con-carne


by Swannya Hailey Herath aged 6

Rainbow, rainbow
smart and wise
your colours are so bright
I wish you will
take me to the sky
on your fluffy cloud.
once the rain falls down
the sun comes up

you always shine bright


by Swannya Herath aged 6

Unicorn unicorn
fly so high
Unicorn unicorn
have a bright hone
Unicorn unicorn
you are so bright
Unicorn unicorn
fly so high
I wish you would
take me up to the sky
I love you so much

Happy Halloween

by Lexy Beale aged 10

Watch out, the monsters are out
if you’re all alone give your friends a shout.
Vampires and designers
eating loads of candy and sweets
Werewolves and witches that’ll give you the creeps.
It’s Halloween, it’s Halloween.
collecting flat tyres to make bonfires.
Happy Halloween.

Stay safe, have a great Halloween .

The Beach

by Julia aged 6

We are going on a trip
A really long trip
What’s it going to be?

The Beach! Oh yes I love the beach
The sun nice and warm

My beach ball
Yes lets play

Hip hip hooray!

Cats, Oh Cats

by Julia aged 6

Scratch, scratch do cats
Scratch, scratch goes all about
A cat scratch

I love my cat
Even if it does a scratch

The Outpost

by Qais aged 9

Yesterday, I saw the outpost awaken
Tanks plodded out of their garages
Soldiers marched out of their departments
Fighting the infected
To save their families
And the lives of their own.

Yesterday, I saw the outpost argue
Tanks barged and helicopters shouted “Hey you!”
Bullets rolled to the ammo station
While soldiers ran away on vacation.

Yesterday, I saw the outpost fighting
Robots raided the missile station
Loading them into their arms
Tanks and army helicopters
Turned into the real soldiers taking shot after shot.

Yesterday, I saw the outpost collapse
Tank garages smashed into a million pieces
Helipads turned to rubble
And robot labs well were now flames.

Yesterday, I saw the outpost resting
Tanks lay in stone
Helicopters rested in rubble
And robots lay in the ashes of what used to be their home.