Fried Ship

by Trace K aged 11

Roses are red
blubbers are blue
hug your ted
is it going to be true?

I know it is hard
just tell me who is who
he is your best friend
I’m speaking about you

If you tell a lie
you won’t be happy
you are going to be die
don’t even try

Thanks for the truth
I know it was hard
this is like the confession both
now your going to write me a card

Two-Side Appreciation

by Harshita Das aged 12

Clouds clip the light blue sky
Dark illusions clutch the ground
Golden glitter covers the trees
Lively wind is the only sound
I walk and walk; I see
A clean winding road in daylight
And a dark and dirty path
Pitch as the night

I trudge through the mud
I slip and I fall on the leaves
Branches hide the sky from view
And I feel nature looming over me

But as I reach the end; I see
The two paths join and meet
Tired and cold, I can believe
My prize is more appreciated

My Friend, Maho

by Wang Ruoxi aged 10

My friend, Maho,
feels like life is a fashion show.
But our promise soon became a delicate flower,
so telling her a secret can feel sour.


by Wang Ruoxi aged 10

This person named Andrew,
His favorite color is blue.
His smile is the sunshine
That lights up the place just fine.


by Harshita Das aged 12

They do not see how strong I am
Nor the ruthlessness in me
They only see a damsel in distress
They don’t look at my mind
For they don’t want to see what’s inside
They don’t want to see my red
My black

My soul

The Survivor

by Harshita Das aged 12

He knew he’d die someday
Even if he won a thousand wars
Albeit kings bowed at his feet
And red washed up his shore

So he wasn’t interested in winning bets
He didn’t care for a fight
As long as losing didn’t mean dying then
He’d never show his true might

He could take his honor and eat it up
Echoes would be heard of his shattering pride
For he knew he’d always win
As long as health was on his side

He’d let his arm be cut, if he
Were the one delivering the final blow
For the stain of blood would heal
But dead for life, would be his soul

Because winning is not about not losing
It’s about surviving
If you lose, and let your arm be cut,
You might just be the one
Winning in the end


by Harshita Das aged 12

I never knew the ‘D’ of defeat
I never felt what it was like to lose
I thought I could accomplish any feat
But never once did I try to aim higher

I was overconfident and unwise
I never knew my competition, for I won without trying
I never aimed for the skies
For I always hit my mark

But then, once I missed by leaps and bounds
And I knew the limits of my abilities
I knew humiliation, and I cried and screamed and frowned
But I learnt a great lesson along the journey

I sharpened and broadened my skill and mind
I geeked and gawked at various facts
I was amazed by what I could find
Within the brain of potential within me

And I won again and again, and I was proud
And the feeling of defeat caused me to work harder
I made my voice soothing, clear and loud
To those feeling failure, to those who were an atomic bomb
But needed the power source to explode

Leaving Primary School

by Hannah Thomas aged 11

Looking back, I say my last farewell
to those I had been so close to
My teachers, my friends,
even my classmates
and all those who only expected the very best

There is always so much to be worried about.
Not having my friends
right by my side
does not help at all
It all just piles up

I know I have to find people I can trust, quickly
Someone who will care
One who will support
and only one who appreciates all that I do

All seems dark but I can see the light
at the end of the tunnel
There is work to do
places to be
so I can’t sit down crying

It is time to break free
It’s time to be me
and show myself off
to those who don’t know me

My Bestie Olivia

by Reeyah Lochun aged 9

My b
My be
My bes
My best
My besti
My bestie
My bestie o
My bestie ol
My bestie oli
My bestie oliv
My bestie olivi
My bestie Olivia

Time Freeze

by Harshita Das aged 12

Once on a clear, sunny day
Everything stopped, except for me
An eerie silence filled the air
I couldn’t hear breaths or heartbeats

There was nothing to do, nothing to see
Everything simply froze
Everyone with their joyous expressions
Everyone on the streets and roads

Then I woke, sweating and shivering
And I realized
Everyone needs people in their world