My Ponies

by George Stokes aged 9

I have two ponies
Beautiful and gold
Their hair glistens in the beaming sun
They wave their heads around
All day long
Jumping over and over
Like stones skimming on the cool water
On a summer’s evening
The sound of their hooves
Clicking against rocks
As I ride across the sand –
These are my favourite things
To think about.


by Aditi Jain aged 13

Sad emotions moist eyes
Coz missing a person who is my life
My fighting partner who is a gangster
My crime partner that back bencher
My bench partner that snatcher
Who stole my things much faster
From holding hands in the ground
To punching a face in the crowd
Dreaming together, looking at the clouds
And then laughing with proudly
The shoulder I used to sleep on
Is now what I am craving on
Coz unfortunately she is on her way
But for which I have to walk a thousand miles on
That eye contact and smile
Those epic jokes in my mind
Those bunking places we used to find
We were so lit and kind
My biggest support indeed
She is the purest soul whom I still believe
And a list of haters lead
Who don’t understand our insanity
People say we were slayers
And the attitude is still famous
She is still my best friend my everything
Yes you heard right, my everything
The reason for my smiling
It’s lame, but still stunning

A Less Lonely Night

by Aditi Jain aged 13

Make my one night less lonelier
I know it’s starting but
I think you need to know
Even though you will find it
Not important. These words
Insist that I say so
I know this will take time
Each and every phase
Are running to get spilled out
Because I have to rewind, pause and replay
And queue them up, so that
I do not hesitate. While talking to you
I need to tell you about days
When my pillow soaked up my tears
Every night
I need you to know about how
Each weekend I have re-lived
My childhood with my grandmother
Telling tiny naughty tales of herself
I need to say about the day
I’ve attempted to write the perfect
Suicide note and was terrified
To find it in my mom’s trembling hands
I have to tell you about those
Google search histories
That said “how to differentiate
Between depression and sadness”
Make my one night less lonelier
Listen to me I will
Surely feel better

Memory Lane

by Aditijain aged 13

I knew we were done
Yes we had enough
You were on my path
I was on mine
Waiting for our paths to cross
Hoped to meet again
I saw our paths intersecting
But turned I knew
Yo would blame me
For all of our pain
You wouldn’t look into my eyes
See the fear of making new friends
You had pushed me away
Hoping that I would run after you
I had lost all my senses
And no one was there to pick me up
Forgetting this I ran back to you
Hopping that you would hug me
Talk to me and love me the same way
Unfortunately our friendship had changed
Everything had changed
I saw you laughing with someone else
The same way we used to
Memories trembled down my spine
And rolled through the cheeks
I stood there for hours motionless
Taking a journey through memory lane

An Angel

by Aditijain aged 13

She sat there in a lonely corner
trying not to cry with every breath
hiding her lonliness with that
plastered smile
She never thought her closeness would result in back stabbing
How gossiping about her would soon turn
into those dirty minded jokes
She was was used to it
Still she tried to make the sad souls
the most cheerful ones
because she knew how everyone
was up to make people sad
and she knew true essence of happiness
She never wanted to face the crowd again
because she lacked the courage
of picking back those shattered pieces
bringing them to life
She was forced to be so
just because the true destiny
of this cruel world was shown to her too early
that demons came angels
angels came with scars
She wanted to meet an angel
to look how they carried themselves everyday
as day converted into months
and months into years
she gradually became one
who carried herself with
so much of poise
She became angel


True Treasure

by Aditijain aged 13

We had a fight that day.
Yes, we had one
Maybe it was the alert alarm
of our beautiful friendship.
Even though of all the grudges
I still sneaked out of my bed
like any other normal day
ran to Thirteen Cross Lane
which was waiting
for those midnight gossip sessions
midnight laughter and snack parties
I was there waiting for you
gazing up at the sky
and realising how empty I was without you
just like the sky without
those twinkling stars
Suddenly I saw your red vintage car
how happy was I for that very second
thinking that I knew you inside out
but all my dreams shattered when
you didn’t reply to my usual statement
dropped our memory box out from the car
in the middle of the road
and drove away.
I was trying to reach you
Certainly it seemed like a
ray of hope in that dark hell
took that box which meant more
anything which was nine years old
and consisted everything of our friendship
that day
Sleep never came, memories never gone
I remembered each moment spent with you
and cried for the entire night
years after I still still know
we aren’t the same
I want to still cuddle you like a Teddy bear
I still want to spill my emotions without thinking
but now I say
I will always miss you!

The Serpent of Blackness

by Evie Harris aged 7

Oh baby, oh baby do fear,
the serpent of blackness is near
And as long as he may reign,
he’ll do it in power and vain.

But baby, but baby don’t cry,
don’t shed tears in front of my eye.
For the curse that holds him back,
is even more powerful and black,
and wicked and scary and tall,
than him, the greatest serpent of all!!

Summer Light

by Elsie aged 12

The sun shines on me in the summer light,
The warmth of his light calms me,
I see the bees buzzing about,
Collecting pollen as they go,
I see my sisters playing
As they run by,
I see a butterfly dancing,
So graceful as she flies,
The sun shines on me in the summer light.

Spring has Sprung

by Elsie aged 12

The sun is shining down on me,
See the chicks hatch,
Hear the bleating of the lambs,
Flowers growing up,
Easter is coming,
Easter egg hunts,
Chocolate eggs are being made
For us to eat up!
Excitement is bubbling up inside,
Of each child,
Oh wait I forgot,
The bunnies are hopping a lot,

Aurora Borealis

by Natasha, Brooke, Kacper, George, Phoebe, Isaac, Gabriel, Blake, Thomas aged 9

Poetry to Music Project Performed to Aurora Borealis by Brandon Fletcher

Will she come
Will she appear
Are you here?

Here she comes
Bringing her sapphires, diamonds
And gold
Such jewelled gifts you bring to us
Such beauty to behold

Your waterfall of colour
Burnished robes of emerald green
Aurora, you are the most graceful ballerina
The world has ever seen

Your crystals, jade and emeralds
Light up Venus and Mars
Watch as she tip toes across the sky
Our Queen of the Ink and Stars

Your kaleidoscope of colour
Waves as you turn and twist
Dusting the sky with your paintbrush
Our artist of magical mist

Are you tiring now
Is it time for your sleep?
Please stay a little while more
Shall we play hide and seek?

See her emerald lose its colour
See her jade fade from glow
Oh, Aurora
Do you have to leave us
Do you have to go?

There she goes
Fading back into the ebony sky –
Until tomorrow, Aurora
Goodnight, Aurora