Nonsense Poem

by Penelope aged 8

Cherry, orange, strawberry,
Oh how so merry,
Danger might give you a fright…
…but maybe not tonight.

Strawberry, orange, cherry,
As beautiful as a fairy,
Now it’s time to play…
…in May!

Cherry, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry,
I want to go on a ferry.
Should I bake…
…Milkyway cakes ?

Strawberry, cherry, raspberry, blueberry,
Where can I find a dairy?
Now it’s time to mend…
…The end!!!

I Shrink Into a Key Hole

by Anika Fisher aged 10

Shrinking, I fall into a rusted web-like key hole
But inside there is something different
Green giant leaves
Spotty ladybirds on the leaves
Colourful flowers
Frosted fields
And a lot more
My bulging eyes could not even blink
I did not know about it
I never believed.

Red Rose, Moon and Stars

by Agent Incognito aged 12

The rose is as red a blood,
As rugged as thorns,
As sharp as a needle,
Deadly as nightshade.

The moon is as cold as snow,
Hard as rock,
Yet it is like a star,
Bright as the sun,
During the nights.

Stars are like neverending lights in the sky,
Shining so bright,
Yet so far away.


by Mark aged 9

Sunday is a funday
of course next to Monday
and funday is a day
on Sunday

Give Me a Hug and Kiss

by Chelsea- May aged 8

Give me a hug and a kiss
or you might be in a lot of trouble
which will turn you
into a bubble

Fairytale of Fears

by Sam Rozenberg aged 14

When we were 11 months old, we were afraid to take our first steps.
When we were 3, we didn’t know how afraid we’d be of monsters under our bed.
When we were 5, we were afraid to go to kindergarten and leave mommy and daddy.
When we were 7, we were scared to go to the zoo and see the animals roar.
When we were 10, we were afraid to go to middle school.
Now as we grow older, our fears are enhancing…

Now we are 11, afraid of being in 6th grade. Being afraid of using lockers and making it on time to class.
We are afraid of not blending in. Learning to put on make-up and curl our hair.
We are afraid of pressure and not blending in.

Now we are 12, in 7th grade. Bullying and lots of drama creeps in
even when we don’t want it.
We are afraid of losing friendships with people.
We are scared of changing.
We are afraid of bullying.
We are scared of change.
We are afraid of the outsiders.

Now we are 13, afraid of graduating 8th grade.
We are stressing ourselves out, by studying every day.
We are stressing out, about doing well.
We stress when we see our hard work go to the trash.
We stress when we are hurting.
We stress by holding on to things.
We stress when having depression and anxiety.
Our hearts and lungs are beating faster and faster.
We are afraid of not succeeding at all.

Uh- oh, we are in high school, a 15 year old freshman.
Walking through the halls with our binders and with the friends who stayed.
Walking, heart beating fast in a long hallway, praying just not to get lost.
Knowing you are new to high school is fearful and nerve racking.
Hoping to do well…

Time goes by… Finally, we are 17 years old getting our driver’s license.
Our mom crying in the background as our dad is holding her head on his shoulders.
She flashes back through all the memories of her baby.
She couldn’t be prouder of her little child.

Next, we are graduating at 18 years old!
Our hat’s tassel on the right side.
And as we each walk up and receive our diploma, we move it to the left.
Our family in the background cheering, crying, yelling, smiling, and recording us.
We smile as we wave and walk off.
We couldn’t be prouder!

It’s now time to say goodbye. Us 18 year olds are going to college!
And hey, maybe we still have our friends.
Maybe not. Maybe we did get in the same college!
We leave in our cars to go to campus.
We kiss our parents and wave.
We drive off. 4 years of school again… Whoopie.

We are now 22, we graduated college!
We survived 4 years! Now, it’s time to actually move on to our life.
Maybe we have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever you prefer.
Maybe we will have kids soon. Maybe we will have a pet.
So many possibilities. Our moms and Dads waving goodbye
as we move into our apartment with our cars and boxes.
Our moms and dads crying as they know they will miss us.
They know we were successful. We know too. And hey, no more school!

Now as we move onto life, with our spouses and our potential kids,
we know we were successful.
We look back into all the memories of everything that has happened.
But, there is so much more stuff to fear.
But, for now we need to let it go and move on with life
and be thankful for everything we have right now.
There is so still so much to go and adventure.
This though is the end of our fairy tales, so far.

My Doll

by Mary Ann aged 9

My doll is little Linda
Who is always with me
She has her hair long
Which I weave everyday.

Full Of

by Iffet S. aged 12

Books are full of…
Brilliant, Beautiful, Breathtaking things.
Stories are filled with
Scary, Spectacular, Sensational things.
Tales are overloaded with
Troublesome,Truthful, Tiresome things.
Spiels are spoken with
Prideful, Positive and Precise purpose.


by Roukaya E. aged 11

Winter is amazing!
It brings snow and other things too.
If you like cold snow and wind
Then you will definitely love winter
Everything is always covered
Always covered with a white soft blanket
This blanket is actually snow
Winter is the best
You will love winter
Because of what it brings


by Iffet S. aged 12

Flip, flap,
The sound of the pages turning.
Whoosh, whoosh,
The sound of the wind howling.
Thump, thump,
The sound of footsteps.
The sound of the rain falling.
Rumble, rumble,
The sound of the thunder.
Clap, clap,
The sound of hands clapping.
Crinkle, crackle,
The sound of leaves being stepped on
Chitter, chatter
The sound of those speaking.
The sound of the wolves howling.
Drip, drop,
The sound of water dripping.
If there were a sound for silence,
It would be here.
But silence is nowhere,
Sound is all around.
Not a single sound of silence to be ever heard.