by Aanya Sharma aged 10

I have a little poppy
as red as red can be,
To show that I remember
those who fought to make me free

Worries, Worries, Worries

by Freya Cosgrave aged 10

Worries, worries, worries, oh what a silly thing
Worries, worries, they put you in a swing

They bother you.
It feels like they will smother you.

You have to let them go.
Easier said than done.
They make you feel like you have to tell
They really are a bit of a smell

Worries, worries,worries
They are a tricky thing
Worries, worries they put you in a spin

Worries, worries, worries
Just don’t let them in.

Sound Collecter

by Poppi, Eunice aged 8

A stranger called this morning dressed all in black and grey
put ever sound into a bag and cared it away…

You have to send your OWN poems to the Poetry Zone. This one
is by Roger McGough. You could use it though, to
collect your own sounds. Then write your own version.

There’s an Orangutan in My Shower!

by Isobel McCarthy aged 10

There’s an Orangutan in my shower, I don’t know what to do!
It’s jumping around, squealing at my shampoo.
It goes into my room ,jumps on my bed, then stops,and falls asleep instead.
In the morning, it scampers downstairs, and is livid with my chocolate spread.
When I come back from school, my room is a mess!
I am cross “What is it with you?!”
“Go away, you belong in a zoo!”
The Orangutan is sad, the Orangutan is blue.
Then it says, “Palm oil, tractors, destroy rainforests, for you”
“Is that really true?” I say in surprise.
“Home be destroyed, please me stay with you?”
I cry and say ” Of course, but we must help others who are like you!”

This poem is dedicated to Bornfree, a website were you can sponsor a Orangutan for just £3 a month. Help were help is needed.
Help save a life.

The War To End All Wars

by Isobel McCarthy aged 10

The bombs thunder down.
I’m carrying on.
My friends, so brave, as bullets bring them to their grave.
I’m carrying on.
I trudge through No Mans Land, my life is balanced on a delicate strand.
Will I live for another day?
Or shall I be slaughtered, and fade away?

(This is a poem dedicated to all the brave soldiers who fought during WW1, for their bravery, courage and who saved us all)


by Shifa Asif aged 9

Homework! Homework! I hate you!
You stink!
I wish I could wash you,
In the sink!
I wish I could roll you up like a mat!
And forget you, or any I had!

Homework should be banned!
To free my mind’s clutter!
To sharpen my focus and increase my grip!
To learn and flourish forever!

Christmas is Coming!

by Imogen aged 8

It’s cold in the house
with frost on the doors
but warm on the floors
It’s Christmas Eve
So Santa can’t leave
We need some sleep so
Don’t peep.


by Fred aged 8

Three mice ate some rice,
they had helpings twice,
the rice tasted nice,
they added spice,
then they pulled off a heist!

Christmas is Coming!

by Imogen aged 8

Christmas is coming
soon as can be
while I hang my stocking
on the Christmas tree.
There`s laughter with fun,
joy with love
and it’s so much fun (really)
so don`t forget that
Christmas is coming.

Merry Christmas

by Connie aged 9

Christmas is coming with laughter and joy
I can’t wait to get my dream toy
There is a little girl hanging her stocking up,
she needs to get some sleep in her bed
She’s so excited she`s going red.