Night and Day

by Elsie aged 12

Night is when you sleep,
Day is when you’re awake,
The sun goes down and night comes,
The moon goes down back to where it was,
Night and day never meet,
Night and day,
You are awake then asleep.


by Elsie aged 12

You open the page,
‘chapter one’
It says.
You start to read,
You imagine a picture
In your head.
The book is about mythical creatures,
Trolls, giants or maybe a minatour!
As you dig deeper,
You soon find,
That an hour has passed,
In no time!


by Elsie aged 12

Just from a seed,
Growing up,
Leaves attached
To every branch,
The wind is whistling,
Dancing with each breath of the wind,
Covered in bark,
Creatures living in
Each nook and cranny
Of the trees.

Light Bulb

by Elsie aged 12

Glowing, shining,
Like it is smiling,
Screw it in,
Flick the switch,
On it comes,
So quick!


by Harshita Das aged 12

The world feels grey
When all is lost
Still, hope is determined.
It takes a paintbrush
And allows you to
See the world
In a different light.
It colors the trees
The orchards and gardens
It colors the sky
The birds and clouds
It colors the forests
The animals and insects
It allows you to start again
On a blank canvas

Sikim Sikim

by Ali Ahmad aged 7

Sikim, Sikim where are you?
Are you in the kitchen
or in the bathroom?
Are you sad or happy?
Ah…he is sleeping.

The Hill

by Pragun aged 12

The hill had a brown head.
Green grass gave him
Green hair. The hill
Was a beautiful place.
He had butterflies and

Flowers that smelt as
Good as perfume
Manufactured in Italy.
Soon, it was thought
To be an ideal place for houses.
First, one house came, then

Another and then yet
Another. Today, the
Hill is covered with houses
Stacked one above the other.
Slanting roads run through.

The place is as lively as
A neighbourhood in Brazil.
The hill may have lost all
His hair, but today he provides
Shelter to as many people as the
Number of strands of hair
That he had.

The Amazon Rainforest

by Mohammed Ismaeel aged 11

In the rainforest there are amazing creatures…


You’ve already sent me this, Mohammed. Scroll back and you’ll find it.

Tick Tock I Can Hear a Clock

by Elsie aged 12

Tick tock
I can hear a clock
Numbers all around
Meaning different times
Tell the time on a clock
The lot!
Half past
Quarter past
Quarter to
We have time to make sure you
Never end up late
Never are too early
Never sleep in
Or get up early
Tick tock
I can hear a clock
Twenty to
Twenty past
Ten to
Ten past
Tick tock tick tock


by Jackie aged 8

Very red lava
Odd fire sparking up
Lines of lava crackling
Crashing rocks
Ash popping
Never go inside
Okay! Don’t touch lava