by Jessie aged 7

I like books
I love poems and riddles
I like big books
and small books
and long books
and short books
I like books


by Audrey aged 11

Through rain and mud,
Through sleet and ice.
A person must not take their flights.
For if you do, you will wilt,
And not long after you’ll feel guilt
Don’t take flight from boredom or scare.
there is the chance that you will tear
Within reach are joys and brokenness.
Sometimes even emotionless
Joys of Puppies and Kittens
Brokenness of torn mittens
Sadness, death and dark brokenness,
While Happiness, love and joy is upon us!

While happiness, love and joy is upon us!
Sadness, death and dark brokenness
Brokenness of torn mittens
Joys of Puppies, kittens
Sometimes even emotionless
Within reach joys and brokenness
there is the chance that you will tear
Don’t take flight from boredom or scare.
And not long after you’ll feel guilt
For if you do you will wilt,
A person must not take their flights.
Through sleet and ice,
Through rain and mud


by Elsa Yule :) aged 8

There’s Dennis
And Nasher
Nipper and you
and Pie face
JJ too
And Minnie
And Betty
With Yeti
Bash street
and James,
a Calamity Gang
Then add in BANANAMANNNNN!!!
and Roger
a dodger at things
Last but not least throw in an agent
and a number 13
Then take a big BREATH.
And finish
The end


by Abbygail Kearny aged 8

Books, books
You might not like books but
never judge it by its cover or look
Just take a look inside a book
There’s always a new book with a new adventure
So take a look inside a book .


by Lanai aged 11

Oh Poetry Zone
Sensational poems written by kids all around the world
with different type of poems
like Fortnight and rainbow and many more
i like to write poems daily
while some like to write weekly or monthly.
We are all different.
Some speak different languages
some love to eat nuts
while some don’t like nuts or are allergic
We all have a different skin tone or colour
but we all are the same inside
Love yourself
You got life, so let’s live

Space Travel

by Janai. M aged 11

Hello fellow Earthlings
We come in peace!
We want to explore
We want to have fun
Every day we get our telescopes
And look upon the green land
Submerged in the blueness of the cold icy sea.
We’d love to come one day
We’d love to swap places for a day!
We could have a Earth travel
And you could have a space travel
You could travel all around space!
And see the cream-coloured milky way
Then we can travel to Earth and explore
We’ll want to see the silvery light of the Eiffel Tower.
You will get to see the boiling sun
That will send a warm feeling down your spine.
but be careful don’t go too close.
Hope we meet soon! Kind Earthlings

Blue, Black and Green

by Elsa Yule aged 8

Every summer morning,
When the grass is yellow and dry
All is quiet until…
Silence breaks when I tumble into the garden
Birds fly away, bees buzz off and I’m stranded alone
I’m blue with bruises
At the park all is fun until…
I arrive
I’m avoided everywhere
So I’m left to play on my own
I’m black and blue with bumps
The day ends with me green
Covered in spaghetti dinner
Like every day


by Layla aged 8

Roses are red
and violets are blue
Daisies are yellow
like a shimmering sun
Waves sweeping up
Messages you write in the sand

School Trip

by Janai aged 11

Hop along children
We don’t want to be late.
C’mon mum want to meet Nate.
Run now, Run!
I see the bus stop not far ahead
There is Nate but he has left.
Let’s get the train so we aren’t late
let’s enter school now
Sit down quietly .
SHH! The Headmaster is here.
Let’s go over the rules again
the safari park is near
what’s the directions
take a left turn
then drive over the pier


by Skye Perry aged 7

one day there was a princess
she loved watching scary hairy monster movies
then a new girl came to town
so the princess invited her over
Once she got there they heard a bang
so they ran down the stairs
and saw 100 cats
They each got one
What happened is that her dad
woke up in the middle of the night and got 100 cats.