by Freddie Mayo aged 10

Freedom means…
Getting away from all
The bad things in life
Making people laugh

I Think

by Joshua Chibge aged 9

I think about Christmas, prizes and presents
I think about Easter eggs and more
I think about everything
I even think about puppies, cats and bunnies

I think about my family
Mummy, Daddy, Jessica, me and Bethany.
I even think about
Love, peace and beauty.

I think about Britain’s Got Talent
Simon, David, Amanda and Alesha.
I think I’ve told you
Everything now.

My Lighthouse

by Freddie Stokes aged 8

My lighthouse
is on the rock
My lighthouse
Is in the middle of the sea
Where the waves are crashing
Against it
I can see my lighthouse
From miles away
When I look at my lighthouse
My thoughts are free.

Music To My Ears

by Elsie aged 12

Melodies dancing in the air
Treble clefs twirling here and there
Notes jumping on the lines
Quavers are a favourite of mine
Singing, dancing everywhere
Music to my ears.


by Charlottei aged 7

Chocolate that’s melted and brown
Chocolate that’s crunchy and round,
Chocolate that’s white and dark,
Chocolate the colour of bark
Chocolate that’s sugary and toffee
Chocolate that tastes like coffee
Chocolate that’s soft and hard
Chocolate that’s on a card
Chocolate that’s in an Easter egg
Chocolate that’s on a gingerbread man’s leg
Chocolate in the made up word parlottei
Chocolate in me, Charlottei

Am I Good Enough?

by Ellie aged 13

Concealer, foundation, blusher,
Am I good enough now?
Bs and A*s
Am I good enough now?
Rings, Designer Clothes, an expensive phone,
Am I good enough now?
Mansion, riches, diamonds,
Am I good enough now?
Blue contacts, a blonde wig,
Am I good enough now?
I changed for you.

All About Leksi

by Leksi R. aged 8

Leksi is a brilliant dancer
Has just done a handstand
He has a kind family,
Can do a cartwheel,
Can go on Poetry Zone,
Can fly like Wonder Woman,


by Rosie aged 10

Unicorns shine
They glimmer in the sun
Their horns shoot out rainbows
Then dance on the clouds and have lots of fun


by Elsie aged 12

The flowers are growing from the ground,
Bees are buzzing all around,
Bunnies coming out of their burrows,
Hopping all over the fields that belong to farmers.
Lambs being born,
Chicks are hatching too,
The Easter bunny,
Hiding eggs,
Bright colours all,
This is Spring!


by Naba Maaz aged 12

Droplets of dew sit on thin blades of grass,
morning sun rises to spread an even glow,
The cloudless sky makes room for the sun,
Sent up in silence among the secrets whispering between the trees…
Warm breezes hummed past blankets of tulips
Telling tales of daffodils
Sweet aromas of jasmine wafted through the air
Lavenders and daisies smelt like exotic perfumes
Bought for the finest
Swarms of bees gathered to collect nectar,
Butterflies showed off their extravagant coats,
As they confidently fluttered away,
To their next destination
Starlings sung harmoniously in a choir,
Alerting passers-by that summer was creeping in the air
During the afternoon, children cheered
Whilst playing their games
Sun kissed faces, hugged by beams of sunlight
Ripples of ice cream was enjoyed by all
As an affordable delicacy
Adults ambled without a care
Setting sun, streams of red purple and orange,
Created dancing ribbons in through the dimly lit sky
The landscape changes for now
Another sun, another day