My Birthday

by Ava H. aged 7

Everyone loves their birthday, including me
I love it even better than swimming in the sea
I love chocolate cake
I have it every year
When I blow out my candles
Everybody gives me a birthday cheer

If I Was a Bear

by Bobby aged 8

If I was a bear
I would scare people,
I’d laze around all day long.
If I was a bear I would be very strong,
Bears are amazing!


by Isla S. aged 8

Toys are soft
Toys are cuddly
Toys are just the best!

I Wish

by Isla aged 8

I wish I was a mermaid
I wish I could listen to the wolves howling
I wish I could see Santa
It is a secret but I don’t like chips
On Monday I saw the snowflakes
Tomorrow I will never go on my tablet

Best Friends

by Isla S. aged 8

Best friends are kind
Best friends are helpful
Best friends are caring if you have a argument
Best friends are the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Can See

by Anaya aged 8

I can see a jumping kangaroo
I can see a koala sitting in a tree
I can see a dog and a rabbit
I want to be a cheetah

The Bird

by Liam B aged 8

Bird, bird,
fly up high,
flap your wings
and touch the sky.

The Orchard

by Liam B aged 8

The orchard
keeps us alive for months
thanks to all those who nurtured it
it’s a great and vital source of trust in community
thou be thanked for preventing the death of all
who helped plant it and loved it with tender care
it was great
and needed
with UK
trust thanked
with love and
care infinitely.


by Hania aged 11

The sky is blue
Water is blue
Blue is cool
Because it’s the color of the pool
I like blue
But why it’s not the color of my shoe?

I Wish, I Wish

by Jason aged 7

I wish I was a monkey who can swing from tree to tree.
I wish I could eat bananas for my tea.
I wish I was a monkey with a monkey family.
I wish I was monkey that lived in a tree.
I wish I was a monkey that could play all day long.
I wish I was a monkey that could sing a monkey song.