by Layla aged 8

Where the moon shines bright
and the horses graze
the river gently flows
If you follow the river so sweet
you will find the sea, so huge.


by Akifah Abdin aged 10

Looking through my telescope
I see pirates sailing the seven seas
Captain Blackbeard shouts out, ”Ahoy there!”

Looking through my telescope
I see a bright, beautiful meadow
flowers dazing me
the sun blazing me

Looking through my telescope
I see a sea
the water lapping on the golden yellow
That is the life for me


by Connie and Imogen aged 9 and 8

There was once a girl, she was going to the folly
but her mum said “Do you want a lolly?”
No thank you, they hurt my teeth
i`m not taking them because I`m not a thief
So she went to the folly
and met up with her friend Molly
They walked to the shop to get some pop
There they met Kye
and the time passed by
so then they went home

Christmas Time

by Emma aged 7

Christmas time is here
It’s time to cheer
Holidays full of delight
Christmas lights be bright.

My Magical Boat

by Elsie aged 12

The noisy birds fly over-head,
As I sail above the ocean’s bed,
The coral reef holds colourful fish,
I close my eyes to make a wish,
Colours are spread beneath my boat,
I watch them shimmer as I float.

Hard To Be You

by Charlie aged 10

When I walk into the room you all look down,
all the teacher does is look, and frown.
I didn’t mean to make you stare,
all I did was jog over there.
The reason for all of this mess,
could be that you’re all in distress,
I understand the change of something new,
I realise that it’s hard to be you.


by Charlie aged 10

When your eyes are bleary,
the tears start to rise,
the waves of salt soon start to cry,
the only thing you feel inside,
is your happiness start to die

I’ll Never Be the Same

by Kerry-Lee Huskisson aged 12

I used to be a city,
But now I’m just a town.
I used to be a cheesy smile,
But now I’m just a frown.
I used to be a blooming flower,
But now I’m just a weed.
I used to be a family pet,
But now I have no lead.
I wonder what the world would think when all I do change,
Each and everyday I feel as though I’m not the same.

I used to be a superhero,
But now I’m just a wimp.
I used to be a sporty lad,
But now I have a limp.
I used to be a lion,
But now I’m just a fly.
I used to be the whole wide world,
But now I’m just the sky.
I WONDERED what the world would think, when all I do is change,
But NOW I feel both proud and free, that I’ll never be the same.

The Black Cat!

by Elvia aged 11

I am the black cat
The one that always eats the rat
Don’t be afraid
because I’m on emergency aid
and don’t be scared
because I only look scary!


by Eva aged 7

Tiana is a YouTube
Tiana is so cool
Tiana is a fool