St. Nick

by Matthew J aged 9

It’s the time when the angels sing,
And the time when Santa brings
The presents to children who can’t keep their wits,
While all as quiet as snow.
Christmas is time for laughter and happiness
Christingle! Christingle!
Tinsel! Tinsel!
St. Nick has arrived!
His sleigh big and jolly,
All decorated in holly,
The pleasing presents glistening like diamonds,
Oh, if I had a ball to throw,
Wait, only 364 more days to go!

My Friend

by Mayuri aged 9

As I wake up and look out of my window
I see a land just for me,
I go outside and I can feel the cold underneath my breath,
I don’t care if I get a cold
because the cold is my friend.

What Makes a Perfect Snowman?

by Elsie aged 12

What is perfect for a snowman?
A scarf knitted by nan,
Some thick warm mittens for his hands,

What is perfect for a snowman?
Some buttons for eyes,
A stripy tie,

What is perfect for a snowman?
An orange carrot for a nose,
Maybe he just needs to strike a pose?

What is perfect for a snowman?
A cane,
An umbrella for rain,
Or maybe…
Just maybe,
All we need is a…
A scarf,
Some sticks,
And twigs,
Some rocks,
A carrot,
And buttons – that is it!
This is a perfect snowman!

Perfect for a Snowman

by Elsie aged 12

The snow lay still,
A crunch as you step,
Perfect for snowmen or even snow pets,
You’d collect twigs,
buttons for eyes,
And not forgetting the carrot – you know why!
You’d roll up the snow for hours on end,
And then to perfect your snowman,
An old hat from dad,
Then you add a scarf,
Some gloves and…
Of course you have got to add your own touch!

The Magic of the Reindeer

by Elsie aged 12

Flying through the night sky,
Creating silhouettes on the moon,
Jingle bells ring as their feet move,
Carefully but speedily they travel around,
Making the least of sound – you could hear a pin fall to the ground,
As Rudolf’s nose lights up the way,
The reindeer guides Santa on his way!

The Night Before Christmas

by Aliyah aged 10

There was one night
The wind was cloudy tidy
It was called
The Night Before Christmas
The night when all the monsters
would come out to eat
play and hide

A Christmas Carol

by Harshita Das aged 12

Foreign sounds fuel the fire
To melt the grim, cold-hearted ice
Melodies float along dusty pavilions
Equating to unfathomable paradise

Brimming enthusiasm spills
For the young ones dance and sing
Silently, the elderly listen
And peace is what the music brings

All citizens sing of peace and joy
From nooks of the abandoned streets
To the corners of lavish mansions
For once, everyone sings to the same beat


by Harshita Das aged 12

Carols are sung, with caring words
Homes light up, wishes are heard
Rains of presents come showering down
In spite the cold, only the naughty frown
Showering light brightens the dark
Tonight, we choose to make a permanent mark
Maiming the maimed with gifts and words
As today is the day that wishes are heard
Show heaven to those who have never experienced gifts

The Best Gift

by Harshita Das aged 12

On a snow-laid night, along a snow-filled lawn
Inside a shed, a child was born
The heavenly light lit up the gloomy shadow
Two happy hearts were bright and aglow
A god was born, with gifts adorned
And merry faces illuminated the lonely little barn
And yet, despite all the riches and gold
For Mary, only one thing thawed the cold
The warmth of her child
For a child is the best gift for a mother

Gingerbread Houses

by Cate aged 10

Baked in an oven
Stuck together with icing
Sprinkles and gummies
Topped with a peppermint roof
It is scrumptious and yummy.