by Anais Ampuero aged 11

She is a top model,
she’s a pearl in the ocean.
She’s an ideas machine,
she’s the hidden truth,
a travel book.
She is my rain, my sun,
a part of my here.
She’s my first choice,
my second chance,
and more –
she is my best friend.

What is a Cloud?

by Anais Ampuero aged 11

A cloud is some paint,
that a blue bird made,
to give us all,
a bit of shade.

A cloud is a machine,
that makes water to drink,
it produces electricity,
and much more than you think.

Clouds are chameleons,
they come in all kinds,
they like to dance,
and sing in your minds.

About Our World

by Ranya aged 9

We’re killing the Earth
and that’s not fun…


by Saya Bischoff-nagata aged 10

Neptune is not what it seems…
Not a giant mass of water
Not a frozen world of ice
Not a colossal blue whale
Not a peaceful resting eye
Not a dying crystal sea
Not a word floating in the atmosphere
Not a colorful shining crystal
Neptune is Neptune.


by Jia aged 8

Hey bunny
hey giraffe
hey that person doing maths
Hey dragon
hey unicorn
I hope you find you’re very mythical
Hey everything in the world
hey caterpillar that just funnily curled
hey scientific big rabbit
looks like you have a scientific habit
Hey elephant
hey lobster
Aah look you have some poppers
Hey me
hey you
looks like you just picked up some goo
Say hey to anything you like
just make sure they are fine with it
and make sure they don’t bite!

Covid 19

by Connor C McSweeney aged 11

Hello COVID 19

Time is precious, but
sometimes faded by the night
I am but a broken dream
I thought about you every single day
darkness is my only companion

I am but your pawn on a chessboard

Covid 19

by Connor C McSweeney aged 11

C is for Crazy
O is for Overly Scary
V is for Vile
I is for Incredibly Dangerous
D is for Deadly

Spring From a Window

by Matthew Baker aged 7

Spring is a season
It is hot, it is nice
In the farm
Baby animals are born
The sky is blue
And the animals are happy
Trees are growing fast
For the birds to build their nests
Flowers are yellow, blue and green
And it is beautiful.

Look at Me

by Saya Bischoff-nagata aged 10

Hey look at me,
I’m as cool as a bull,
As cute as a kitten,
As bouncy as a bunny,
As speedy as a cheetah,
As tall as a giraffe,
As cheeky as a monkey,
As sleepy as a koala,
As good eyed as an albatross,
As clean as a new T-shirt,
As gentle as a river,
As colorful as a coral fish,
That’s me!

My Favourite Foods

by Elysia aged 10

My favourite foods are chocolate cake,
And ice-cream with a yummy flake.
Sometimes I eat my strawberries,
Sometimes I eat my blueberries!
When I am hungry, I sometimes eat
A juicy little piece of meat.
But rarely or not often,
‘Cos I’m a vegetarian!

My favourite foods are sugar twists,
And gumballs, lollies! (Which I like to lick.)
Gummy bears, flying saucers, gumdrops, sherbet lemons!
Candy canes and Haribo’s and chocolate seashells!