School’s Out

by Hayden Lewis aged 9

School’s out
school’s out
I’ve been waiting
for this day to come.
Yes, summer
come and I’m going
to lie in the
Oh, such fun

Miss Jorden

by Hayden Lewis aged 9

Miss Jorden
why did
you go?
We miss
you here.
We miss
you now.

Husky Storm

by Lili aged 9

The storm a fearless husky,
vicious and violent.
it hunts and chases across the landscape.
like a gigantic, speedy, snowy runner .
the air rumbles with the sound of its stompy feet.
It slashes the air, rips down the trees with razor sharp claws.
With its flat paws, it tramples over trees, it will not stop for anyone.
Sniffing, raging, running
wild, furious, clumsy

The Storm

by Reagan aged 9

The storm is a fierce husky.
A wild and vicious creature.
It dashed and jumped across the gloomy sky.
It was a fierce, angry, grey husky.
It slashed the air with its razor sharp claws.
It ran quickly across the woods.
With its howl it knocks buildings down.
Completely beautiful but won’t stop for anyone.
Vicious, fast and powerful.
Wild, vicious and mental.

The Storm

by Logan aged 9

The storm is a fearless husky.
Violent and vicious.
It dashed and hurtled across the farmer’s private land
like snow combined with a rhino.
The air rumbles with the sound of howls
It slashes in the air and rips down trees with its razor sharp paws.
With its venomous bite it bites buildings
Completely untamed it would stop everyone
Crashing, smashing and bashing
clumsy, wild and furious

The Storm

by Jason S aged 9

The storm is a charging bull,
Dangerous and destructive.
It runs quickly across the raging clouds.
The air rumbles with the sound of its feet,
It slashes the air and rips down bushes with its
razor sharp horns.
With its giant horns it tramples over buildings,
Completely untameable , it will not stop for red.
Crashing, snorting and raging,
fast and furious.

The Storm

by Alfie aged 8

The storm is a crazy alligator
One sunny day an alligator was playing
A grey alligator, running in the water
It splashed into the water
with a giant spalash!
With a giant gust of rain
Completely, the alligator ran into a wall
Gently the alligator calmed down
and let the people get away


The Snow Leopard

by Courtney R aged 9

The storm is a powerful snow leopard.
Unstoppable and vicious.
It charges and hurtles across the trees.
Like a giant, crumbled, grey/white bulhlouer.
The air rumbles with the sound of wicked laughs.
It runs as fast of one blink of an eye.
With it running sometimes gets very thirsty

The Thunderstorm

by Daisy aged 9

The storm is a furious lion, powerful and dangerous .
It runs quickly across the dark blue sky
like a gigantic, fierce, amber lion, the sound of a stamping elephant.
It slashes in the green grass and rips down plants with its sharp claws.
With its giant hooves it charges over trees
Completely untamed, it will stop for nobody.
Crashing, snorting and raging,
clumsy, wild, furious

The Farmer Poem

by Keira aged 9

It snapped of his windmill
and snow started to fall
and everything was frozen.
The farmer was so sad.
The wind was howling.
He went to bed.
He could hear the wind howling.
The strong wind
Its stamping feet
It is directed and stampeding
It clumped and raged