by Rosie aged 10

Popcorn is sweet
Oh so nice
Pop pop pop
Cinema snack
Om nom nom
Really crunchy
Nibbly treat


by Elsie aged 12

Blue is the sky
Up above your head,
Blue is the sea
With creatures within,
Violets are blue,
Their petals surround.
How about a rainbow,
With blue blended in?
This is blue!

Fear is…

by Indigo Moss aged 8

Fear is a shadow dancing on the wall
It is like an everlasting horror movie planting nightmares in your mind
It is dismay, like a black stone gnawing at your heart
It makes you want to cling to your teddy and pull the covers over your head.

Fear is the monster hiding under your bed
It is like the knot in your stomach
It is uneasiness of knowing something bad will happen and you can’t face it alone
It makes you want to scream for your dad.

Fear is the creak of the staircase
It is like the howling of the wind
It is panic, like the trees tapping on your windows
It makes you want to disappear.

What Is Red?

by Sophie aged 9

Red is a sunset
Blazing and bright
Sometimes red is a red, red rose
Why, oh why
Did you make me cry?

What is Blue?

by Macie-bo Carey aged 7

Blue is sadness
You get inside,
When you cry
And want to hide.
Blue is a whale
Living in the ocean,
Sometimes blue
Is a blue, blue potion.
Wet flower, wet shark
Wet liquid- blue

When I Saw an Owl

by Elsie aged 12

The owl flew over my head
With its dazzling wings that are by far the best
Its eyes were yellow with a golden glow
It had sharp claws at the end of each toe
The sound that it made was a screech
Then it landed in front of me
It looked at me then tilted its head
It started to get darker so off he fled
The owl


by Rosie aged 10

Teddies are soft
Enjoy playing with them
Dream with them
Don’t hurt them
Your friends

Night Time

by Rosie aged 10

I lay in bed thinking
“What could I do tomorrow?”
I could go swimming and do a lap in ten seconds
I could fly to Venus and see an alien
I could go to the South Pole to see a penguin
I could go to the woods and meet a rabbit
Or….. i could just write poems on Poetry Zone!!!
What should i do???

Cat v Dog

by Rosie aged 10

There once was a cat,
who sat on a mat,
then a dog came along
with a very smelly pong!
The cat ran away
and the dog slept all day
on the mat that the cat was sat!

Alma Alma

by Alma aged 8

Alma Alma getting up
Alma Alma showering
Alma Alma eating
Alma Alma is crying
Alma Alma is sleeping
Alma Alma want her mum
Her mum is here