A Closed Window

by Harshita Das aged 12

When I was very young
I noticed the window; never thought twice about it
For mist shrouded the pane; too blurry to see through
Fascinated by other wonders of the world
Never did I give it a second glance

I grew up a bit
And my curiosity was at its peak
I cleared the mist; I saw
A sight that puzzled me
It seemed to shine with independency
And a dark cloud of tension and worry was there
And so was the glimmer of hope

As I matured
I longed to open the window permanently
And the day came when I did
And I wished that I could be small again
Never giving a second glance to the
Closed window


by Harshita Das aged 12

The silhouette of a person
Dark and cast to the ground
When light is there
It reveals itself, dark and proud
When darkness consumes all
It ceases to exist
But even if you are alone
Remember, you will always have yourself
You just need to drive away the darkness
To see it

Wise Stone

by Harshita Das aged 12

Wise Stone
Perhaps I may be insignificant and small
But I have seen what you cannot imagine
I have been one with the mountain;
Once, I stood proud and tall
Now, I am humbled; merely a pebble by the stream

Where there once was a forest, lush and green
With spots of golden fields, covered in buttercups
Clear lakes of water, where animals drank
Now resides a city, devoid of wildlife
And while I admire the capabilities of humans
I scorn at their ignorance and selfishness

I observe the progress these creatures make
And I know; however far they might get
In the end, they will destroy themselves
For even with the luxuries of god
They cannot make peace with themselves

The Deadly Zoo

by Luka aged 8

It is a male lion eating a blood red bull
It is a cobra, venomous and quick
It is a crocodile in the dirty water

Lava Lamp

by Elsie aged 12

The calming look of the lava lamp
sends me off to sleep,
As the wax melts
it bobs up and down to a beat,
floating like clouds in the sky,
like soothing music.
I feel like I fly.


by Luka aged 8

It is a giant on a planet
It is a giant with blue eyes,
and blond hair.


by Luka aged 8

The moon is cheese
and the cheese
is out of space


by Shiz/Shiraz aged 8

L stands for luck!
E stands for epic!
G stands for golden fun!
O stands for organised


Eid day!

by Shiz/Shiraz aged 8

Eid day is my favorite day,
I give charities for the poor,
We go [me and my family] to eat
at our friend’s house.
We give people gift’s like toys.

This day is when our Ramadan stops,
[we don’t fast anymore].
This makes us
gleeful and blithe.
Now our day is over
I hope you enjoyed my