My Brilliant Spell!

by Aryan aged 6

A dead rat under the floor.
A poisonous mosquito that lived in the war.

A slimy potion from a haunted scientist’s house.
A bird’s feather from a mouth of a mouse.

A scaly frog’s skin that shines in the dark.
An old smelly sock found alone in the park.

Half a dead snake’s head from the cold river.
A dirty doll’s hand from the sewer.

Stir the mixture with part of a feather.
It will make you quack quickly forever.


by Varunikka aged 6

The shard is tall ,
London Eye is small,
Tower Bridge is wide,
In London there are tour guides.
Buckingham Palace is royal,
Parks have so much soil,

It’s amazing to see London
on a bright sunny day


by Ayesha Usman aged 10

I am a snowman
I am a snowman
I am very soft
I am very happy
I am a snowman
I am a snowman :)


by Ryan aged 6

Boats sail on the river,
Boats sail on the canal.
There are big boats and small boats.
Some boats have sails, engines, oars.
Canal boats are long,
Canoes are short.
Some boats are made of wood,
Most boats are made of metal.
All boats have a destination.

The Coolest Kid in School

by Logan aged 6

The coolest kid in school
was really good at maths
He could do lots of backflips
over an over again on the trampoline!
He lived in a mansion
He was cool.

Bird Flew Bright in the Sky

by Gray Valk aged 6

I saw a bird in the sky finding some food high above.
It was so high, bright in the sky.
Then the bird flew away to somewhere else
in the bright blue sky.
Then it went to the beach
and I saw it again and again and again
Finally the bird flew away
and she went to her cuddly bed
which was tight and brown


by Dihansa Ranasinghe aged 6

Mine is a comet
whistling through space
towards a distant planet
But the planet has a woolly hat
on its head
and my snowball missed it!

My Dad

by Ricco aged 7

My dad is funny
He makes my day sunny
He plays games with me
And takes me swimming in the sea
I love my daddy more than he knows
And I really hope that it shows

Sizzling Lava

by Luka aged 8

Hot lava
As hot as an oven
Hotter than hot

My Mummy

by Isobel McCarthy aged 9

My Mummy is so beautiful,

so lovely, so kind,

the one and only who is divine.

I love her with all my heart and kisses,

and if I could I would give her a million hugs and kisses.

I love you, Mummy.