A Tribute to Hawking

by Pragun aged 12

Have any of you
Seen this movie
Called the Theory
Of Everything?
It’s about this person.
This person, who gets
A rare neuron disease.
Doctors told him he would
Die from the disease.
But did he? He didn’t.
He went on to make discoveries
And the best part was
With this disease!
Can you believe that?
About the universe we are in
A few years ago
A website crashed
Thanks to him.
He’s not a hacker though.
People just wanted to read
This paper that was made
Public on this website.
But, the sad thing’s that
He passed away recently.
Yes, that’s true.
His name was Stephen Hawking
He flew to heaven a few days ago.
And this poem is just
A small tribute
To this great man.


by Sophie Ennor aged 9

This is Teddy
Teddy says, Hi…

Morgan’s Hands

by Pragun aged 12

Morgan’s hands might be
As rough as sackcloth.
After all, he’s a blacksmith
But when he bathes
His children, his hands
Turn themselves into flowers
And become as soft as
A pillow made by
A luxury bedding company.


by Cherry aged 11


Ice Cream

by Elsa aged 7

Ice cream is yummy
Ice cream is great
Sometimes I get it on my nose

Zero to One

by Roostie aged 11-12

I have zero friends,
I have zero pets,
I have zero everything,
But I have one friend

Dawn to Dusk

by Harshita Das aged 11

Dawn to Dusk
The scarlet Sun
Shining over the hills
Showing the first of its
Golden rays
The dark, pale night
Turns into a
Crimson red sky
Glowing beams
Spread across the city
As the sky turns blue
With a tint of yellow

The Sun
It goes higher and higher
Now a bright yellow ball
And the sky is shining yellow
As the weather becomes warmer
And the air around
Gains a warmer hue

As the hours pass
The weather is perfect
For when the Sun sinks lower
Its warmth feels cozy
Along with the cool breeze
Gently tickling the skin

Again, the sky turns crimson red
As the Sun sinks lower still
It disappears beneath the clouds
Shrouding the city
In darkness
Then tiny dots of light
Start appearing in the dead of the night
Stars twinkle brightly
And we know
We have lived
From dawn to dusk

Zero to Four

by Madison Holmes aged 9

0. Around and round and round we go,
When we get home we make a zero.

1. Start at the top and down we run,
That’s the way we make a one.

2. Around and back on a railroad track
Two, two, two.

3. Around the tree and around the tree,
That’s the way we make a three.

4. Down and over, down some more,
That’s the way we make a four.

What is Blue?

by Malu Neilibrambil ajeeth aged 8

Blue is a blue bird flying in the sky.
Blue is a bluebell growing on the grass.
Blue is a sadness you get inside and want to cry.
Blue is a blueberry growing on a bush.
Blue is the ocean
Blue is the sky
Blue is sometimes the sea
All right, there are so many things that are blue.
It’s a huge colour
Can you imagine living without it?