by Harshita Das aged 12

Somtimes, we wish to climb to the top
But we don’t have stairs to do so
We keep staring at the things on top
Wishing we had opportunities to climb
Sometimes the stairs won’t come to you
Sometimes, you will have to build a ladder on your own
And climb it slowly
you may slip once, twice, thrice
But if you don’t give up
You will reach the second floor


by Harshita Das aged 12

I am deaf to the insults thrown my way
I am deaf to the words that may ruin my day
I am deaf to taunts and provocations
I am deaf to those who discourage me
I am deaf to those who say I am wrong
Sometime, to be deaf is to be strong


by Samuel aged 10

I went into a kingdom
Not that long ago
It was filled with kittens
And lots and lots of snow.
The king, he was a tabby
The queen was gingery.
Oh, all of those kittens
You really need to see!

Be What You Wanna Be

by Elsie aged 12

You can try to be a foot ball player or a writer,
A chef or an artist,
You can try to be a train driver or a carpenter
You can try to be an engineer, a doctor or a nurse,
Be what your passionate about,
Not what you feel you are supposed to do
or to copy your friends.
Be what you wanna be,
Be what is fun,
Be what you like,
What do you wanna be?

The Piskie’s Cautionary Tale

by Elsie aged 12

Gathering around where sky meets sea,
the gods discuss Piskies.
They chant their spells,
Gods of sea, sky and land,
Trying to stop the Piskie’s plans,
Loud and clear they sing their songs,
They go a bit like this…

Make the sky blue,
The clouds see-through,
Make the sun shine,
For I am the god of the sky,
And I shall fly high.

Grow my beautiful flowers,
Grow my leaves and trees,
For I am the god of land,
You will obey me!

Rise water below my feet,
Obey me,
For I am the god of the ocean,
I am the god of the sea.

The Piskies were doing their thing,
Making mischief all around.
But this time,
One step too far they took,
They planned to litter all over land,
Not knowing their mistakes,
They not only planned to litter
But to spread gasses, cut down trees,
Not knowing the consequences of their trouble making.

A rumble struck, suddenly,
The wind grew wild,
The sea became choppy,
Everything went dark.
Plants were dying,
No fish was being caught,
No food to eat,
Mermaids and mermen, ill and hurt,
The air was polluted,
The air of which we breath.

The gods watching over,
Saw the distress.
Now we come to the spells they chant.
They sing their song,
The songs they sing to undo what is wrong.

The sun, now shining, the sky-blue,
the sea so calm, land too, the plants are growing,
The air is clean,
The Piskies you ask?
Sorted by the gods were they,
They were put into cages,
Never seen again,
Don’t be like the piskies,
Keep the environment clean,
Be like the gods,
Be supreme!

Chocolate World

by Naomi aged 9

What if the world was made out of chocolate.
imagine how fat we would be.
if a meteor struck full of chocolate.
I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Happy Land

by Naomi aged 9

Everyone wants to go to happy land…
except for me and you..
for they advertise it wrong…
let me tell you what’s true..

It’s filled to the brim with devles..
mushed up with ice and snow…
so I went out to the fun fare….
and brought us some tickets to go!


by Naomi aged 9

I have a local bully
her name is Tina Loon..
she pretends to be a human
but I think she’s a baboon.

With her red coloured trousers..
not to mention her ears…
she looks like the one from Lion King
and her whistle makes ears pears.

Anyway that message is for Tina..
the big fat hairy baboon..
I hope you’ve learnt your lesson..
I hate you Tina Loon!


Winter is Fun!

by Hiba Vhora aged 8

Winter is fun, winter is fun
It is a time to make family puns
Children are chanting Christmas carols
Please give money in the barrel


by Magna aged 8

caring helpful
kindness upstanding goodness
nice sharing helps you
helps you whenever
spending time