by Sahaj Sabharwal aged 16

Bell rings in the whole town,
The bell was rung by Jinglebell.

In that silent night,
When there was peace in the town,
Birth of Jesus Christ took place.

Everywhere sounds happiness,
Santa Caus coming along, yay!,
Bringing gifts for us.

Wearing a beautiful red costume,
Children enjoy the Santa Song.

Gifts are distributed among small children,
Decorated homes with Christmas Tree,
Have a happy and wealthy Christmas Day.


by Pourandokht Jafari Dizaji aged 10

Merry Christmas to you all,
It’s been a long year
I wish happiness to all your loved ones,
And to all those dear

It is now chilly December
Choirs sing in the cold
They sing of baby Jesus
Myrrh, frankincense and gold

Although we’re all merry,
Sending the occasional card,
There are other people working,
Working desperately hard

Like nurses and doctors,
They rush about the ward,
At Christmas they’re on their feet
They never get bored

So Merry Christmas to everybody
To those who don’t rest a dime
I hope your wishes are granted
At this special time!

Santa’s Evil Twin

by Pourandokht Jafari Dizaji aged 10

Yup, I’ve blown your mind
there you go,
Santa’s evil twin is REAL!
It’s a shock, I know

Come on kids,
hide under your sheets,
Sprouts and mouldy potatoes,
At Christmas, that’s what he EATS!

He steals your gifts.
He takes them for his own!
And, he thinks kids are hopeless,
so he leaves them a bone.

He isn’t cute or cuddly,
like Saint Nick should be.
He wears a cloak of deathly black,
to scare you or me.

So beware, my little friends
Keep your teddies intact
For Santa’s evil twin will come
who knows when he’ll attack???

My Christmas Story

by Jamie Hall aged 9

I was in bed that night
I thought I had frostbite
All that I could think of was Secret Santa and his reindeer.
I tried to stay awake
But I was starting to quake

Finally I fell asleep
When I woke up I started to creep
To that magical sock.
The things that I dread
Is that my Dad is still in bed
Because if I wake him up he will go RED

When Dad wakes up he always wants a dreamy tea.
And then we have to have breakfast
And I want to open PRESENTS!
But after all this it was worth it
I love the family vibe
When I am walking downstairs
I get a massive waft of a roast
Which could only mean one thing…
Fat, plump turkey
Fat, plump turkey
Juicy, stunning, wondrous, scrumptious
Fat, plump turkey
Fat, plump turkey
Crispy, drippy
Smothered, covered
In hot gravy
Poor old turkey
Poor old turkey
Brussel sprouts
I have doubts
Golden like a pineapple
Fat, plump turkey.

I have now collapsed on my sofa
Like a beached whale
And I turn on the TV
And my favourite Christmas movie is on
I think the most important thing about Christmas
is spending time with family
Just joking!
It is all about the fat, plump turkey!!!

What is That?

by Lyla aged 8

What is that,
With coal as eyes?
What is that,
With a carrot as a nose?
What is that,
With coal as a mouth?
What is that,
With a hat?
What is that,
With coal as buttons?
What is that,
With stick arms?
What is that

Cold Times

by Alfie aged 8

I can be made in the snow during winter
I wear a scarf
My arms are sticks
I wear a top hat
I have a carrot for my nose
I use coal for my mouth and eyes

Year-Round Joy

by Kerry-Lee Huskisson aged 12

Christmas is full of shiny things,
That sparkle, gleam and glow,
These holiday pleasures dazzle us,
And yet deep-down we know…

That Christmas has its special gifts,
But our year-round joy depends,
On the cherished people in our lives,
Our family and friends…

What Am I?

by Ayse aged 8

I have a head set
you use me with a computer
I show your reality

Christmas is When…

by Charlie Ansell aged 9

Elves bake;
Children make;
Stars light;
Baubles bright;
Turkeys scream
Lights beam.

Santa Haiku

by Charlie Ansell aged 9

He’s very jolly
He brings presents to people
North Pole is his home