by Larna Wentzel aged 6


Dogs sniff around and they wee on the grass
They stick their tongues out when they are hot
They wag their tails
They sleep in the night and during the day
Some dogs have short hair
and others are very woolly


by larna aged 6

Dogs likes to chase their tails.
And they wag their tails.
Some dogs have shorts hair.
They seep in the night and during the day.
And they like to run fast.
And they like to chase cats.
And they stick their tongues out when they are hot.

Mummy and Daddy

by Hafsa Shah aged 4 nearly 5

I love my mum
I love my dad
They both take me to shops
To buy my favourite sweets
yum yum

Why is Football so Tough?

by Leja aged 6

Football kills me and you
who are you to kill nature?

Look all muddy but hurt
They look like a ball of needle.

I Love My Family

by Samuel Sharpe aged 3

I love mummy
I love daddy
I love Scarlett
I love our car


by Khadija Arif aged 7/ 8

There is a kitten
There is a cat
There is a kitty
There is a kitty cat


by Chris aged 6

the moon is cool
the rockets used to send monkeys
the moon is cool
NASA is the best
the moon is cool


by Martina aged 6

Clear moon
smiling at the stars
white like the snow
Your melody is like a lullaby.
The moon, like dancing
with the little girl called Martina.


by Juan Manuel aged 6

Moon you are lovely
clear Moon
smiling at the stars
white as snow
your melody is a lullaby
the Moon light stars.


by Agie aged 6

Clear moon
Smiling like the sun.
White like a snowman.
Your melody is a beautiful song.
It’s so beautiful, the melody.
The melody is like a song for baby.
The moonlight dances with the piano.