Save Fuel

by Apoorva Vishwanath aged 8

Fuel in cars and scooters,
used when taking all turns,
but we are wasting the fuel,
by not doing car pool.

What can we get by just riding,
without enjoying the beauty of nature,
by us fuel is so much spent,
that can’t be taken in rent.

William Robert and Karl Benz were great people,
who invented fuel and cars to make travelling easy,
but we are not using it in limit,
by not following wise practice.

Let us save fuel for our future
As it can’t be taken in rent

Diary of a Writer

by Harshita Das aged 12

My diary is my writing
I write in it, everyday
All of what I am and feel
Are illustrated in some way
My poems, my stories
They are a medium for thoughts
And although it might not look at first glance
If you look close enough,
You will see me in my writing

The Screen

by Harshita Das aged 12

Internet’s a drug for me
This bliss is a lie
But I can’t seem to stop
No matter how much I try

I tried going far away
But my mind is always here
When I’m away from it
The happiness is replaced by an unnatural fear

The screen always has something
To make me laugh and smile
I am caught in an infinite loop
I have been imprisoned for a while

Dino Race

by Louie aged 7

Once they was a Dino called Dan
who was a dromeeasauraus
he wanted to have a race
when he would be older
but it was in the middle of winter
so he had to wait one year!


by Umaymah aged 9

Peacefully, the gentle breeze brushed past my face,
Gracefully, the whistling wind was like a ballerina dancing on my shoulder,
Rapidly the gust meandered through my hair,
Ferociously, the terrible twister shrieked with anger,
Harshly , the twisty tornado moaned at the innocent people,
Viciously, the harsh hurricane destroyed the delicate houses.


by Cassidy Akinsola aged 11

Memories are fun,
Every memory is different, remember them,
Memories can be forgotten,
Or even be sad.
Remember your friends, remember them all,
In each memory there will be someone to remember,
Everyone has their own memories, so remember them while you can,
So don’t forget to be with your friends.

Mum and Dad’s Wedding

by Ellie Craig aged 9

When mum and dad got married it was amazing
I was only two but granddad gave me

Chocolate buttons

I got them down my dress
Mum was angry but I was only two

I’m 9 now so, yeah
Their wedding was amazing

I Like

by Ellie Craig aged 9

I like chocolate ,

I like summer

I like family and


But what I really love is


If I Could Go Back in Time

by Sofia Rose Chapman aged 8

If I could go back in time to the dinosaurs
I would ride one
If I could go back in time to the first Olympic Games
I would swing on the bar
This and so much more I would do
if I could go back in time

Mom, Please

by Sofia Rose Chapman aged 8

Mom, please can I have some chocolate?
Mom, please can I have some cake?
Mom please can I have some sweets?
Mom please can I have…