The Melody

by Elsie aged 12

I hear this song sung today,
It sounds not too far away,
I follow the song sung gracefully,
I follow the song sung flowingly,
I follow the song sung harmonised,
I follow the song sung today.

The Great Africa!

by Mark aged 8

Africa is
Africa is a
Africa is a huge
Africa is a huge continent
Africa is a huge continent with 55 countries

The Bumble Bear

by Mark aged 8

Once there was a bear called Norman
who loved honey.
He really, really, really loved it
and he was always sad when
it ran out.
But getting hold of more honey was a bit… tricky.


by Mark aged 8

There are seven
First it’s North and South America
Next, I went to this place and your
Friend said – Europe
After Africa, later every time
I show my Kangaroo named Stralia
They’ll say Australia,
Next Asia
After that Antarctica
It’s only ice

Untitled 3

by Mark aged 8

These poems aren’t coming through, Mark.

Possibly because you’re using emoticons.

Thunder Storm

by Harshita Das aged 12

The loud roar of thunder
Rings in my ears
A jolt of electricity
Comes hurtling down from the sky
I lay shivering under my covers
Scared of the loud noises
Another bang
Slowly, I swing my feet off the bed
And walk towards the window
The clouds are crackling angrily
Electricity sparkling off them
Stormy and dark
But the lightning makes it brighter
Flickering into existence
Only to disappear a second later
I stand, hypnotized
Mesmerized by the sight
All fear forgotten
And from that day
I know
Never to fear thunder storms


by Harshita Das aged 12

She is steel
She walks with her head held high
I watch her run
Her stamina is steel
Her confidence unwavering
Her eyes revealing nothing
They hold my gaze
I don’t look away
Although her steely expression
Along with her icy cold eyes
Are enough to pierce anybody
Enough to have them terrified
But blazing passion burns inside me
I have infinite fuel
For the fire that is set ablaze
Inside my heart
And only my fire can soften the steel
Burn through the icy mask
She looks perplexed
The first emotion she’s shown in years
I hug her
My fire warms her
It melts through the armor of steel
Which she wears around her heart

The United Fishes

by Pragun aged 12

The reflection of myself in
The water was as smooth as
The reflection in a mirror.

I get distracted by it.
As I look at the water I
See fish. They are swimming

Around. Together, they are
As big as a whale shark.
They swim in the pond and

When someone drops fish-food
In, they run towards the food
And all eat equal portions.

They become happy with
The food, and continue swimming
As one.


by Elsie aged 12

They are the colours in the fields,
They are the scent in the air,
They help put honey in your jar,
They travel so far,
They are always around to brighten you up
Whenever your day is bad,
Flowers are rad!

All About Africa

by Mark aged 8

Hi, I’m Mark
and I’ll teach all about Africa
First Africa is a continent
A continent is a place with countries
Africa has more countries than Europe
Africa has 55 countries
It is super hot there
Let’s dare to name some countries in Africa
Okay, let’s go
Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Swaziland