Shiraz Likes:

by Shiz/Shiraz aged 8

I’m cool because I like Lego,
watching TV,
and riding my bike.
What I like to do.
I like to eat ice cream,
crisps, cake, oranges
and BBC chicken
as it’s delicious.

Summer Holidays

by Apoorva Vishwanath aged 8

We were waiting for those days,
longing to enjoy summer holidays.
We used to go to the beach
and eat lots of peach.

We used to play with mud,
make many types of bird.
We used to decorate them with shells,
but many of them fell.

We enjoyed those holidays,
and spent  them in different ways.
I played with pleasure,
without any study pressure.

Shine Shine Giant Sun

by Inshirah Zaib aged 8

shine shine giant sun
who I wonder what you were
down deep under the sea
shining like a yellow bee


by Emma Gowen aged 8

Helping Caring
Kind Friendly Important
Trust Thoughtful Wonderful
Spending time together
Sometimes argue
Up stander


by Magna Rose aged 8

Caring. Helpful
Friendly. Upstander. Kind
Play. Fun. Important. Trustful
Always. Help You. Whenever
Spend. Time. Together
Sometimes. Fight


by Khloe aged 9

Caring, Sharing

Helping, Loving, Kind

Wonderful, Important, Upstander

Friendly, Trustful, Faithful.

Nice, Forgiving

Spending time together

Dancing is Fun

by Niya aged 10

Doing the things you like most
After a hard day’s work
Not that hard
Click to your partner
Inside you will dance
Never quit salsa
Give it all you’ve got

My Mum

by Farhan Saqeb aged 8

My Mum is the best ever in the world
I love her so much that I won’t let her go
She makes tasty food
and she does beautiful drawing
When she is free she plays with me
and she helps me with anything I need
Mummy mummy mummy

Christmas Eve

by Anushri aged 8

Today was Christmas eve,
all inside the house.
Nothing was moving,
not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung with care,
everyone hoped that St Nick would be there.
In the sky there was a mini sleigh.
It had a little driver,going so quick,
I knew it must be St Nick.
I went to bed and thought in my head.
I saw the moonlight,
but saw nothing in my sight.

My Mum

by Farhan aged 8

My Mum is the best
She cooks the best food
She helps me with everything
I love my mmmmmmummmy