by Ella aged 8

Family, family, I love my family
Sometimes they’re annoying, sometimes they are not
I will always love my family no matter what
I love my mum
I love my dad
I love my sister and brother
Family, family, love my family

My Love for You

by Sofia Iglesias aged 10

My love for you is as big as you can imagine.
My love for you is, believe it or not, as big as the world.
My love for you will never change.
A poem for my Mom and Dad

My Mom

by Prisha aged 11

Oh my dearest mom
I will always be on your side .
Do you remember the first time I saw you and grand mom?
Oh my mama, I have full trust in you more than my friends and the world
I love you, mom
You are my comfort, my saviour, my biggest shield for life
You are my true love
my best friend forever!

Boring School

by Shaniya aged 9

School is boring,
There is nothing to do,
Like work, work, work,
Instead of chat, chat, chat.

The teacher tells you off,
When you did nothing wrong.

I wish it was home time,
Did you hear the bell?

Zooming Out

by Nicolas aged 10

Under an atmosphere of a planet, you sit in a house. On a planet that spins so fast you can barely catch it spinning. You look up, and every thing is gigantic, but you just don’t think about how small you are. The houses, the skyscrapers, the apartments and the mountains, they all big. But you go to space and puff, everything is the size of a cell, you think that everything is huge but the fact is that nothing is big. If someone says that they are taller than you, don’t get sad and cry because you just have to think and imagine you are all tiny. We are happy and joyful, and we all love our home, but when you leave the world for miles and miles out of the Milky Way, all you can see is the world being a little speck of dust, but when you go further and further and further and look at the Milky Way, it’s like a soccer ball that you kick around all day, and when you go further and further and further and you’re at the end of the universe, and you fall down the biggest void and you’re now in a little book, which is located in a school library light years from your home, and you see an alien that picks up the book. After so long and you finally realize that you are zooming out zooming out zooommminngg oooooouuuuuuuttttttttt!


by Gabriella Sinisi aged 10

Roses are red violets are blue, I love puppies do you?

Puppies are sweet, kind and playful and very hyper

I love puppies they brighten me up

When I’m having a bad day they are always there to cheer me up.

Puppies mean the world to me

They are cute just like a button.

That’s what I like about puppies

What about you?


by jia aged 7 turning 8

In bed there are two eyes staring at me
In the dark there are creaky sounds coming from outside
Have you seen these odd things in your house?
Not even Halloween yet
but no one’s got dressed yet
It’s a early time to be on websites
but I am not scared
because in the night we have security guards guarding our road
and no one knows
Did you know before I said that?


by Mike Tay aged 11

is a delicious nation
you can eat it in the car
you can eat in a bar

I can eat it in a race
even if i don’t have any pace
Twinkies for life!!!

My School

by Layan aged 12

I am in the school
And it’s very cool
I am in 6th grade
I love a cake
I talk with friends
We play tennis
We eat pizza
And we buy from Visa
I see a bird in the sky
And I want to fly

I Search

by Briana Vieta aged 11

I love to search, I can’t lie
I’ll search it all, I’m not shy
Search for pictures, search for pie
I search, I search, at least I try