by Lexie Sheehan aged 9

I love lunch
It’s fun to munch
I love to eat
loads of meat
it’s fun having lunch with my bunch

My Cat Kelly

by Olivia Barry aged 9

My cat Kelly from Kent
is very old and bent
she doesn’t like rats
she only likes cats
and she sleeps in a very large tent


by Lexie Sheehan aged 9

I know a cat
who likes to wear a hat
he sat in a van
and smacked himself with a pan
and he likes to sit on a mat

What a Man!

by Hayden Lewis aged 9

Once there was a old man from Tan.
And could not open a can.
He was really weak.
And he grew a long beak
People say what a strange man from Tan.

Silly Billy

by Harrison Balcombe aged 9

There was a young man called Billy,
I thought he was extremerly silly!
Like his friend Bob
He called him self Blob!
I’m glad I’m not silly like Billy!

Eal Played with a Seal

by Aston Wyatt aged 9

There once was a guy called Eal
Who played with a seal
Then he met a monkey
and the monkey tripped
on his heel

I’ve Got a Cat!

by Milly Lenzi aged 9

I’ve got a tall cat
that can hang like a bat
He’s got a bear
on a big chair
and got a big mat!

A Man from Ealing

by Ayan aged 9

There once was a man from Ealing.
How liked to do a lot of cleaning.
He had dog called Lee.
Who always liked to pee.
And would say, What a wonderful feeling

A Man in Love with a Can

by Nathan O'Brien-leigh aged 9

There was once a six foot eight man
who was was in love with a can
His name was Ian
and he loved Tia
but I don’t know why he lived in a dam

The Smart Man

by Atifa Ally aged 9

There once was a smart man who was born with one leg.
He had a beautiful wife called Jess
He fell down on a hole.
And met Mr Mole.
He came home and he had to beg.