by Roukaya E. aged 11

Books are fabulous
They take you to amazing worlds
Books are best friends
Near friends
They are cool friends
Some friends you never ever saw before
They are always there
For their friends
They are never rude, mean
Or even cruel
They are the best
At least I think so


by Roukaya E. aged 11

Do you know spring?
And what does it bring.
When I take a shower,
I feel like a flower.
Come and see me,
I am above the tree.
Spring will make you happy!
And will never make you sappy.

The Midnight Spy

by Iffet S. aged 12

The stars gleamed in the midnight sky
As the spy
Went to go investigate
The case of the missing skate.

Jumping from rooftop to rooftop,
Soon coming to a drop,
She saw a cop.

Running very fast,
As she jumped onto the mast
Of the glimmering ship,
She started to slip.

As she fell into the ocean
She saw a potion.
She had a drink
And a think

Looking around her,
There in a blur,
Was the missing skate.
But wait!

The for the case was not closed,
In the skate enclosed,
Was a note,
She put it in her coat.

The midnight spy,
Was about to cry,
For that she must not lie,
Cause they thought that she was a guy.


by Jessica Burnley aged 7

cat cat
bouncing cat
cat cat
silly cat
I love cats


by Victoria aged 10

Recently, I’ve seen Santa, the man with white, bushy facial hair,
in festive carols and pantomines everywhere.
I’m delighted Christmas day is close,
I’ve already recieved heaps of Noel post.

The Xmas tree and fairy lights are lit, it’s the night of Christmas Eve,
everyone is in their warm beds and fast asleep.
Santa and Rudolph’s gifts made the children’s face full of glee,
when they opened their presents by the heavily decorated Yule {Christmas} tree.

Have a cheerful, merry Christmas and a wonderful new year,
and make sure you enjoy the jolly Christmas atmosphere.


by Elsie aged 12

Poems can rhyme
poems can relate
poems are fun
don’t make a mIsTaKe!
Poems have rhythm
poems can describe
an object that you decide
You might come up with one on the spot
You might be all day deciding
whether or not it’s a poem
So go ahead and write one
They are great

True Love

by Tamerlan aged 8

I woke up today
I didn’t know that I would fly away
I asked my mum, ”What is happening now?”
My mum said, ”It’s your birthday now”
I didn’t tell her that I’m in love
but I see, it’s right above
and then after school
I waited at the mall
and I told her that I will fly away
She said, ”Where will you fly today?”
”I will fly to Japan this way”
she said, ”Yeah I will also fly this way”
and that’s the great love story.

I Love My Mummy

by Joshua Chibge aged 8

I love my mummy wherever we go,
She makes me happy with a single smile,
I love the mummy I have,
She takes care of me and I take care of her
Then everybody is happy and filled with love.


by Levi aged 8


The second random thing is: Baa Baa Baa Baa BAA BAAAAAAAA!

The Third random thing is: BHHBHHKOKOLPk0uj9jpi9th-y[jr90[!

The forth random thing is…

The Bonk! *End

What Should My Poem Be About?

by Levi aged 8

What should my poem be about?
I dunno!
How about DINOSAURS!
Actually, no!
How about ghosts haunting your house?
How about giants, or how about a mouse?
How about playing on a lovely snowy day?
Or going to the theatre to see a funny play!
Dancing in the living room, listening to The Clash,
Or sitting in the kitchen, eating sausages and mash!
How about Mr. Banana Skin, people stepping on him!
Or, how about somebody going to the gym?
Or, how about…. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!
That’s what this poem’s all about,
Everything and more!

The End! Now, it’s time for bed!