I Love Science

by Scarlet aged 7

science is fun
anything can be done
from slimy gunk
to bits of junk

sometimes they go bang
or you can make stuff to hang
squash a fake eye till it pops
in science the fun never stops


by Kitty aged 7

Fat ball of fluff
Loves a rub
Until the day is over
Face full of fluff
Fluffy is his name
You like him don’t you?

Animal Sounds

by Kitty aged 7

When you are on a farm be aware
Because you
Might hear a…moo, meow, woof,
Neigh, quack, baaaaaaa, broom broom
The farmer is coming!


by Leo & Freddie aged 7

Weather is different, it changes everyday
Early in the morning the sun begins to rise
After the sun has risen
The rain comes down and soaks everybody. NO, NO AND NOOO!
Hearing the roar of thunder
Everybody wants to see lightning bolts
Rain, rain, rain. “Boring”. I hear everyday sun is cool and everybody knows it!


by Dakota and Edie aged 7

They are small,
They are very colourful,
But they are shiny,
They are helpful,
They are peaceful,
They’re sweet,
But what if they are magic?
Look and you will see.

My Fat Cat

by Tyler aged 8

My cat was a fat cat
and he liked sleeping on a mat
a big mat.
He was a skinny cat and he liked playing
a day later he turned into a dog
a big fat dog
He was tired
He fell asleep
When he woke up he was a slippery seal
His hands were slippery
He fell in a hole
He was a lost seal
He fell asleep
When he woke he went in the shower
He said he’d had a long day
He fell asleep again
And turned into a human who liked footballs
He fell asleep again
Now was a sleepy cat
When he woke he was a fat cat
Then it started all over again
Again and again and again also…
it happened FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dog

by Isla aged 7

My dog has a toy,
A very loud toy,
It squeaks and squeaks and squeaks,
She rolls on a big mat
My mum yells, “Get off the mat!”
But she doesn’t listen
She never listens
But she chews on my shoes!

The Fat Cat

by Sofia and Katie aged 7

Fat cat
At the vets
Too fat? Or juat fat?

Cats like to jump. But this one can’t.
And it makes funny sounds.
To the vets we go!

The Poem of Secrets

by Taylor and Jim Bob aged 7

The secrets of the dawn of midnight is what you need to hide
Because you can hide from you’re parents so you can be a…
MILLIONAIRE, yay everyone needs money in the dawn of midnight
So you can buy everything for your XBOX, yay everyone needs an electronic for a secret
Wow you need everything I have a dog and his name is the secrets to get me MONEY yay money you
Need money you need money everything for the dawn of midnight
You need a secret to hide from the people you can see so you can play for the rest of the day yay us
Can play for the rest of the day on the secret Xbox yay we can play on the Xbox and the secret Xbox
Game yay we can play for the rest of the day woo?
What shall we do now shall we set fire to that house, no, a mansion
But where is a mansion?
Oh, in a different country.
Oh no, we’re not going there.


by James and Tommy aged 7

Bad spiteful creatures they are
Everyone who dreads them
As quick as flash they are
Slither through the dark night
Till 12 o’clock when they pounce
See you at your funeral