Hamsters and Bunnies

by Edward aged 7

Hamsters are small and funny.
even smaller than a bunny!
My hamsters sit all night and day
and they don’t get blown away


by Ayse aged 8

pets are amazing
they will have fun with you now
they have furry friends

Everybody Makes Mistakes in Life

by Marlie Mitchell aged 9

Everybody makes mistakes in life
It’s part of life
As long as you keep trying your best
You’ll succeed at everything
You can do everything you want
You will succeed.


by Indigo Moss aged 9

Some uncles are silly and funny,
Other uncles spoil you with money.
Some uncles are brainy and posh,
Others chat a whole load of tosh.
Some uncles are really, REALLY loud,
Others make you super proud.
Some uncles like to sing and dance,
Others you barely see because they live in France.
Some uncles make you turn pink and blush,
Others make food that’s basically mush.
Some uncles are mean and rude,
Others think they’re amazing and call you dude.
Some uncles just eat and watch TV,
Others are calm and very carefree.

So uncles come in all shapes and sizes,
But in the family awards you’d get one of the prizes,
And that prize says…


Christmas is When…

by Charlie aged 9

Elves bake
children make
stars light
baubles bright
turkeys scream
lights beam

Winter Cinquain

by Charlie Ansell aged 9

cold and icy
skiing, skating, eating Cornetto

Little Cat

by Amber Pickering aged 8

I have a little cat called Sox
She’s a little black and white cat
She came in a great big box
She came with a spotty hat


by Luka aged 8

Snails are slow and slimy
If you where to race one
you would win

Christmas Eve

by Lyla aged 9

Tonight it’s Christmas Eve
I really cannot believe
That the years gone so fast
I’ve had a great blast!!

(Crinkle crinkle)
Tinsel !Tinsel!
Hooray !Hooray!
It’s Christmas Day!

My stocking’s stuffed with sweets
And lots of surprising treats
Oh pressies! Pressies!
Maybe some teddies!

The choir is singing
Church bells dinging
Thick, white snow falling
Those huge presents are definitely calling

Oh wow! A horse!
And a book about Morse!
I did want a ball to throw,
But only 365 days to go!!!


by Fraser Reed aged 12

The sand, it was warm.
Heated by the Iraqi sun.
It cushioned me, like a King’s throne.
I leaned back against the cold bricks.
It was cooling like the occasional breeze.

Suddenly, the air felt thick!
Waiting. Watching. Aggressive.

Bang! Screams resonated throughout our town.
The light sliced through the window like a knife.
Sharp, sharp was the only word to describe that sound.
“Mummy?” I called, my face soaked with tears.
I saw through the window, men in black, covering their faces, guns in their hands.
I was struck with fear. Pure fear.
Again, Bang!
I rapidly dropped to my knees.
Then darkness.

I felt sick, heavy with suspense.
The doorway was charred and chipped.
I edged outside, my doll clutched in my grimy hand.
A puddle of tears by my feet,
just like the blood that stained the sand.
In the distance, a cloud of dust trailed behind an armoured vehicle.
The sand was now cold.