The Midnight Moon

by Sophia Islam Choudhury aged 11

Runner Up. Well done!

A navy blue plasters the skies,
Dotted with diamond-like stars,
Adorning the wondrous beauty before my eyes,
Floats a luminous moon, above the cars.

Moon, oh moon!
Why art thou so bright?
Why replace the blazing sun,
While it sleeps through the night?

Shine for the people!
Shine for the sea!
You’re an inexpensive night light,
So shine for me!

Moon Gift

by Penelope aged 10

Runner-Up. Well done.

An astronaut I want to be,
And this was my case,
To travel to the moon and back,
All of that in space,

But our moon isn’t the only moon out there,
There are Jupiter’s moons and others to see,
All sixty seven known moons,
But something in my head bothers me.

Why didn’t our moon crash into the Earth?
Why didn’t our moon float away?
Why is our moon a moon?
Why do I see our moon every month, from June to May?

There’s an answer to those questions,
To scientists and you,
Find the answers please,
I’ll be like the moon giving something to you!

The Big, Silver Ball

by Harshita Das aged 13

When I look up the sky
Only when it’s night
I see a glowing, silver ball
Which seems to give us light
But every day, it’s never the same
Sometimes full, sometimes half
Not even there sometimes
As if leaving the stars on his behalf
It follows me, wherever I go
Yet I feel, it means no harm
It feels so close and yet so far
It’s just like a magical charm
I love the ball, with its silver streaks
Shining in the night sky
Some might call it the moon
And it seems to be saying “goodbye”

Hide and Seek

by Harshita Das aged 13

Amidst the dark and dotted sky,
There is a ball, with greyish scars
And as the nights go passing by,
It disappears into the dark

Then, more nights passed, and it comes out
As if it were a game of hide and seek
And with glee, it shouts
“I won! I’m on a streak!

Landing On The Moon

by Layla Padgham aged 8

When Buzz and Neil landed on the moon,
There weren’t wheels or any space-eels,
Just craters and the probes they brought,
They stared out at the grey landscape,
And thought,
Where are the aliens?

The Moon

by Harshita Das aged 13

I search the skies for a silver ball
I scan the darkness for a light
And light I see, but in twinkling stars
Not in the sphere that shines at night
Seems the moon has gone for a sky trip
Days wear on and I look at a sinking Sun
And as a dark, white dotted blanket engulfs the sky
I spot a light – a crescent shimmering in the dark
Besides the clouds; hovering high
And as the moon enlarges
Night in and night out I observe
Until it becomes a perfect half
Of the moon, into which it will grow
On another night, it glares at me
With its craters that are its eyes
It seems very oval
And looks rather like a face on that night
Another night it smiles at me
It seems very chubby
It looks like a perfect round
And I wonder when it’ll go for its sky trip again

The Night

by Harshita Das aged 13

Black, plain black
As the sun goes down the sky
As inky as a pitch black dungeon
A streak of light goes by
Then twinkling in the pitch black night
A tiny dot tweaks awake
Then as I stare into the realm above
There are thousands of little flakes
As I connect to make constellations
Connecting the shiny dots of stars
A chilly, cold breeze blows by me
And there I spot Mars
A silver moon glistening
With silver streaks, shiny and bright
Shining the path, letting us see
In the pitch black night
I could stay in the rooftops all night
Staring at the starry sky
But as my mom, calls me for bed
I must say goodbye

The Moon is Special

by May Li aged 10

The moon is special today,
And it is full of glee.
It shone over the deep blue sea,
The moon is so special, you see.

The moon is special today,
And it has came to me,
That I love the moon and the moon smiles at me,
The moon is all I need.

To the Moon

by Chiamaka Uchegbu aged 10

Round the Earth,
Oh so soon,
There went Armstrong,
To the Moon.

With Buzz Aldrin,
There he flew,
In a rocket,
To the Moon.

Once they landed,
On Earth’s Moon,
They placed the flag
On the Moon.

Sharing memories
Of the Moon
Now so happy,
Off the Moon.

Werewolves and the Moon

by Rayhaan Hossain aged 9

Moon comes at night
Oh, a giant fight is what werewolves do
One howling scream from a werewolf’s lung
Now ringing through the starry night

Everyone hears the beasts fight
Once they flung
A werewolf into the bin
So we could study the moon
And Neil Armstrong could see the werewolves
And their fall