by Magna aged 8

caring helpful
kindness upstanding goodness
nice sharing helps you
helps you whenever
spending time

Have You Ever Thought?

by Jane aged 12

Have you ever thought what the world would be like with everything opposite?
Would it be easier, would it be harder, maybe a bit.
The sea would be vertical the grass would be purple.
Trees would be upside down, a smile would be a frown.
It would be good to be bad and bad to be good.
We would eat drinks and drink food.
The chimneys would blow under ground, your toes would hear sound.
Chandeliers would stand like stalagmites,
dogs and cats wouldn’t have fights.
Ants would be the size of elephants.
Waterfalls would go up and fountains would go down,
we would call huts big and skyscrapers small, even in town.
I don’t known about you
but I prefer the way things are now.
What do you think?


by Harshita Das aged 12

I feel ignored
I do not try to stick out
Like a raw diamond
Amongst stone
I do not try to blend in
Like beads
In a necklace
No one notices
My sorrow
Nobody cares
When I am happy
I feel like
A grain of sand
On a beach
Trapped amongst
Beautiful seashells
Easily ignored
Not worth a second glance
I feel like I am invisible


by Harshita Das aged 12

Make us who we are
Our beliefs, our learnings
Are simply memories

Sometimes, if not cherished
If not memorable
They fade away
Become broken and tattered
With only bits and pieces
They might form again
But if they don’t
They pass away
And it is like
They never happened

Fighting Love

by Harshita Das aged 12

Those weapons you wield, they will not harm me
For you will never hit the target’s center
As you do not know my weakness
I reside in your mind, gnawing on your emotions
Sucking hope and yet, giving you irrational joys and fears
You wish to fight me from a distance
But the only way to defeat me is to come closer
To give in and face me
And either I will destroy you entirely
Or you will win
And only then will I become your ally
And only then will you find your special someone


by Suvangana aged 11

Not an easy thing to do
requires much courage
it’s name is sacrifice
and requires much tolerance
not everyone can do it
a daring emotion it is
it’s name is sacrifice
you won’t dare to do this
leaves everything we’ve got
all that’s left is us
it’s name is sacrifice
it sometimes creates in our mind a mess
but some people do have that courage
to leave everything behind
it’s name is sacrifice
and changes mankind…

The Lonely Flower

by Suvangana Aulyaman aged 11

Once I met lonely flower
which seemed to be crying
not having any of his friends
safe and smiling
he stood there alone
as if sharing his feelings with the grass
and having a fine meeting
with the flapping butterflies around the flowers
He sometimes seemed to become aggressive
but lost all his bad temper
while talking with a tree’s leaf
I don’t know why but I felt something
for that poor life
not having any of his friends
safe and smiling…

A Best Mate

by Samuel Squire aged 10

A Best Mate can care
And is truly fair
The simplest thing they can do, is to be nice to you.
To show appreciation, do the same thing back.
If you disagree, you must get back on track.
If you hurt their feelings never do that again
and always be nice and always be their friend.

Bears on Wheels

by Anaya Adeel aged 7

Bears on wheels
On morning deals
Buying hats for summer seals
Throwing fresh banana peels.


by Harshita Das aged 12

A crown doesn’t make you a king
A tiara doesn’t make you a princess
A pen doesn’t make you a writer
A sketchbook doesn’t make you an artist
A sword doesn’t make you a soldier
The only thing that makes you all these things
Is you