Where’s My Fox ?

by Nana Safo aged 7

Where’s my fox
is he in the box?
Where’s my fox
is he in the snow?
Hang on, is he in
the water flow?

I Am Puzzling

by Khalid Dokrat aged 9

I am long, I am short,
I am small, I am big,
I am mysterious, I am clear,
I am ancient, I am modern,
I am loved, I am hated,
I am puzzling. What am I?



I am life.


by Imaan Ahmed aged 6

Be ready to put the baubles on the Christmas tree.
Angels are flying around the Christmas tree.
Use some tinsel for the Christmas tree.
Be good around the Christmas tree.
Look at the sparkly glittery decorations on the Christmas tree.
Eat your candy and put the baubles on the Christmas tree.
See the finished Christmas tree.

Santa’s Reindeer

by Elsie aged 12

Rudolf’s nose – as red as a cherry,
His antlers long – sturdy as any,
He flies through the air – as graceful as ballet,
Making sure Santa is on his way.

Dasher is fast – as fast as a tornado,
He dashes around – panicked as if there were no reindeer!
Trying to help everyone around,
He always makes a lot of sound.

Dancer and Prancer don’t stop moving – as wiggly as worms outta the ground,
They dance around – as happily as they can,
Their hooves banging on the ground – making a loud sound
They always make Santa laugh!

Vixen is sneaky – as sneaky as a fox,
Stealing from others – as he doesn’t knock,
He eats all the carrots – as greedy as can be,
Santa always keeps an eye on him on Christmas eve.

Comet races through the sky – as fast as a rocket flying high,
He is strong – strong as a boulder,
He wears a coat- as shiny as no other,
All the reindeer admire him,

Cupid is the Angel – good as gold,
Santa’s most best behaved reindeer – he does what he’s told,
He helps every reindeer – who is in need,
Making everyone happy,

Donna and Blitzen stand out – as much as they can,
Thunder and lightning crashing around,
They march around – making them as heard as a siren,
You can hear when their thunder and lightning sound.


by Mia aged 7

The season’s come up again
Everything is new
Now we’ve got winter
The other seasons have blew.
The next door neighbour
Loud and clear
We all can’t wait
For the reindeer


by Kiera Garrett aged 12

Watch him chuckle
Watch him fly
Watch him fall from the sky
Watch him shout
His reindeer one by one
But Rudolph is so bright


by Kiera Garrett aged 12

It’s Christmas time, the snow is falling
chestnuts are roasting and bells are ringing
Hear that tap tapping
that clip clop?
Run upstairs and hide
‘cuz Santa is here

Christmas Story

by Edward aged 8

There is an angel in the sky flying high
Shepherds followed a star, they found a manger
and saw the baby Jesus

There were wise men, they followed the star
Baby Jesus lay in the hay
Wise men gave their gifts,
gold, frankincense and myrrh

One Cold Winter’s Eve

by Jorja Shelford aged 11

One cold winter’s eve,
the snowflakes fell gracefully from the sky,
the streets were full of silence,
and the stars were high in the sky.
But out of nowhere,
there arose such a noise!
I leapt from my bed to see what cause,
an old red driver so fast and so quick,
I knew there and then it must be Saint Nick!
I ran from my room and tripped down the stairs,
just to see right in front of my eyes,
Santa Clause standing by our table and chairs!
He was eating mince pies,
and drinking some milk,
when he had finished,
he placed the presents under our bright Christmas tree,
and presents in our stocking,
then shot up the fireplace and out of the chimney.
I stood there amazed then went back to bed,
although what I just saw was amazing,
no one will believe whatever I say

The Elegance of Snowflake

by Elsie aged 12

Snowflakes falling from the sky,
Watch them fall,
Watch them glide,
Snowflakes falling from above,
Watch them swoop,
Like a dove.
Snowflakes falling from afar,
Watch them glisten,
As a star,
Snowflakes fall up in the air,
Watch them falling – everywhere.