The Christ Child

by Harshita Das aged 11

I roamed the world in rags
Knocking on people’s houses
Hoping they would offer me shelter
And food
A place to share their Christmas
I hoped the spirit
Would make them more generous
I entered mansions
And grand houses
Decorated beautifully
When I knocked
They simply frowned
And drove me out
They try to hide
By beautiful ornaments, trees, and rich gifts
I wandered far and wide
Looking for anyone to aid me
When finally I stumbled upon
A small and humble house
No expensive decorations
Just a plain simple tree
With a warm fire glowing
Blazing in the hearth
With warmth and friendliness
They invited me
Treated me as I were lord
I smiled
And gave them a marvellous sight,
No words convey its beauty
And unless you can picture the beauty of kindness
No poet can describe the sight
Which was denied to others
For an act kindness
Shines more than gold

Christmas Blessing

by Harshita Das aged 11

We grin and laugh
Happily, on Christmas Eve
Exchanging presents
Tokens of love
Being passed around
In the smallest manner
From the smallest rose
Even the Almighty King
Expresses his love
Not by gifts bought with gold
Not with beauty, pride and gifts
But by giving us capacity to learn
The ability to love
Showing us share and care
So let us embrace what we have
And respect what others are
For we are alike, no matter how different
Black or white
Short or tall
All share a common ground
For we all are the beloved creations
Of the Almighty
And let us embrace
The Christmas blessing

Christmas Spirit

by Millie Ward aged 8

The floor was white and freezing cold
The blizzard had come and started bold
It moved in from “The North”
and decided to go forth!

St Nick was free in November
His part came in December
He was the one who brought the joy
a little gift for girl and boy!

The trick to have a cosy season
Is to understand the real reason
So here I sit right now with my
hot chocolate and warm mince pie!


by Princess aged 8

Christmas is fun but not always
Some people cry or moan because they don’t get presents
All of us like Christmas
All we need for Christmas is friends and family.
We are so grateful, thank you to Jesus and God.
Some people at this minute have been dumped on the floor to starve
So now you listen to my poem, please help people get off the streets
and invite them to your Christmas dinner
We could end up homeless one day

Christmas is Here

by Lishín O Hare aged 11

Christmas is here,
We’re all full of cheer,
Jesus is born,
Christmas tops are being worn,
No matter where you go,
There is always a little bit of snow,
Get ready for rocking around the
Christmas tree,
Make sure you leave Santa
A big bottle of Fanta.
Have a very merry Christmas.

Christmas Letters

by Jamie Hull aged 10

When you receive a Christmas letter,
You fill with hope and glee,
You jump around and spin about
The lit up Christmas tree,
You open it filled with magic that is Christmassy.

Christmas for the Homeless

by Charlottei aged 7

The old man sits in a coat,
shivering cold,
overhearing stories about Christ being told.
He goes to sleep while the bongs and beeps,
the moon is flying across the creeps.
While he sleeps,
people give him gifts,
so this Christmas give a homeless person
a special gift
that the homeless person will lift and love.


by Harshita Das aged 11

Out from the window
I look up to see
A snow-covered lawn
And presents for me

A big Christmas tree
With lights dangling down
A silver star on top
And absolutely no frowns

Christmas is here
And we cry with glee
Sharing and caring
I look up to see


by Hannah aged 10

Christmas is a time to share
with loving and care
We also have presents
under the tree and when
we get the
we are as holly as can be
I love Christmas!

Legend of the Stork

by Harshita Das aged 11

There He lay
By shepherds
And animals
Who kneeled
Before him
Each longing for a glimpse
Awed by his presence
Each offering gifts
Expensive, bought with gold
To the new born King
Yet no one noticed
The bed he slept on
Had no pillow
Moved by the sight
A selfless stork
Pulled out the feathers
Of his own skin
And made the most comfortable pillow
Any baby could ask for
This act
Outlived the stork
By a few centuries
And more
And we still remember him
And the joy of giving gifts
Not from money
But from the heart