Time Travel

by Iku aged 9

The time travel is here and we have to peer.
The time is my number and my pride.
The time is my side and my hide.

Magic Unicons

by Jemima Lyn Andrade aged 8

What’s that I see eating corn?
Is it a horse with one horn,
with magical powers,
grazing in the flowers,
dancing for hours and hours,
does it gallop and frolic?
It’s a unicorn!


by Nathan aged 10

Every breath you take…

My Magic Carpet

by Liam Bradley aged 7

My magic carpet
Can fly high up
In the never ending blue sky
And zips and zooms all across the sky!

My magic carpet
Takes off in the night sky
To the magic stars twinkling
In the pitch black sky

I’d like to steal each and every star
Zooming around the planets

Magic carpet
Magic carpet
I love you so much
I hope I can ride you tomorrow?

Souls Destroyed

by Alexa Print aged 9

I stretched out my long arms
And smelt the sweet fragrance
Of the rainforest’s awakening slumber
My flowing blood rushed out to my sweaty palms

I saw the beautiful macaws as they danced the rumba
But all was silent as the flowing stream rushed past

My heart started to race
As footsteps came closer and closer
Animals quickly hid in my leaves
As they did with the other trees

Flashes of light dotted around
Blue, green, yellow and brown
The lights shone as the animals calmed down

I breathed in the sweet perfume of the plants
I heard the howls of souls disappear
As more axes appear

The man stood at the stream, hushed
As the wind slowly pushed.

Great Rainforest

by Emilia Seneque aged 9

I can hear parrots sing their song
I see creatures crawling on the forest floor
The day passes on by
It’s to that long
There is a bee in my ear, I’m sure

Snakes slither on my arm
And scurry on my feet
Some trees are at harm
I cannot bear this humid heat

People enter my mouth open wide
Chopping down trees
See the magnificent creatures inside
They are killing a nest of bees

Something tickles my nose, I sneeze
I see a morph butterfly
I can hear the buzz of bees
I hear a baby bird cry

Now it is night time
Everything is asleep
The woodcutters exit their crime
There is not a single weep

I am the Great Rainforest
Full of life!

I Had a Dream

by Brooke and Steven aged 9

I had a dream
That terrorists would stop attacking London.
I had a dream
That black and white people
Would become friends.
I had a dream
That Brexit would never happen
I had a dream
That humans would unite
And bullying would stop.

Wisdom Wolf

by Iku aged 9

the wolf is brave
the wolf of wisdom is coming along
we need hope and the wolf of wisdom has to cope.
the wolf has a problem between its toes
the wolf is happy
the wolf is coping with the rest.
the wolf is wise
the wolf is sleepy
and it wants is a little baby within its reach
it then has to preach.
the wolf is tired
the trembes among one of us.


by Annie R aged 9

Summer looks like an outstanding sunset
You can plant seeds and you need water to grow the plants.
Summer sounds like people having fun with the children
Having fun all the time.
Summer smells like hot dog and honey.
Summer tastes like grass and flowers.
Summer feels like spiky grass!