How To Get To School

by Kelsie aged 11

I get to school by a car
But some people walk
Or you can go on a school bus,
Taxi or ride a bike
or scoot

Pooh Bear Love

by Carly aged 9

Pooh Bear, Oh Pooh Bear, You Are Filled With Love.
Every Evening, Pooh Bear, Oh Pooh Bear,
Every Morning, Because You Are An Animal With Hope.
You Warm My Heart With Love, You Warm My Heart With Love,
Because You Are An Animal With Hope. Every Morning,
Pooh Bear, Oh Pooh Bear, Every Evening,
You Are Filled With Love. Pooh Bear, Oh Pooh Bear.

Ellie, My Stuffed Elephant

by Zachary aged 10

Many people have
Stuffed teddy bears,
But I have
A stuffed elephant.
His name

His tail,
A little shredded,
From all the times
I rubbed it against my hand.

His neck,
With no stuffing,
From all the times
I squeezed him tight in a hug.

His blue fur,
All matted down,
From all the times
I used him to brush away my tears.

His amber eyes,
A little scratched,
When they stare at me,
I wonder
Just how many memories
A stuffed elephant
can hold.


by Harshita Das aged 11

A dark dense part of Mother Earth
With dark green trees and green shades

At night it’s frightening and inky
And insects crawl around
Animals roam the forest
A dangerous time to be
Wolves and their piercing howls
Lions and their roar
The shriek of agony from their victims
Hoots from the owl
Creepy shades and trees bent low
Trying to tell a secret
Looking into the sinister forest
You know it is time to leave

At day it is almost merry
The trees high up in the sky again
Sunlight trying to get past branches
And brown, fallen leaves
Honey on the bark of trees
The squirrels are playing and dancing
The rabbits out of their burrows
The grass again
In its merry shade of green
Swaying happily
With the wind
The snoring noises of the owl
And the change is surprising
To see

Harry Potter

by Abigail aged 7

Harry Potter, Harry Potter
See him make his spells on you.
Harry Potter, Harry Potter
See him make his spells on you.

What it Means to be a Mother

by Gaurika Mehrotra aged 12

Oh Ma! You wake up every morning
at the crack of dawn
to prepare a sumptuous meal for us,
to get us dressed
and send us to school.

Oh Ma! How hard you work.
She meets us everyday after school,
caressing and hugging us,
enquiring about our day,
patiently listening to us,
walking us back home,
in the scorching heat,
just to be with us.

Oh Ma! Your task is onerous.
She serves us steaming delicacies
every night for dinner,
waiting for us to finish
before sitting down to the meal herself.

Oh Ma! Your diligence is ethereal.
She tucks us every night in our beds,
smothering us with kisses and kind words,
leaving us to dream sweet dreams,
ensuring all the nasty thoughts
are folded away in tiny corners
never to be explored!

Oh Ma! Is she an angel?
ascended from heaven?
Her sweet love
is like a harp playing,
her kind words
are like halos floating above her,
her presence is like
gust of wind,
but most of all
she lives for us children.

Oh Ma! Why did I ever vex you?
Someone so caring…
so beautiful…
and yet your mind never thinks us bad,
yet you love us
with all your heart.

Your love, Ma,
I’ll never understand.
Your unconditional love…

When the Guns Fell Silent

by Ruby aged 10

The sun rose as the poppies grew, the day the guns fell silent
The last shot fired, the day the guns fell silent
All the tears and sorrow ended, the day the guns fell silent
The 2nd of September 1945; Winston Churchill’s finest hour
They served their country well until the day the guns fell silent


by Harshita Das aged 11

I stare into a lake
Blue and crystal clear
It shines like a diamond
As I lean down further
My reflection grows larger
And I gently touch the lake
And a new image takes place
Ruining the perfection
Of the perfect reflection
It rests on the surface
Gradually expanding
Fading away
As it disappears
It reminds me
Of a life
We start off small
Growing big
Until we fade away
From history
But choose to make a difference
If the difference enhances the image
The tiniest ripple will not waste away
For each represents a stage
In life
It will live on forever
In history
But choose to ruin the reflection
Either be forgotten
Or cease to exist

Never Gonna

by Rik aged 11

Never gonna give you up…

Journey Through a Book

by Harshita Das aged 11

Every time I open a book
I go into a different land
My thoughts are blurred
My memory burned away
Like the pages I flip through
And I fall into a trance
Dazed, unable to put it down
I feel like a character
I feel their pain, their sorrow
I feel their righteousness
I sense their joyous laughter
They go past my emotions
Filling me with a strange desire
To laugh along
Warming my heart
And when my journey is over
I sigh and sit
For hours and hours
Wishing I was still there
In the different land
As a different person