The Unicorn

by Ruby S. aged 8

A unicorn is fluffy
A unicorn is sweet
Unicorns are my favourite
I wish I could meet
a fluffy sweet unicorn

I Remember the Time

by Lacey aged 8

I remember the time when I first made friends
I remember the time I met my new cousin
and I also remember time when I had a guinea-pig

I Wish, I Wish

by Liam B aged 8

I wish I could soar,
I wish I could fly,
I wish I was a bird
high up in the sky,
I wish I could take a poem
wherever I go.

Day Sky

by Ruby S aged 8

Day sky, day sky, reflect on the water
Day sky, day sky, get the clouds whiter
Day sky, day sky, get the sun smiling
Day sky, day sky, do what you do

In the Garden I See

by Lacey aged 8

In the garden I see
a beautiful butterfly looking at me
and I also see
a little fast buzzing bee staring at me

Why I Love My Brother

by Megan C. aged 8

I love my brother because he makes me laugh,
I love my brother because he helps me practice
for gymnastics competitions,
I love my brother because he loves me,
I love my brother just because I do.

Animal Noises

by Megan C. aged 8

Roar, roar, roar is what a ferocious lion does.
Squeak, squeak, squeak is what a hyper Guinea-pig does.
Oink, oink, oink is what an irritated pig does.
Meow, meow, meow is what a beautiful cat does.
Ha, ha, ha is what we do.

Twinkly Stars

by Liam B. aged 8

Twinkly stars
shining on the moon,
the sun is down,
all in bed.
The moon is up,
the stars are twinkling with light,
now I’m done and so is the day.

Sounds of Nature

by Liam B aged 8

Bears go tap
fish go splash
parrots go crunch
dogs growl


by Aaminah aged 7

Camel, camel
with a big hump
I wonder if they can jump
like us.