by Asiru Zainab aged 16

It perches on a branch of the bitter leaf tree behind my home.

Oh! What delight I find in the delectable disposition of this gentle angel.

It wakes me with a gentle coo at dawn after a weary night.

It stares innocently at me as if it can tell my thoughts.

Oh!! I cannot envisage a morn’ without its happy chirping gearing up for a new day.

Adaba! The brown and grey feathered bird erases my tears and fills my heart with ecstasy.

The voices of sirens in the desert can’t compare to it’s soulful melody which I’ll always revel in.

War Christmas

by Finn Upton aged 9

Christmas is the best
However was it made
Right now I want to know
If it was during a raid
So if you know
Two or one reasons
Merry for me
At every two seasons
So please put down your guns and think…

Merry Christmas.

Dangerous Beauty

by Harshita Das aged 12

Snow spreads a blanket over the city
A sheet of ice, spread across roofs
The crystals forming stalagmites
And white covers streets and roads

From afar, I see a dreamlike meadow
For snow filters my vision of black
Its elegance erases impurity

Yet when I go to touch it
My hand burns with the cold
It bites my face and pinches my legs
It shows the bitterness present in its beauty

The peak of the mountain is bathed in light
Green plagues the rocky terrain
Distance makes it seem pleasant
Its steep slopes are shrouded in unwavering beauty
The vines and flowers create an illusion in the mind

For if you go closer you’ll see
The thorns and poison veiling the ground
You’ll feel the red, as you touch the sharp, jagged rocks
The wild uncontrolled waterfalls, which looked like gentle streams
The bugs’ gifts, as they sting your skin
The wild viscous animals to welcome you
And the heights above which you stand

The ocean stretches beyond the horizon
Wide, and full of opportunities
The Sun glitters on the surface
It spreads out infinitely

But as I put a foot inside
I feel the merciless cold engulf my body
Waves try to push me back
Yet I ascend to touch the heart
To swim to the depths of my dreams
Salt stings and blinds my eye
As air abandons my lungs

The sunrise emits an orange glow
Greets us warmly
Streaks and stripes of yellow dominate the sky
As the Sun comes out shyly from underneath the horizon
Sending rays of hope
Shining brightly, like a goal to motivate

Yet as afternoon comes
It drops its fake façade
If you try to cross the limit
If you get too close
Or even look at the bright ball
You’ll ultimately burn


by Shola aged 9

Romans are red
Vikings are blue
We love you

Bears Like Me

by Finn Upton aged 9

I am a bear
A very blank bear
I can scratch
I can roar
But I never ever tear

Bears like me
Bears like you
We are very rare
Quite unlike you

10 Things Found in a Poet’s Pocket

by Finn aged 9

The sharpest pencil ever
A book filled with every poet’s name
A dictionary with every word
The longest book ever
A cuddly pencil toy
A Rubix cube
A never-ending notepad
A ticket to the annual book fair
A tree
Orange silver sausage

My Very Own Cart

by Penny Lane aged 13

I have a cart
It’s very old
Coloured bold
Full of mould
Super cold and it’s just got sold

The Boy Who Was Rich

by Atifa aged 9

Once upon a time there was a boy called John…


Sorry, Atifa. This is really a story I think. And a little bit violent for us.

I Will Fight for my Mother God, and my Family

by Atifa aged 9

This is a story, not a poem!
When there’s trouble for my mum
I will fight for her even when she’s attacked
I will do my job.
I will survive for my mum!
When there is a problem
I’ll attack for God
If the Devil was against him
I will fight the devil.
I will survive for God!
When there’s an argument
I will sort it out to make a proper family
because we have THE POWER OF ONE!


by Aaliyah Mizzi aged 9

Jade is one of my bffs
She is in my class
We tell very funny jokes to each other
We hang out in break and I act very funny