A Strange History Lesson

by Hanshika aged 10

History lessons are never fun,
I want to run away and call my mum,
but today was strange…
Bang Crash Boom!
What’s going on,
is this the playground at noon?
No, the teachers would tell you off.
So what’s going on?
I stood there mortified as I realised it was a WAR!!


by Hitakshi aged 10

World War 1 was terrible
Why did they make it?
Was it for trouble
or did they fake it?

Everyone deserves a life
so why did they fight?
Blood fills the air
as dead bodies fly everywhere

Peace will come and the future gets better

WW3 will come never

Ruling Romans Haiku

by Ayse aged 9

they are lots of fun
rotten omens make wars then
careful they don’t fight


by Isla Williamson aged 9

My little furry panda.
Is called Amanda.

Cute pandas love enchanted bamboo.
You and I should love it too.

The frightening tiger in the wood.
Is in the neighbourhood.

The fierce dangerous tiger.
Is very hyper.

Racoons are disgusting creatures.
With lots of ugly features.

My fat chubby racoon.
Owns a massive baboon.


by Millie aged 8

Winter is cold and snowy
most of the time
but now its filled with love and friendship
and it’s lovely and warm

Snowball Fight

by Julian Herbst aged 11

I put on my coat and went outside,

I saw that small Nick and Robert’s snowballs, would collide,
I saw that Robert’s hair was red, because he had it dyed,
I saw Anthony was indeed on Robert’s side,
I saw that Anthony’s tactic, was to wait, and then turn the tide,
I saw that Lenny said that he was neutral, which meant that he had lied,
I saw Joe, the quiet guy, trying to hide,
I saw that Nick had a pile of snowballs – two feet long and two feet wide.

I saw that the snowball fight – was in full stride.

I saw a snowball heading for Robert, which he hadn’t spied,
Robert’s face was covered in snow, that is why he cried;
But Robert wouldn’t give up, for that he had too much pride;
A snowball was about to hit me but I stepped aside,
Now, we are watching Infinity Wall, a craze which has died.
At the end of the day, we will go to the hill, get on our sledges and
down we will glide.

Valentine’s Day

by Miss Gilmore aged 25

Very exciting
Amazing day
Love is in the air
Everyone sending cards
Nice atmosphere
Tell someone you love them
Incredible feeling
Nobody is sad
Everyone is there for each other!

Valentine’s Day

by Harshita Das aged 12

I smile like a maniac
When your thought crosses my head
Then I frown, wondering why I laughed
Was it something funny you said?

My pulse races way past normal
When a certain someone is around
Why do I find myself putting ribbons and bows
And trying out dresses and gowns?

Is it love, or just a crush?
When you’re around, I am always in a rush?
And so I present you with chocolates
Which definitely don’t represent our eternal love

The Dirty Girl

by Ibukun aged 7

A dirty girl
who had a pearl
had to always twirl
She has a long curl
which makes her smirk
and she loves to dance especially twirk
She laughs like a jerk
but she isn’t a berk